Thule Motion XT L Roof Box Review

The Thule Motion XT L Cargo Box is a top-of-the-line cargo solution that offers an exceptional combination of user-friendliness, smart design, and reliable performance on the road. As a leading name in the automotive accessory market, Thule has cultivated a reputation for durable, high-quality products, and their Thule Motion XT L is no exception. This stylish and aerodynamic roof box promises to enhance every outdoor adventure, whether it’s a family road trip or a weekend skiing excursion.

One of the first things that sets the Thule Motion XT L apart from its competitors is the seamless installation process. The cargo roof box comes with an innovative mounting system that simplifies setup and reduces time spent struggling to get everything in place. Additionally, the Thule Motion XT L boasts generous size and load capacity options, ensuring drivers can pick the model that best suits their travel and storage needs without compromising the aesthetics of their vehicle.

Thule Motion XT Variants

Thule Motion XT - Alpine Thule Motion XT - L Thule Motion XT - XL Thule Motion XT - XXL
Volume 16 cu ft 16 cu ft 18 cu ft 16 cu ft
External Dimensions 90.25" x 37.5" x 13.25" 77" x 36" x 17" 84.5" x 36" x 17" 91.5" x 37.5" x 18"
Load Capacity 165 lbs 165 lbs 165 lbs 165 lbs
Product Weight 55 lbs 42 lbs 46 lbs 55 lbs
Load Capacity Skis (Pairs) 5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7
Load Capacity Snowboards 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5
Max Length of Skis 215 cm 175 cm 200 cm 215 cm
Locks Included Yes Yes Yes Yes
One Key System Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available Colors Black Glossy, White Black Glossy, Titan Glossy Black Glossy, Titan Glossy Black Glossy, Titan Glossy
Thule Motion XT L Review

Thule is known for their second-to-none car accessories and Motion XT is our favorite car accessory thus far. There are four different version of the Motion XT cargo box. The XL version of the Motion XT is simply bigger in terms of cargo storage capacity and dimension, same goes for the XXL version. In our opinion, the Thule Motion XT – L is the best rooftop cargo box and here’s why:

Thule Motion XT L Roof Box Overview

Appearance and Design

The Thule Motion XT L boasts a thoughtfully sleek design that not only enhances its aesthetics but also improves aerodynamics. Its smooth and streamlined shape reduces air resistance and wind noise, making for a quieter drive. The cargo box is made of high-quality, durable materials, ensuring long-lasting use and protection from various weather conditions.


The Thule Motion XT L comes with several useful features designed to enhance your cargo-carrying capabilities. Among them are grip-friendly outer large handles that allow for more secure and comfortable handling when opening and closing the box. The rooftop box is also equipped with an integrated slide-lock system, allowing you to protect your camping gear and equipment during travel. Additionally, the Thule Motion XT L can be easily mounted and removed from your vehicle with the help of its PowerClick quick-mount system, which also ensures correct and secure fixation to your roof racks.

Ease of Use

One of the main advantages of the Thule Motion XT L is its ease of use. The grip-friendly outer handles provide a more secure grip while opening from either side. The PowerClick quick-mount system ensures correct positioning and secure attachment with just a simple turn of the rotary dial. This feature eliminates the need for additional tools or extensive effort, making it user-friendly for anyone looking to expand their cargo space during road trips or outdoor adventures.

Installing the Motion XT

PowerClick Quick-Mount System

The Thule Motion XT L  features an easy-to-install Quick-Mount System. Simply attach the roof top cargo box onto your car’s roof rack in accordance with the included instructions. Each clamp has an audible click that lets you know when it is securely fastened, ensuring a rock-solid connection to your vehicle.

Internal Straps and Clamps

Inside the cargo box, adjustable straps and clamps help to keep your gear secure. These straps can be moved and tightened with ease, accommodating various sizes and shapes of cargo. This flexible setup ensures the safety of your items during travel and allows you to optimize space utilization within the roof top cargo box.

The Thule Motion XT L installation process is straightforward thanks to the Quick-Mount System and user-friendly internal straps and clamps. Enjoy driving to your next adventure with confidence and stable setup for your gears and equipment.


Roof Box Compatibility

The Thule Motion XT L is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, thanks to its versatile crossbar span. The maximum crossbar span for this is 75 to 90 cm (29.5 to 35.4 inches), which means it can accommodate a wide variety of roof racks and crossbars.

Thule’s Easy-Grip mounting system makes it straightforward to install and secure the roof box on top of your car without additional tools. The system also features dual side opening, making it easier to load and unload from both sides of the vehicle.

To ensure a proper fit for your specific vehicle, Thule offers a Fit Guide, where users can input their vehicle make, model, and year to determine the compatibility of various roof boxes and rack systems. This ensures that you’ll find the perfect fit for your car and your storage needs.

Overall, the Thule Motion XT L offers a generous storage capacity and is adaptable to a wide range of vehicles, providing users with a stylish and functional storage solution for their next adventure.

Security and Locking System

SlideLock System

Thule Motion XT L  comes equipped with a SlideLock System that ensures the security of your belongings. The SlideLock System automatically locks the lid in place and indicates whether the box has been securely closed. The security feature includes a lock indicator, providing a visual confirmation for the user, ensuring peace of mind.

This system ensures that the roof box remains firmly attached to the vehicle while driving, even through rough terrains and high speeds. As a result, the driver can confidently carry their belongings safely inside the box without the worry of accidental opening or detachment from the vehicle.

One Key System

Another notable security feature of Thule Motion XT L is the One Key System. This system allows users to lock and unlock the box using a single key. Moreover, it is possible to replace the locking cylinders with a set that uses the same key, making it convenient for those who own multiple Thule products.

In summary, the Thule Motion XT L offers a robust security and locking system through its SlideLock and One Key System, ensuring your belongings remain safe and secure throughout your journey.

Durability and Waterproof Features

thule motion xt l roof box

The Thule Motion XT L is made from high-quality materials, ensuring its durability. The sturdy construction of the box enhances its resistance to daily wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for extended use. The outer shell is made from ABS plastic, granting it both strength and rigidity. This, in turn, enables the roof box to withstand the impact of road debris or other external elements.

The roof box is also designed to provide an optimal waterproof experience. The tight seal created by the lid’s overlapping design helps keep water out. Additionally, the Thule Motion XT L features a weather-resistant design that protects the contents from rain, snow, and other adverse weather conditions.

The quality of this roof box is further demonstrated through the dual-side opening mechanisms. These mechanisms are built using durable components, ensuring smooth operation and long-lasting function. The lock system on the Thule Motion XT L is also reliable and secure, protecting the contents from theft or tampering.

In summary, the Thule Motion XT L boasts impressive durability and waterproof features that make it a reliable choice for various storage needs. The combination of quality materials, secure locking, and weather-resistant design ensures that this roof box can stand up to the challenges of long-term usage while keeping its contents safe and protected.

Handling and Gas Mileage

The Thule Motion XT L is designed with aerodynamics and ease of handling in mind. The streamlined shape of the cargo box reduces wind resistance, making it smoother to drive at high speeds. This aerodynamic design translates to less wind noise, providing a more comfortable driving experience.

Moreover, the reduced wind resistance means that the vehicle’s gas mileage is less negatively impacted than with other bulkier roof boxes. While there will always be some impact on gas mileage when using a roof box, the Thule Motion XT L manages to minimize this effect, making it a more efficient choice for road trips and outdoor adventures.

In terms of handling, the roof box is easy to install and remove thanks to its user-friendly design. The Thule Motion XT L features the PowerClick quick-mount system, which utilizes a simple and secure clamping mechanism. This allows for tool-free installation and adjustments, making it convenient for users of varying levels of experience.

It is important to note that the handling and gas mileage effects of the Thule Motion XT L will vary depending on the specific vehicle it is being used with, as well as other factors such as speed, weather conditions, and driving style. However, the Thule Motion XT L stands out as a reliable and efficient option for those seeking a roof box with minimal impact on their vehicle’s handling and gas mileage.

Dual-Side Opening Functions

The Thule Motion XT L comes with an impressive dual-side opening function. This feature enhances its user-friendly nature as it allows access to the cargo from both the driver’s and passenger’s sides. With this easy to open capability, users can efficiently load and unload items from the roof box, making it a practical and convenient solution for carrying additional luggage.

The dual-side opening not only adds to the convenience but also promotes safety by ensuring easy access to the trunk, even when the roof box is fully packed. By allowing trunk access, users can quickly retrieve essential items without having to unload the entire cargo.

The opening functions are facilitated by an easy-to-use grip-friendly handle, which ensures a secure and smooth closing and opening experience. Furthermore, the roof box comes with integrated torque indicator dials, informing users when the box is correctly mounted on the crossbars, thus eliminating guesswork and providing peace of mind.

This well-designed Thule Motion XT L, with its dual-side opening functions, aims to provide a hassle-free and secure way of carrying extra items on road trips. The innovative features make it a reliable and efficient choice for families and adventurers in need of extra storage.

Roof Box Storage and Space Efficiency

The Thule Motion XT L offers generous storage space and excellent efficiency for organizing and securing cargo. Designed with user convenience in mind, it boasts a roomy interior that can easily accommodate various types of luggage, sports equipment, and other travel essentials.

One of the key features of this roof box is its optimized space efficiency. The sleek design not only enhances the vehicle’s aerodynamics but also maximizes cargo space within the box. While the dimensions are substantial, it still provides room to spare for other gear like skis and snowboards on the roof of the vehicle.

The Motion XT L is fitted with an integrated interior light, allowing for effortless loading and unloading of items, even in low-light conditions. This thoughtful addition contributes to the overall ease of use, as users won’t have to fumble in the dark when accessing their belongings.

In terms of storage capacity, the Thule Motion XT L can hold a considerable amount of cargo. It is essential, however, to evenly distribute weight and secure items using straps or bungee cords to prevent shifting during travel. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a safer and more enjoyable journey, without worrying about any damage to your possessions or vehicle.

In conclusion, the Thule Motion XT L excels when it comes to storage and space efficiency. With its impressive storage capacity, sleek design, and practical features like the integrated interior light, it is a top choice for those seeking a reliable and well-designed roof box for their travels.

Final Thoughts

The Thule Motion XT L is a well-designed, sturdy, and efficient storage solution for various travel needs. Its sleek and aerodynamic design ensures minimal air resistance, while the dual-side opening provides easy access to the contents.

Installation is straightforward, thanks to the PowerClick mounting system, which also guarantees a secure fit to the vehicle’s roof bars. The central locking system ensures the safety and security of the cargo, while the practical carrying capacity of up to 165 pounds and 16 cubic feet of cargo space speaks to its utility.

To sum up, the Thule Motion XT Cargo Box is a durable and functional accessory for those who need additional storage while traveling. Though it is on the more expensive price point, its features, build quality, and performance make it a reliable choice for any adventure. You definitely get what you pay for.

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