Do You Need a Special License to Drive with a Roof Box

Do You Need a Special License to Drive with a Roof Box?

There are many types of roof boxes, including those made out of polyester or uPVC plastic and those that are hard-shelled and a little sturdier. Roof boxes also come in a variety of sizes from those holding less than 10 cubic feet of items to those that hold 30 cubic feet or more.   When it […]

Can you put a roof box on a rental car

Roof Box on a Rental Car – Things You Need To Know

If you’re renting a vehicle for an upcoming vacation or getaway and you need extra storage space, you might want to consider using a cargo carrier on the top of your car so that the inside of the vehicle is able to accommodate everyone going on the trip.  With a rooftop carrier, more people can […]

What’s Best for Camping, Roof Box or Trailer_ The Pros and Cons of Each

What’s Best for Camping, Roof Box or Trailer? The Pros and Cons of Each

If you love to camp, you already know the challenges of finding the space to hold all of your camping supplies, especially if you travel with kids. Let’s face it; between stoves, cookware, clothes, and sporting goods, you likely need a lot of space to make sure that you don’t forget anything. This may lead […]

Do Roof Boxes Increase Fuel Consumption

Do Roof Boxes Increase Fuel Consumption?

A rooftop carrier on your vehicle is a convenient thing to own, but if you’re concerned about the effect these carriers have on your gas mileage, you’re not alone. In fact, many people do notice a difference in their gas mileage once they install a roof rack, a rooftop bag, or a rooftop box. This […]

Top 10 Roof Boxes 2022: Reviewed/Tested Results

If you love taking road trips, short or long, you’ve likely already thought about buying a rooftop carrier for your vehicle. Not only do these boxes fit securely on your car’s roof, but they provide a surprising amount of space to carry extras such as suitcases, tents, sleeping bags, fishing rods, and even snowboards and […]

Thule Cargo Box Storage Lifts Featured Image

Thule Cargo Box Storage Lifts – 2022 Best Buyer’s Guide

The well-engineered and excellent quality Thule Cargo Box storage lifts can last you a lifetime. They ensure that your equipment is safe and secure, while at the same time allowing you the ease of access.  Lesser lifts can lead to damage to your cargo box, garage, or car, as well as injury and much frustration. […]

Best Thule Internal Rooftop Box Light

Best Thule Internal Roof Box Light – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Can’t find what you are looking for inside your roof box at night? Let’s look at the best Thule internal roof box light to solve your problem. So, you’ve decided to purchase a rooftop box for your suitcases and other essential items and you think you’re all set to take off on that next road […]