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inno roof box

inno roof boxInno designs and manufactures high-quality roof boxes for outdoor and sporting activities using the latest technological modules. They are highly sought-after by travelers who require spacious, durable, stable, and stylish roof boxes.

They are available in several vibrant and distinctive sizes that assimilate into your car’s design. Whichever vehicle model you have, there are always two or more compatible Inno cargo boxes to go with it.

When you buy any Inno roof box the packaging will include:

  • Inno Roof Box
  • 4 Memory Mounts
  • 2 Belts
  • 2 Belt hooks
  • 2 Keys
  • An Instruction manual

Inno operates under the Car Mate subsidiary, Japan’s most prominent automotive accessories manufacturer. The cargo boxes undergo a series of meticulous testing, emphasizing quality safety and functionality. Any Inno carrier you find on the market is of the highest quality, and you can trust it will offer durable service.

Key Features

  • Memory Mount system for quick and easy installation
  • SPM base construction
  • One-touch buckle belt to secure your secure luggage
  • Safety lock system
  • Aerodynamic low profile design for better fuel economy
  • Open edge design to maximize storage capacity
Pros Cons
Premium quality construction Not waterproof
Good fuel economy due to its aerodynamic design
Comes with a universal mounting system
Available in different sizes and colors


Inno’s roof boxes use SPM injection technology to construct the base. This involves a high-pressure polymer injection into the mold to improve the base’s torsional stability. The frame is up to 50% stronger, more durable, and lightweight than traditional vacuum forming.

The cover constitutes a composite 3- layer construction. 3 layers of high-grade ABS material are fused to form a robust, UV, and scratch-resistant box. The outer layer features a transparent acrylic layer that gives the Inno its distinctive glossy finish.


You can pick a roof box for any car model from the 15 size variations of the Inno roof boxes currently in production. The Inno roof box features a universal mounting system and a two-level adjustment to match the shape of your crossbar. This provides additional support and stability to fit the carrier on square, round, or aeros.

Different car models have varying roof load ratings specified in their instruction manuals. The static load rating is the maximum weight the car roof can withstand when stationary, while the dynamic load rating is how much weight the car can handle while you’re driving. Always work with dynamic ratings for safety as static ratings are generally higher.

You must ensure the weight of the roof box, the total weight of attachments (racks, crossbars), and your loaded cargo’s weight doesn’t exceed this limit. Inno models work best with vehicles whose maximum loading capacity is 165 pounds and beyond.


The arched cut line design lets the cargo box cut through the wind with fluidity. This sleek aerodynamics technology is combined with an ingenious diffuser design for a quieter ride and a better MPG.

Always exercise caution when driving with a loaded roof box. Avoid sudden turns or brakes and slow down when driving in strong wind or uneven terrain.

Ease of Use

Inno has an advanced locking system that automatically locks when the lid is closed. The key is removable only after the lid has been closed entirely for maximum security of your cargo.

After loading your roof box, insert the belts into the buckles and tighten them to secure the gear to the base. Driving with loose belongings hampers the car’s stability, runs the risk of breakages, and may damage the locking system making it difficult to open the cover.

Make sure to load gear evenly in the roof box, with the heaviest being placed at the center. Inno roof boxes have the maximum loading capacity at 110pound/50kg. Exceeding the load limit and uneven loading may also damage the roof box and the vehicle’s roof.


Inno cargo boxes are manufactured under 4 distinctive series;

  • Wedge – Inno’s premium model is distinguishable by its arched cutline and the excellent chrome plating side garnish.
  • Shadow – First to adopt the diffuser design for quieter rides and better MPG
  • Roof Rack – Open from the left side.
  • Ridge Trunk – Pioneer series

They all feature SPM bottoms, a one-touch buckle belt, and a maximum load capacity of 50kgs.

Best For Large Vehicles – Inno Phantom

The Phantom is from the Wedge series and has a distinctive chrome finishing and Inno emblem. Its exterior length is 78.5 x 37.5 x 17.75 inches, while the empty carrier weighs 49 pounds heavy. This length is an ideal match for the rooftops of medium to large SUVs and station wagons.

The loading surface measures 73 x 31 x 15 inches and has an 18 cubic feet capacity. The Phantom was made for you if you are transporting carving skis, snowboards, fishing roads, and similarly long gear. Dual side opening offers easy and convenient access into the cargo box.

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Best For Compact Cars – Ridge Trunk 240

The BRW240 is the smallest roof box in the Inno lineup with a length of 140cm, a width of 70cm, and a height of 34cm. It is compact enough to fit on sedans and coupes while offering your ample space to store additional 220 Litres of cargo.

It weighs a meager 9kgs but still shares bigger models’ 50kg dynamic weight capacity. The left-side opening is a unique attribute that ensures you can load or unload away from oncoming traffic.

INNO Ridge Cargo Box
  • INNO designed and made in Japan
  • Aerodynamic, lightweight design for superior noise reduction and easy on/off installation
  • Universal fit aero, square, round, and most factory racks
  • Safety lock system key can only be removed once box is locked
  • Limited Life Time Warranty

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First and foremost, make sure the distance between the front and rear crossbars is more than 23.6 inches. Having it less than 23.6 inches exerts too much pressure on the roof box, which may cause it to fall off the vehicle. We recommend a distance of 31.5 inches to reduce load concentration on the car and stabilize the cargo box.

The Memory Mount System makes installation easy in a few quick steps. Widen the hooks of the MMS and insert the hooks into the rubber sheet inside the roof box. Close the buckle by turning the adjuster knob clockwise. Lift the buckle, turn the knob twice clockwise, close the buckle again, and you are done.

Check to see if the hooks are tight and bilaterally symmetric with the center of the crossbars. Rocking the box back and forth is another way of checking if the box is securely fixed. If you hear rattling, there are loose knobs that require tightening.

While installation may take 10-15 minutes, you can unmount the roof box in less than 2. It is as simple as detaching the knobs and removing the bolts from the spacers. The knobs are larger than most to enable you to bind the hooks more securely.

Final Thoughts

Inno’s 30 years of experience in engineering and design innovation is personified in its cargo boxes’ quality, performance, and appearance. Their functional roof boxes make driving with a roof box look relaxed and effortless.

Given the multiple Inno cargo boxes available, we picked out the Inno Phantom and the Inno Ridge Trunk 240 as the best models according to their qualitative and structural characteristics.

Always remember that your cargo box should be properly maintained and stored for it to last longer. Wash the carrier with clean water but don’t use detergent or wax. Some elements may corrode the acrylic layer of the box.

Lastly, regularly inspect the box for defects and store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight when not in use. The Inno cargo box may be UV- treated, but continuous exposure will gradually disintegrate.

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