Quest Roof Box Review – Beginner’s Guide for 2022 | Best Roof Box

Quest Roof Box Review If you are an enthusiast of outdoor activities, you need a convenient way to bring your gear with you. It can be a tad bit uncomfortable to squeeze your luggage into the backseat of your SUV and overbearing to force it into the trunk. Thus, roof boxes are the answer to […]

Vintage Sears X Cargo Box Review

The Vintage Sears X- Cargo box is a hard-top roof carrier for transporting your gear safely and conveniently. You can use the extra cargo space to fit longer and larger equipment such as skis, paddles, golf bags, suitcases, or fishing poles. When not in use, remove it and store it in a cool, dry place. Most of […]

Subaru WRX Cargo Box Review

The Subaru WRX is a high-performance compact sports car synonymous with race driving worldwide. As much, it’s not endowed with the largest trunk size as sedans of its size. If you are a fan of the outdoors, a roof box becomes necessary to complement the Subaru’s 12 cubic feet cargo space. Cargo boxes provide you […]

How Do You Determine Roof Box Size?

Roof boxes come in various shapes and sizes, from small to large. But how do you decide which size to purchase? Roof boxes are containers that are used to transport supplies and goods. They are commonly rounded or square-shaped and are designed to fit on cars and other vehicles. If you are the kind of person […]

Menabo Diamond 450 Review

The Menabo Diamond 450 Roof Box is the smallest of MENABO roof boxes. Even so, it is still spacious enough to fit all the necessary gear and equipment a small family would require for an expedition. Built with utmost elegance and top-notch quality, it is one of the best in its category of roof boxes. […]

Volvo Odin 1750 Roof Box Review

Volvo Odin 1750 roof box is an excellent addition to your car, especially if you own a Volvo. It was designed to complement 10 Volvo models with 170 variants between 2011-2022. It is used on roof crossbars and simply clips onto the rail with the help of a quick grip mounting system. The most popular […]

Inno Roof Box Review

Inno designs and manufactures high-quality roof boxes for outdoor and sporting activities using the latest technological modules. They are highly sought-after by travelers who require spacious, durable, stable, and stylish roof boxes. They are available in several vibrant and distinctive sizes that assimilate into your car’s design. Whichever vehicle model you have, there are always […]

Thule Pulse Alpine Review

Thule’s top priority is usually the user’s safety and functionality. That is why the Thule pulse alpine has been subjected to repeated crash tests, wear and tear simulations, as well as exposure to elements such as high heat, cold, rain, sunshine, and chemicals. All this is to ensure that the product meets all the high […]

SportRack Cargo Box Review

The SportRack cargo box is a durable hard shell carriage that conveniently helps you carry extra gear by decongesting your car’s cabin. Whether you’re off to a family vacation, camping, or skiing, the cargo box will fit everything you throw into it. Furthermore, the box can be mounted on the vehicle and removed in next […]