Are All BMW Roof Racks The Same?

BMW designs luxurious vehicles of different sizes, rooftops, and load limits. Consequently, it’s impractical and borderline impossible to have a standard BMW roof rack for the over 20 BMW models. The rooftops of BMW models range from hardtops, convertible/vinyl roofs, sunroofs to modern panoramic roofs. While hardtops can take in any roof rack, the others […]

Yakima Skybox 16 Vs Yakima Skybox 18

Yakima Skyboxes are well known for being relatively big in size. They are ideal for providing that extra space that you may require to make all your journeys a tad more enjoyable and comfortable. Yakima skybox 16 and Yakima skybox 18 are both a part of the Yakima skybox family, so they share a bunch […]

How Do You Use A Rhino Roof Rack?

If you have purchased a Rhino roof rack, you probably have this question – How do you use a Rhino Roof Rack? The Rhino Roof Rack is designed to carry heavy loads over long distances. This means that you can easily transport large items such as skis or snowboards. This article will show you how to […]

Storing Roof Box Vertically – Best Guide for 2023 | Best Roof Box

Storing Roof Box Vertically Ordinarily, most folks will only use a roof box 3-5 times a year, albeit for sports enthusiasts and avid roadsters. Roof boxes are rigid and quite bulky; it is uneconomical to keep them on your vehicle all year long. You can’t fold them to create space, so you need to find […]

How Do You Attach Roof Rack To Roof?

Here’s how you attach roof racks to your car’s roof. Roof racks are an essential accessory for most people who own a vehicle. It allows us to carry things such as bicycles, skis, kayaks, etc., which would otherwise be impossible without one. However, if you don’t know how to install a roof rack, you could end up damaging […]

How Do You Determine Roof Box Size?

Roof boxes come in various shapes and sizes, from small to large. But how do you decide which size to purchase? Roof boxes are containers that are used to transport supplies and goods. They are commonly rounded or square-shaped and are designed to fit on cars and other vehicles. If you are the kind of person […]

How To Open A Roof Box Without Keys

People lose things sometimes, especially tiny things like keys. So, it is not unlikely to lose the keys to your roof box. This can be increasingly upsetting if you do not have spare keys, and the only viable option is to break the box. However, you seldom have to damage your box in such a […]

Roof Box Wall Mounts-Everything You Need to Know

Roof boxes come in handy when traveling, and you need extra space in your car. However, not all trips need that extra luggage space, and you may need to leave your roof box behind. Due to these roof boxes’ precious and expensive nature, proper storage becomes a crucial step in keeping them safe. You can […]

How Do You Position A Thule Roof Box?

Roof boxes are ideal if you need some extra storage on your vehicle. If you are going camping, going on holiday, or taking part in outdoor activities or sports then a roof rack will make it much easier for you to transport everything you need. One of the best roof boxes is the Thule roof box. It […]