Quest Roof Box Review

Quest Roof Box

Quest Roof BoxIf you are an enthusiast of outdoor activities, you need a convenient way to bring your gear with you. It can be a tad bit uncomfortable to squeeze your luggage into the backseat of your SUV and overbearing to force it into the trunk. Thus, roof boxes are the answer to this predicament: you will be able to bring your gear and travel comfortably at the same time.

The quest roof boxes are among the best in the market in terms of efficiency and convenience. This series has three models: quest roof box 320L, 430L, and 530L. This article will extensively review the quest roof boxes in their features and the different models.

Quest Roof Box
  • Storm flaps with velcro fasteners protect zippers
  • Packaged in its own stuff sack for easy transport and storage
  • Durable 600 Denier material, weather resistant body
  • 13 cu ft., 40″ l x 32″ w x 18″ h 6lbs.
  • Measures 32 x 18 x 40 inches (W x H x D), and has a load capacity of 13 cubic feet

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Key Features

  • Easy installation- the four supplied clamps make it easy to install and unmount it from the vehicle’s roof.
  • Durability- this product is made from a tough and sturdy material.
  • Aerodynamic design minimizes air resistance and drag.
  • Passenger-side opening – this feature promotes easy retrieval of cargo.
  • Varying carrying Capacity – the different models have varying carrying capacities, ranging from 110 pounds to 170 pounds.
What We Like What We Don't Like
Easy to use as the installation process is fast and straightforward. Unsuitable for aerodynamic roof bars
They are quality products made with durable material Plastic lock clamps that may break if mishandled.
Secure locking mechanism to keep cargo safe
Compatible with many factory car racks
Adequate weather protection

The Review


Since roof boxes are subject to great forces when the vehicle moves at high speed, they need to be made with quality and durable materials. Quest roof boxes fulfill this requirement as they are products of tough, thick material.

The material is also weather-resistant, meaning that its quality does not easily succumb to harsh weather conditions. This characteristic prolongs the box’s lifespan, such that it serves you for longer. Moreover, weather resistance ensures that your items are protected from elements such as scorching sun and pouring rain.

While the material is good at withstanding wear and tear, its plastic lock clamps are not strong enough. Prolonged use or mishandling may cause them to wear out or break. Still, the steel U-bolts that are used in the mounting process are long-lasting.


The Quest roof box features a U-bolt mounting mechanism. This simple mechanism makes it easy to fit the box onto roof bars. The whole process can be done in less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

To install, first open the box lid. Then insert the four supplied clamps into the slots at the four corners. Next, confirm the box placement to ensure that it is well secured at the center of the rack. After this, tighten the clamps by turning the knobs clockwise. Tightening clamps fixates the box onto the roof rack to prevent any unnecessary movement.

The final step involves attaching the two restraining straps to secure the cargo. These straps prevent the box from shifting when the car is moving. Stability is especially useful on a bumpy road to protect the cargo from damage and the box from getting destabilized. Once the cargo box is firmly secured, close the lid and use the key to lock it in place.


The U-bolt mounting system of the Quest roof box renders it compatible with most types of roof bars. Some models of the box are pretty long (up to 180 cm) and, therefore, require lots of hatch clearance for proper installation. As such, these models are most appropriate for use on vehicles such as minivans, SUVs, and station wagons.

A model with a big length is used on a car like a sedan will protrude onto the windshield. As a result, a lot of weight is shifted to the front crossbar, which may damage the roof rack or even the roof box itself. Thus, the length of the roof box should be considered in regard to the type of car you own. For instance, the roof box that would be most compatible with a sedan is the Quest roof box 320L.


Owing to their streamlined shape and tough plastic material, Quest Roof Boxes are quite aerodynamic. Their design minimizes drag, enabling your vehicle to easily accelerate and maneuver corners.

However, the weight of these roof boxes combined with the cargo inside increases the vehicle’s center of gravity. Even so, the weight should not be a problem if the car is fully loaded with occupants. However, if traveling alone, you may want to consider that and drive carefully.

Ease of Use

Quest roof boxes are generally lightweight and can easily be handled by one person. Moving it from one place to another should not be a hustle. In addition, the installation process is simple enough to be completed within a few minutes.

Installing a Quest roof box involves the U-bolt mounting system, which is quite easy. If you want to finish faster, you can employ an extra pair of hands, which is advisable.

Moreover, these boxes have an opening mechanism that makes it easy to load and offload items. For all the models, the opening of the box is on one side of the box. While this is not as convenient as dual-opening boxes, it is good enough.

The opening is on the passenger side of the car, making it easy to retrieve items while on the go. Still, you ought to be careful as to where you do it, as it can be risky to try and access the box on a busy road.

Models Of Quest Roof Box

1. Quest Roof Box (530L)

This roof box is the largest of the Quest roof boxes, with a capacity of 530L. As such, it has enough room to fit full-length skis and relatively big suitcases. This box boasts a loading capacity of around 170 pounds at that volume. So, you can fit in your entire luggage and free up space in the car for friends and family.

With a weight of about 53 pounds, this model is a bit heavy but compared to the weight of a car, this is hardly an issue. If anything, the weight makes it very sturdy and stable, which is an added advantage since it is made for carrying heavy cargo. Moreover, it can handle up to 165 pounds of load.

Additionally, this tough and durable box measures 180cm x 94cm x 39cm. A width of 94cm makes this roof box lie on the wider side. The problem with this is that it limits you from carrying anything else on the roof. Also, it makes these boxes more difficult to store whenever they are not being used.

The safety and security of your items are assured with this box. For one, it has a 3-point locking mechanism that ensures your items are completely locked in during transit. What’s more, it opens on the passenger side of the car, which is convenient and safe for users.

The weight and size of the box stabilize it such that it does not affect the car’s handling even at high speeds. However, the height raises the car’s clearance by over 3 feet. This means you would have to exercise extra caution when driving into underground parking lots with height restrictions.

The installation process takes only a few minutes and requires U-bolts to mount the box onto the car roof. While the box itself is aerodynamic, it is not appropriate for aerodynamic roof bars.

2. Quest Roof Box (430L)

With a 430-liter volume capacity, this product is suitable for up to 110 pounds worth of loads. It weighs 45 pounds, making it relatively lightweight. Also, it has dimensions of 180cm x 78cm x 40cm, meaning it would fit well on an SUV’s roof.

A width of 78cm renders this box medium-sized, and so it leaves some room on the roof of your car for you to carry any extra luggage. As such, it is a popular family box because of its flexibility of use.

A major point of this box is its ease of use. On top of being lightweight, its installation process is simple and quick. One person can do it within minutes, but if you can get an extra pair of hands, the better. Installation involves mounting it onto roof bars with U-bolts.

You can rest easy that your items will be safe and secure in this box as it features a 3-point locking system. Thus, the chances of your luggage falling off or being stolen during transit are pretty low. Also, it conveniently opens from the passenger side of the car.

Additionally, the box is bullet-shaped, where it is slimmer on the sides to achieve an aerodynamic design. Even so, it is suitable for aerodynamic roof bars.

3. Quest Roof Box (320L)

The smallest of the Quest roof boxes, the 320L, measures 132cm x 78cm x 36cm. Despite its relatively small size, it has a remarkable loading capacity of up to 110 pounds. Weighing a measly 40 pounds, it is light and thus, portable and easy to handle.

A width of 78 cm means that there will be enough room on your car roof to fit extra luggage. For instance, you can pack a bike right beside the box as you embark on a family vacation. For this reason, it is a popular family box and is often used for camping, hiking, and sporting expeditions.

The box is black in color and is bound to compliment your car, seeing that black goes with many colors. Alternatively, you can customize it to the color you desire. The box is also stylish in a way that it uplifts the general outlook of your vehicle.

Made with tough and durable material, the box is bound to keep your items safe during travel. It also features a 2-point locking system to enhance security further. Furthermore, this model features a passenger-side opening mechanism for ease of loading and retrieving your precious cargo.

Like all the other Quest roof box models, the 320L is aerodynamic but unsuitable for aerodynamic roof bars.

Final Thoughts

Quest box roof boxes offer value for their money. Not only are they spacious, but they are also secure, sturdy, and durable. You can expect them to deliver optimum performance for a long time.

Since there are several models of Quest roof boxes, it is wise to choose one that best suits your car and storage needs. Factors like size and storage capacity come into play here. For instance, the 530L capacity model would be good for someone looking to transport lots of heavy cargo for long distances.

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