Is It Hard To Install Roof Racks?

Is It Hard To Install Roof Racks

Installing roof racks can be daunting as they must be installed correctly as they will be holding your gear. If the roof racks are not installed properly, there is a risk that your gear could come loose and it could potentially cause an accident on the road. However, once you install roof racks properly, they are extremely … Read more

How to Store Thule Cargo Box

store th ule cargo box

Thule cargo boxes are often large, and storing one correctly might be difficult. Fortunately, there are several genius options for storing a cargo box without it taking up much room. These solutions include: Suspending it from the ceiling, mounting/hanging it to the wall, or even storing it on the floor if there is enough space. … Read more

Are Roof Rails Better?

Are Roof Rails Better

You may have seen them before. Roof rails are those little metal bars that run along the top of the roof of your vehicle. They’re usually found on vans and trucks. Roof rails are useful because they allow you to attach items such as bicycles, skis, snowboards, kayaks, and other equipment to the roof of … Read more