How To Open A Roof Box Without Keys

open a roof box without keys

open a roof box without keysPeople lose things sometimes, especially tiny things like keys. So, it is not unlikely to lose the keys to your roof box. This can be increasingly upsetting if you do not have spare keys, and the only viable option is to break the box.

However, you seldom have to damage your box in such a situation. There are several ways through which you can open a roof box without keys, some of which are more efficient than others. Some methods you can carry out yourself, while others may require a professional hand. Read on to learn how you can safely open a roof box without keys.

Pick The Lock

Depending on the model of your roof box, this process may either be easy or very tedious. Some roof boxes feature extra security measures, which may make picking the lock(s) impossible. Picking a lock often requires a certain amount of technical knowledge, which is not too complex for the layman.

There are several lock-picking concepts and techniques, ranging from basic to quite complex. Basic lock-picking skills can open many types of locks when done correctly. Picking a basic lock requires such tools as hooks, rakes, and tensioning tools.

You can find these tools in local hardware stores on online lock-pick stores. It is also very likely that the locksmith in your neighborhood has them. You should note here that in most states, owning these tools is only considered a crime if they are used illegally. If you have no intention of breaking the law and can prove that, it is not an issue.

The actual lock-picking process will depend on the type of lock on your model. Once you establish the type of lock, you can do a little research to find out how best to pick it using the tools we have mentioned.

Take It to A Locksmith

If you are in a place where you can easily access a locksmith, then this will be the best alternative. Locksmiths are well-versed in the methods of opening locks without keys or making a replacement key. So, uninstall the key-less box from the roof rack and bring it to the locksmith.

Each key usually has a code that is also indicated on the lock. So, to replace a key, the locksmith has to use this code. The code is usually written as an uppercase letter followed by 3 digits. It ensures that the locksmith can create a replica of the key, which will be used to open your roof box.

Furthermore, this process only takes a few minutes, which is convenient as you can get back to your activities within a short while. Still, if you would not like to get extra keys, the locksmith may also pick the lock for you. This would be very easy for a trained locksmith and, therefore, opening your box would be a walk in the park.

The locksmith will require specialist tools if the model features a high-security lock. In the event that the lock is already damaged, it may be impossible for them to pick it, thereby necessitating a different approach, such as breaking the box or just getting a new one.

Drill The Lock

Some roof boxes, such as the Thule box, are made of a hard-shell material. This material is watertight and features high-standard security measures to keep your cargo safe. Thus, if you misplaced your keys, the only solution would be to drill out the lock barrel and later replace it with a new one.

As such, you would need a power drill with metal bits to remove the lock. You will also have to get replacement key barrels and locks. To start, you will need to have the roof box in an accessible place, so take it off the vehicle’s roof and place it in a flat working area. Then, remove the lock-cap to expose the keyhole and lock barrel.

After that, place the drill bit onto the dead-center of the barrel and take out the lock cylinder with great care. Make sure to drill in straight so as not to damage the plastic edges of your box. Once you have drilled all the way to the other end, proceed to disengage the lock mechanisms.

At this point, you can pull out the lock barrel and open your box to access your valuables. You will then proceed to install the new lock as per the installation instructions of your specific roof box model.

Contact The Manufacturer

This option may very well be the last resort as it is often a lengthy process. If you are in no hurry to open your roof box, this option will be viable. Contacting the manufacturer is the safest way to deal with a missing key. It also has its perks.

For one, you will not go to the extent of causing any damage to your roof box or incurring extra costs. The manufacturer will take up the responsibility of fixing the problem and deliver the box back in excellent condition.

In some instances, they will provide you with replacement keys free of charge. You would have to provide the key code as encrypted on the roof box’ key lock for this to happen. Since not all locks have this number printed on them, it is wise to note down the key code printed on the key whenever you get a new roof box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Best Method of Opening A Roof Box Without Keys?

While there are several ways one may go about opening a roof box without keys, some are undoubtedly better than others. The best method among the options provided above would be to contact your manufacturer/supplier. This method proves beneficial even in the long run, as the replacement key you will receive ensures you can continue using the roof box.

It may be tempting to pick the lock or drill into it. Unfortunately, these methods may not be the best long-term solutions as they would not guarantee continued use of your roof box. Drilling poses the risk of damaging the roof box itself, in which case it may become useless.

Can You Duplicate Your Roof Box Key?

For a majority of roof boxes, you can duplicate the key. This allows you to have a spare key stored in a safe place. This is greatly advantageous as the spare key offers you security in case you have misplaced the original or forgotten it somewhere.

Do roof boxes come with spare keys?

Unfortunately, most roof boxes come with a single key for every lock. Thus, you have to be extra careful, as misplacing the key would mean losing access to your roof box. Fortunately, as has been indicated in this article, there are ways you can open a roof box without keys.

Final Thoughts

Misplacing your roof box key may be distressing. Luckily, there are several ways you can go about such a scenario to ensure that you get access to your precious cargo. In addition, these ways can also ensure that you keep your roof box intact.

From lock picking to contacting the roof box manufacturer, all the methods discussed above are quite viable. Before you decide on which method you would like to use, it is essential to assess the situation and the expected outcome.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful. Remember, though, to keep your keys safe to avoid losing them- it is easier than going through the trouble of breaking into your box or getting new keys altogether.

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