Can I Put a Roof Box on a Panoramic Roof? This Could Save You Money!

Can I Put a Roof Box on a Panoramic Roof_

Many people wish to own a vehicle that has a sunroof, moonroof, or panoramic roof, and you may be wondering what the differences are. 

Basically, a moonroof is one that allows you to see outside of your vehicle, but remains stationary, while a sunroof can open up so that you get a bit of a breeze with your great views. 


Can I Put a Roof Box on a Panoramic Roof PIN

Panoramic roofs are those that have a more expansive view, usually offering a view of both the front and the rear seats.


Can You Put a Roof Box on a Panoramic Roof? – Yes, but you need to ensure that you can safely mount roof bars to your roof. If you have secure roof bars then add a box should be fine. We recommend you always check with your vehicles manufacturer before installing anything.

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Size Volume Weight Opening Rating
Yakima RocketBox Pro Cargo Carrier Yakima RocketBox Pro Rooftop Carrier Box L: 89"
W: 24"
H: 16"
cu ft
38 lbs Dual Opening 4 stars
JEGS Performance Products 90098 JEGS Rooftop Cargo Box L: 57"
W: 39"
H: 19"
cu ft
28 lbs Rear Opening 4 stars
Goplus Cargo Box 14 inch Goplus Waterproof Cargo Box L: 63"
W: 31"
H: 15"
cu ft
25 lbs Dual Opening 5 stars
Thule 615 Pulse Cargo Carrier Thule Pulse Rooftop Carrier Box L: 76"
W: 33"
H: 16.5"
cu ft
36 lbs Passenger Side 5 stars
Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier Thule Motion XT Rooftop Carrier L: 91.5"
W: 37.5"
H: 18"
cu ft
55 lbs Dual Opening 5 stars
SportRack Vista XL 2 SportRack Vista XL Cargo Box L: 63"
W: 38"
H: 17.25"
cu ft
42 lbs Rear Opening 5 stars
SPORTRACK SR7095 Skyline XL SportRack Skyline XL Cargo Carrier L: 55"
W: 41"
H: 14"
cu ft
30 lbs Passenger Side 3 stars
Thule 682 Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Box Thule Sidekick Cargo Carrier L: 54"
W: 25"
H: 15.5"
cu ft
16 lbs Passenger Side 4 stars
Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo2 Car Top Cargo Storage Box L: 57"
W: 39"
H: 19"
cu ft
38 lbs Rear Opening 3 stars

Panoramic Roofs and Rooftop Carriers

If you’re wondering whether you can add a rooftop carrier to your panoramic roof, the answer is a simple, “it depends.” In most cases, placing a rooftop carrier directly on top of your panoramic roof is not a good idea because it can damage parts of the vehicle and cause you some fairly costly repairs.

If you want a panoramic roof roof box, the best thing to do is to install a good rack first, then you can go on and choose the carrier that you want. Companies that make high-quality rooftop carriers, including Thule and others, also recommend that you never open your roof while the carrier is attached. 

The reasons for this are obvious. In addition, most companies also recommend certain types of racks for panoramic roofs, because many of the standard racks simply will not work on panoramic roofs.

As a general rule, you’ll need to check with the manufacturer of the roof box before you purchase one if you have a panoramic roof because not all boxes will fit all roofs. Some boxes can be opened with a panoramic roof box, but you’ll need to check with the manufacturer first so you can know for sure. 

If you research roof boxes, you just have to make sure you research ones that specifically state they can be attached to vehicles with panoramic views. Otherwise, you’ll end up being disappointed.

Some experts also recommend that you buy a cargo carrier box and not a bag. This is because the bag, when it’s filled with your belongings, might have a tendency to drop down onto the glass portion of the roof, which can be too much weight for it to handle.

If you place a hard-shell box on top of the roof rack, it won’t droop down, but instead will stay atop the rack and won’t touch the roof itself.

Choosing the Right Carrier Box

If you want a high-quality panoramic roof roof box, make sure you do your due diligence and go with a top name brand, meaning a company that specializes in making top-notch roof boxes for all types of vehicles. 

If you’re interested in finding a good overall roof box for your panoramic roof, here are a few suggestions you can start with:

Yakima RocketBox Pro Rooftop Carrier Box

This roof box adds 11 cubic feet of space to your vehicle and is even aerodynamically designed for a very smooth, quiet ride. 

The push-button security allows you to open and shut the box with ease, and it can even be opened from both the passenger and driver side. It fits most types of racks, including square, factory, and aerodynamic ones, and it even comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you purchase this roof box, make sure you check with the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the maximum weight the roof can hold. Panoramic roofs tend to have lower weight limits than other types of roofs, so you’ll want to make sure your vehicle can truly accommodate this type of roof box.

Yakima RocketBox Pro Rooftop Carrier Box

JEGS Rooftop Cargo Box

With a 110-lb. carrying capacity, this cargo box provides an additional 18 cubic feet of space and can hold everything from luggage to snowboards

You can install it with no tools and it includes everything you need to make sure it is safe and secure from then on. It makes a great panoramic roof roof box because of its size and its sturdiness, and it is affordable at just under $200.

The JEGS cargo box also provides a very smooth and quiet ride, and you can use it for everything from snow skis to fishing rods and much more. It is solidly built and made to last for many years to come.

Goplus Waterproof Cargo Box

Available in white, black, or grey, this is a sleek and sharp-looking cargo box that can hold up to 14 cubic feet of items. It is also meant to withstand a variety of weather conditions and, therefore, should last for a very long time. 

It is perfect for long vacations or short day trips, and it even comes with a double-lock system that keeps your valuables safe while you’re traveling.

Best of all, this panoramic roof roof box can hold up to 165 lbs. of items with ease, and it can add some ambiance to your vehicle thanks to its modern and very attractive design.

Goplus Cargo Box

Thule Pulse Rooftop Carrier Box

Available in three different sizes, the Thule carrier box is aerodynamically designed and sleek-looking to boot. Setting it up is quick and simple, and it can withstand the elements easily thanks to the tough materials it is made of. 

The advanced key system guarantees the items inside will remain safe and secure during transit, and it offers passenger-side loading and unloading for safety and convenience.

Thule is a top brand when it comes to carrier bags and boxes for your vehicle, and this carrier box is one of the best. It is simply one of the most reliable rooftop carriers on the market today.

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Carrier

One of the biggest advantages of the Motion XT is its size. The company makes it in many different sizes, but the largest one provides an additional 22 cubic feet of space to your vehicle and can, therefore, hold numerous items with ease. 

It is available in black, white, or grey, and it is super-easy to install and to use. It even has easy-grip handles to make opening and closing the box a lot simpler.

Another asset to choosing the Motion XT is its ability to hold up to 165 lbs. worth of belongings, and its dual-side openings mean you can open or close it from either the passenger or the driver side. Although it is not one of the least expensive carrier boxes on the market, it is certainly one of the most reliable and sturdy.

Thule Motion XT Cargo Carrier

SportRack Vista XL Cargo Box

This rooftop carrier box opens in the rear for easy access and adds another 18 cubic feet of space to your vehicle. You can use it to store everything from luggage to snowboards and much more. 

Indeed, the UV-resistant materials not only accommodate numerous items that you need to take along to your next outing, but they also make the box a well-made product that is built to last for a very long time.

With a mounting kit that makes it super easy to install, this is one cargo box that you can plan to enjoy for many years to come. It is available for under $390 and fits most racks on most vehicles, both foreign and domestic.

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SportRack Skyline XL Cargo Carrier

The Skyline XL comes with its own mounting kit, so assembling and installing this carrier can be done with ease.

The passenger-side opening keeps you safe and away from traffic when you’re loading and unloading your vehicle, and it even has keys to ensure that everything inside of it will stay safe and dry. 

If you’re interested in this one, you need to check to make sure it can accommodate your vehicle, but that information is clearly stated in the paperwork that comes with the carrier.

The Skyline XL can accommodate various weather conditions and different speeds, so if you need a reliable panoramic roof roof box, this could be the one you’ve been looking for.

SportRack Skyline XL Cargo Carrier

Thule Sidekick Cargo Carrier

Sold for a little under $300 and with the ability to hold up to 75 lbs. worth of your belongings, this aerodynamically designed and very attractive cargo box is strong, durable, and adds some ambiance to your vehicle. 

You can load and unload the carrier easily thanks to its passenger-side opening, and it comes with everything you need to install it properly, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. Its grey color ensures it will match your vehicle’s color theme, and its design makes for a very smooth and quiet ride regardless of where you’re going. 

Thule 682 SideKick Cargo Box

Car Top Cargo Storage Box

Made by Car Top Cargo, this is a strong rooftop carrier box that is easy to open and close and it provides an additional 18 cubic feet of space to your vehicle. It is aerodynamically designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride, and it weighs less than 40 pounds. 

Its sleek design is only one of its many advantages because this is a solidly built, long-lasting rooftop carrier that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.

If you want a great cargo carrier, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is definitely one to consider.

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