Omac Roof Rack Reviews

Omac Roof Rack Reviews

When it comes to finding reliable roof racks, it can often be an exhausting and difficult task to find ones that are going to suit your needs, as well as fit your vehicle.

In addition to this, with so many different options on the market available to you, it’s hard to know which of the roof racks are actually worth buying, and which ones need to be ignored. 

One of the names you’ll see pop up quite frequently is OMAC, who makes roof racks and crossbars for a whole host of different car manufacturers, so there’s a good chance that if you need a roof rack for your car, OMAC will produce it!

In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about OMAC so that you can decide whether or not they’ll make the best choice for you and your needs!

Who Are OMAC?

OMAC USA is a company located in Houston, Texas, that produces high-quality automotive accessories, ranging from things such as door handle covers, interior mats, mud flaps, and of course, roof racks. 

The first ever OMAC branch was established in Germany, and since then they’ve become well known for their excellent customer service and their brilliant automotive industry knowledge, which means that they can provide you with all of the advice and know how you need in order to get the correct parts for your vehicle every time. 

OMAC have connections and partnerships with incredibly reliable manufacturers across the world, so there’s a good chance that they’ll have all of the parts you need for your car with no issues about sourcing them.

In addition to this, OMAC also sources a lot of its products from OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products, so you can be sure they’re going to fit your vehicle without any filing or adjustments. 

So, as you can see, OMAC clearly has a strong and reputable background in the automotive industry, which is why so many people trust them when it comes to finding new or replacement parts for their vehicles.

So if you’re planning on looking through OMAC’s wide range of products for your car, you can do so in the knowledge that they are good quality!

OMAC Roof Racks

Roof Rack Cross Bars Lockable Luggage Carrier Smooth Roof Cars
  • This item is compatible with Ford Flex 2013-2019
  • High-quality aluminum roof rack with European standards.
  • Aerodynamic design, easy installation, ensuring convenience and security
  • Versatile and durable, suitable for bike carriers, ski/snowboard carriers, roof cargo boxes, and more.
  • This product only fits vehicles with naked/smooth roof types.

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When it comes to roof racks, the selection that OMAC stocks is almost unmatched by any other company, as they stock a wide range of options from cross bars, to roof racks, as well as kits that are a combination of the two, should you need them both. 

Finding the right roof racks for your vehicle is made super easy too thanks to OMAC’s handy search option, which allows you to choose your vehicle’s manufacturer, the model of the vehicle, and then the year it was made, which should then provide you with all of the options available to you based upon the model of your vehicle. 

You shouldn’t be too stunted by choice either, as OMAC carries such a large range of options across numerous different manufacturers, so the likelihood is that they’ll have something in stock that will be able to fit your vehicle. 

The best part is since all of OMAC USA’s products are OEM, there’s no drilling or adjustment needed in order to fit the cross bars or roof racks to your car, as they should fit perfectly into the holes that they were designed to fit into with no hassle whatsoever. 

When it comes to the roof rack’s weight bearing ability, it’s best to check with the manufacturer of the vehicle, since these are OEM products, they should match the same weight bearing amount as the manufacturer’s roof racks. 

OMAC’s Shipping Policy

As a company located within the USA, purchasing through OMAC means that you won’t be waiting weeks or even months for your new parts to arrive from overseas, which can be extremely annoying, and even expensive, which is one of the more common issues with people who own European or Asian cars. 

OMAC ship any orders that have been placed and paid for before 2:00PM Central Time the same day, and any orders that are placed on a weekend will then be shipped on the Monday afterward.

The same rules apply to orders placed on official U.S Holidays, which will then be shipped the day after the holiday’s end. 

OMAC also provides each of its orders with a tracking number too, so you can keep track of exactly where your order is, and when it is going to arrive by. 


OMAC also have an incredibly convenient returns policy as well, so if your product arrives and isn’t right for whatever reason, you have 30 days in order to get in contact with OMAC in order to request a refund. 

In order for the refund to be processed, you’ll need to pack the refunded items into their original packaging along with all of the equipment required in order to fit them, the items should be in the same new condition that they were in before you opened them, as OMAC checks each returned item before it can go back onto sale. 

If there is an actual issue, OMAC will provide you with a free returns shipping label too, which is a lovely gesture.

It is worth noting though that once the refund has been confirmed and the shipping label has been created, you then have 2 weeks to ship the item back. 

You should then expect to receive the money for your refund within 24 hours of OMAC receiving the returned item and conducting all of the appropriate checks to ensure that the item is still in a suitable condition.

What The Customers Are Saying

OMAC are a trusted company for a reason, with over 11,000+ reviews on their website all indicating just how good the service and the products that OMAC provide can be. For example, Mary, who is a verified buyer, stated that:

“The roof rack arrived earlier than expected which was super. All the parts were accounted for and the instructions were in drawing format which was helpful. The rack went up with minimal effort”. 

Another review left by someone who had purchased roof racks for their vehicle stated:

“Very pleased with the price of the racks for my F-150, good product and a sturdy fit. My only criticism is with the instructions, they need to add text to each step to make it easier to understand, as I’m very mechanical and it took me a while to decipher the instructions”. 

As you can see then, for the most part OMAC receive some outstanding feedback regarding both their service and their products, with the criticism being constructive yet minimal.

So you should be able to buy their products in full confidence knowing that so many people have good experiences when buying through OMAC. 

How To Pick The Best Roof Rack For Your Vehicle

A lot of thought should go into how you pick your roof rack, which is why there are a couple of things you should consider before you pick the roof rack that you think is going to be best for both you and your vehicle. 

The first thing you should consider is the type of roof rack, some types of roof rack can be attached to your vehicle without having to have a pre-existing roof rail, whereas other roof racks need a rail to be mounted to

You should also try to purchase a roof rack that is specifically designed for your make and model of vehicle, otherwise you might have to do some adjustments in order for the roof rack to fit, and you might even have to drill it in to the roof of your car.

Finally, you should also consider what sort of items you’re going to be carrying on your roof rack before you decide which one you’re going to purchase.

Most roof racks will have a maximum load of 165lbs, so if you plan on carrying anything heavier than that, then you should look into roof racks that are specifically designed for especially heavy loads. 

Hopefully with this information, you can now begin to explore the options available to you when it comes to choosing a suitable roof rack for you and your vehicle.

Final Words

In our eyes, OMAC’s roof racks will certainly make for an excellent choice for anbyody who is seeking a reliable and sturdy roof rack for their vehicle that is going to fit to the OEM specifications, and will therefore not have to worry too much about any adjustments or drilling in order for it to fit!

So, with great products, a reliable shipping and returns policy, as well as some stunning customer reviews, we’d reccomend OMAC to anybody looking for a new roof rack!

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