Honda CR-V Roof Box Buyer’s Guide 2024

Honda CR-V Roof Box Guide

If this is your first time looking for a roof box, you may be wondering what you should look for. The answer will vary somewhat depending on the size of your vehicle, your roof box, and your intentions.  Different roof boxes offer different things to suit different needs, from slimmed-down options for individuals or couples … Read more

How To Prevent Roof Rack Theft

How Do I Keep My Roof Rack From Being Stolen?

Roof racks and roof cargo boxes are must-haves if you love travelling around. But the problem with owning roof racks is how to prevent roof rack theft? Unfortunately, we can’t do much to stop someone from trying to steal something. However, there are ways to deter them from trying to steal from you and prevent … Read more

Best Thule Multi-lift Alternative – A Buyer’s Guide

Thule Cargo Box Storage Lifts Featured Image

What are the best Thule multi-lift alternative in the market today? Yes, a well-engineered and excellent quality Thule Cargo Box storage lifts can last you a lifetime. They ensure that your equipment is safe and secure, while at the same time allowing you the ease of access.  But that does not mean that Thule is … Read more

How to Reduce Roof Box Noise

How to Reduce Roof Box Noise

Certainly, most car owners would agree that it’s a must to have a roof cargo box ready to use. The extra storage it provides simply outweighs the downsides of owning one. And one downside of using roof boxes is that they make wind noise as you cruise to your next destination. But have you ever … Read more

Best Roof Box For Subaru Forester – Buyer’s Guide 2024

Subaru Forester Roof Box Buyers Featured

Most Subaru Forester owners would agree that the 2021 model stands out due to it’s spaciousness and off-road capabilities. But what if you’re still in need of additional space? What’s the best roof box for Subaru Forester out there? Nonetheless, trunk space is just like money you can never have enough. Extra gear/luggage just keeps … Read more