How Much Height Does A Roof Box Add?

How tall is a roof box? How much height does a roof box add to a car? Is it worth adding a roof box to my car? A roof box is a type of vehicle modification that adds extra space above the rear seats. Roof boxes come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the manufacturer. They […]

How Do You Install A Roof Rack On An RV

Roof racks are very important accessories for any RV or motorhome. Your roof rack should be installed correctly, so you won’t get injured while driving. Installing a roof rack requires some preparation. Follow the instructions carefully to make the process go as smoothly and as easily as possible. Let’s get started! How To Install A Roof […]

Can You Fit Roof Racks Yourself?

The vast majority of roof racks on the market nowadays are designed for maximum convenience and efficiency. What’s more, you’ll be able to find a suitable roof rack for your car relatively quickly – no matter what type of vehicle you own. But, what about installation? Just how easy is it to fit a roof rack to […]

How Do You Transport A Kayak On A Pop-Up Camper?

Kayaking and camping go hand in hand. Camping allows you to get out into nature and spend time in the great outdoors, and kayaking is a great way to explore an area on the water, keeping you fit and healthy whilst taking in the scenery and getting plenty of fresh air. But what if you have […]

How Do You Install A Thule Roof Box?

When it comes to roof boxes, there’s no better brand than Thule. The company was first launched in 1942 and has remained a pillar in the transportation industry.  Nowadays, Thule produces a wide range of products that ensure safety on the road, whether that be a roof box or a bike carrier.  Their products are famed […]

What Is The Difference Between Roof Rails And A Roof Rack?

Roof racks vs roof rails – Which do you think is best? Are you needing to carry more cargo in your car than before? If so, you’re probably looking at ways to increase your vehicle’s storage capacity.  Whilst you could always attach a trailer to your vehicle and carry more supplies this way, it’s not […]

How Do You Install A Rooftop Cargo Box On A Van?

Rooftop cargo boxes are great for storing large items such as bikes and snowboards. They also come in useful for those who want to store their possessions in the back of their vehicles without taking up too much space.  In most cases, rooftop cargo boxes are made from durable materials such as composite plastic and fiberglass.  They […]

How Far Apart Should Rhino Racks Be?

Are you unsure how to install your Rhino Racks correctly? Maybe you have purchased a new car and can’t remember how far apart Rhino Racks should be? Or perhaps you are about to install them and can’t find the user manual? Whatever has led you here today, we have the answers for you! When it comes to […]

A Guide To Roofs And Roof Racks

Roof racks are a great way of adding extra storage space to your vehicle. Whether you are going camping, on a road trip, or moving house roof racks are a great idea!  Depending on the vehicle you have you will need to get specific types of roof racks. The great news is that even if your […]