SeaSucker Review

SeaSucker Review

Trying to find an adequate roof rack for your vehicle can be a hard task, especially if you want one that is able to accommodate all sorts of different bits of equipment on your vehicle, as well as a roof rack that you are able to place your full confidence in!

This is where SeaSucker comes in, this brand from Florida has been a mainstay of the roof rack industry for years now, and comes with a very well-maintained reputation thanks to their high quality and versatile products, as well as dedication to consistently innovating and developing new technologies!

So if you’re perhaps considering investing in one of SeaSucker’s products for your own vehicle, then read through our review to find out everything you need to know about them!

About SeaSucker

SeaSucker began in 2005, and were making marine-based accessories for boats by employing their groundbreaking vacuum seal mounting technology.

It was only then in 2009 they realized that they could make use of this technology to provide people with super secure and reliable bike racks, this then proved to be super successful, and eventually they then began to develop racks designed for surfboards, kayaks, and paddle boards too.

SeaSucker is a company based in Florida, and have been designing and manufacturing their own products completely in house ever since they started, ensuring that they’ve expanded upon their staff as well as their facilities in order to ensure that their products are consistently made to their extremely high standards!

SeaSucker’s team consists of cyclists, anglers, paddle boarders, snowboarders, musicians, and kayakers, so you know that their products have been designed by people who have experience and knowledge about what you’ll need.

SeaSucker also has a number of professional teams that they sponsor across a multitude of different sports, which shows that the pros love them as much as you will!

Products On Offer

SeaSucker offers an incredibly vast range of products, which is why we’ll provide you with a brief guide to the sort of products that SeaSucker has to offer!

Bike Racks

SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack for Cars
  • ANY CAR. ANY PLACE. ANY TIME. The SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack is MANUFACTURED in the USA so you don't have to worry about durability or safety. The Vacuum Mounts NEVER damage the car and it’s 3X lighter than most hitch racks. WE VALUE YOUR PRIORITIES
  • THE ONLY AMERICAN-MADE RACK AT THE TOUR DE FRANCE. The SeaSucker rack has been TESTED at the toughest races and most physically gruelling courses. We have carried well over $250,000 worth of bikes for pro cycling teams in the world. DO IT LIKE THE PROS
  • YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE IS READY - Our racks are the only TRAVEL-FRIENDLY bike racks for cars because THEY FIT in a backpack, carry-on, or bike bag. The Talon ONLY WEIGHS 6 lbs, unlike the other +50 lbs racks and it mounts on ANY rental car.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TALON. Each one of the four SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts is PULL RATED at over 210 lbs so your road or mountain bike is in SAFE HANDS. You can install them within SECONDS with minimal work and they work on the widest range of cars.
  • FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. All racks are HAND-MADE and our US-Based support will help with any questions. Add one of the SeaSucker racks to cart and if you aren’t 110% satisfied with your bike rack, we will refund your purchase OR replace your rack.

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Arguably some of their most popular products are SeaSucker’s bike racks, which come in various different forms and variations to allow you to carry anywhere from 1 to 3 bikes!

For those looking for a simple bike rack, the Talon Bike Rack is most certainly the way to go, and has everything you need and want from one of the best bike racks on the market.

It is able to hold 1 bike and can be fitted to your car in any number of different ways thanks to its versatile mounting system.

The next step up is the Mini Bomber rack, which despite the name, is more than enough size and muscle in order to hold 2 bikes once fitted to your car’s roof, trunk, or even your SUV’s rear glass.

This is the model that SeaSucker tends to recommend if you own an e-bike due to the extra space requirements. This mount has a fork rack design too which makes travelling easy, as well as minimal assembly being required.

The big brother to the Mini Bomber is the bomber, and is a bike rack that is able to hold 3 different bikes all on the same car, so if you’re an avvid cyclist or even a family, this mount is sure to be able to allow you to take all the bikes you need along with you for the ride without worrying about them being safe!

And, for those with smaller vehicles that can’t accommodate the usual sizes of SeaSucker bike racks, there is also the Komodo, which is specifically designed to allow smaller vehicles to be able to transport their bike around with them as they wish, without compromising on the security or safety of their bike.

SeaSucker also manufactures and sells a whole range of accessories and upgrades that can be used in conjunction with their usual bike racks, such as rear-wheel straps, upgraded front wheel holders, and cable anchors!


SeaSucker also sells their own crossbars, and market them with the slogan “The last crossbars you’ll ever need to purchase”, which at first might seem like a rather big statement, but the reality is that these crossbars from SeaSucker truly are the real deal, and will be more than capable of handling anything you need them to on your car!

Accessories for the SeaSucker crossbars include bike clamps, surf straps, and wrap pads, so you can keep your equipment safe whilst attaching it to your crossbars. 

Camera Mounts

As well as using their mounting technology to make excellent car racks, they also make some great action camera mounts too if you’re someone who wants to record the exhilarating things they get up to!

So whether it’s the Naked Flex mount for your tablet, or the Action Camera Mount for your GoPro, there are also plenty of options for you to be able to film your adventures too! 

What Makes SeaSucker Unique?

SeaSucker has such a buzz around them and the products that they offer, so since they’re so highly regarded, what is it about them and their products that draws people to them?

Well for a start, their incredibly unique suction cup technology is an instant draw for most people.

Most of the time when it comes to fitting a roof rack or a bike rack to a car, you have to order proprietary parts in order for them to fit, and then there’s the hassle of installing them, which means there’s also trouble when it comes to removing them too. 

This is why SeaSucker has become such a favored brand when it comes to transporting things such as bikes and snowboards, the unique suction cup technology means that you can add their racks onto any vehicle in mere minutes without having to worry about the hassle of fixing the rack into place. 

In addition to this, the racks won’t damage the paintwork whatsoever, so whether you’re putting the rack on your Ford or your Ferrari, you won’t need to worry about any damage being caused whatsoever. 

So with a one-size-fits-all approach to mounting your equipment to your vehicle, as well as a dedication to those who live their lives to the fullest, it is understandable why so many people trust their equipment with SeaSucker’s mounts and racks!

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to deciding whether or not to trust something as precious as your bike or surfboard with a car mount or rack, there’s bound to be plenty of questions involved before you trust it with your equipment, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about SeaSucker’s products!

Does SeaSucker Offer Warranties On Their Products?

Yes! SeaSucker does offer warranties on their products. These are lifetime warranties and are there to cover any possible defects in the materials or by the workmanship. 

Do SeaSucker Sell Replacement Parts?

Having a roof rack and then needing a replacement part can be a nightmare, but thankfully SeaSucker does sell replacement parts in the unlikely event that you need one, this is because they want you to use the same product indefinitely, as opposed to buying a new one every couple of years or so. 

Where Do I Attach My SeaSucker Rack?

The best thing about SeaSucker mounts is that you can attach them pretty much anywhere on your vehicle, so it really depends on what sort of vehicle you have, as well as the type of rack you buy. 

For Hornet racks, they can only be mounted using the back window of either your SUV or hatchback, and Falcon racks can only be attached to the rear window of your pickup truck. 

If your car is a sedan, and you own either a Talon, Mini Bomber, or a Bomber mount, then you should try to mount your rack either to the right of the front windshield, or just in front of the rear window.

This is because most of the structure found in a car’s panels happen to be at the edges, which ensures that the rack is attached to the most sturdy mounting place. 

Where Do I Attach My SeaSucker Monkey Bars? 

The best place to attach SeaSucker Monkey Bars is going to be in a way that the front and rear bars are located as close to the edge of the corners of your car’s roof as possible.

Again, this is done because of the sturdiness the edge of the car’s roof has makes for the best possible mounting spot. 

Final Words

As you can tell, SeaSucker is a well-regarded company for good reason, with great products and a wide range of mounts and racks to choose from, it’s no wonder that these universal racks are taking the industry by storm!

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