Can I Put a Roof Box on a Panoramic Roof? This Could Save You Money!

Many people wish to own a vehicle that has a sunroof, moonroof, or panoramic roof, and you may be wondering what the differences are.  Basically, a moonroof is one that allows you to see outside of your vehicle, but remains stationary, while a sunroof can open up so that you get a bit of a […]

Are Roof Boxes Waterproof? Why Choosing the Right Box Is Important

Having a roof box on the top of your car or truck adds extra room to your vehicle and offers a variety of designs, sizes, and materials to choose from. Some people like the soft materials, while others prefer a hard, shell-like case, but whichever one you choose, you are guaranteed to get something that […]

Best Tips to Help Avoid Getting Tired While Driving – Stay Safe

Stay safe on the road by learning how to avoid getting tired while driving and keeping these tips in mind. If you have an upcoming vacation or road trip planned, you might be concerned about how you’re going to stay feeling rested once you finally get to your destination. Let’s face it, driving can wear […]

Traveling With An Empty Roof Box – Good or Bad?

If you’ve chosen to install a rooftop carrier to the roof of your vehicle, you likely already know how convenient this product is because after all, it leaves you with extra storage space for everything from snowboards to fishing rods and suitcases to tents. Roof boxes are usually attached one of two ways: by either […]

How Much Weight Can a Roof Box Hold?

So, just how much weight can a roof box hold? If you’re looking for the perfect rooftop cargo carrier, it’s good to research them first so you get the best one for your needs. Most carriers are made to fit any type of vehicle that you might own, including sedans, minivans, SUVs, and even pickup […]

Can You Drive with an Empty Cargo Box?

Most people know that when they have a cargo box on the roof of their vehicle, they have to make sure they don’t load too many items onto the carrier.  Cargo carriers all come with a maximum weight capacity that it is important to follow because if you don’t it can damage the roof of […]

What Do You Put in a Roof Box? – Best User Guide for 2023

Ever asked yourself, what do you put in a roof box for small car? Cars come in different sizes, from small saloon cars to SUVs. Oddly enough, despite the size of the vehicle, we never seem to have enough storage for our luggage or gear. It is as if more cargo always pops up whenever […]

Roof Box Make Insurance Invalid – Best Guidance in 2023

Can a roof box make insurance invalid? Let’s answer that question. So you’ve decided to hit the open road to go snow skiing or visit the mountains during the summer months.  If you’re similar to a lot of people, you’ve decided to add a rooftop carrier before you leave to handle all of the extra […]

How Long Does It Take to Fit a Roof Box – Best Guide in 2023

How long does it take to fit a roof box on your car? You asked it yourself did you? Let’s find the answer today! When it comes to installing a roof box to your vehicle, the time it takes to complete the task depends entirely on the carrier itself, mostly the type of roof box […]