How to Store Thule Cargo Box

store th ule cargo box

Thule cargo boxes are often large, and storing one correctly might be difficult. Fortunately, there are several genius options for storing a cargo box without it taking up much room. These solutions include: Suspending it from the ceiling, mounting/hanging it to the wall, or even storing it on the floor if there is enough space.

Before storing the unit, make sure it is clean and dry, especially if it’s kept for an extended period. Also, always ensure that it is adequately raised off the ground and its weight is equally distributed.

Additionally, make sure that the box is stored away from cold, moisture, heat exposure, and away from UV radiation, which may weaken and discolor the unit over time.

Direct Sunlight Exposure: Thule cargo boxes can be damaged by direct exposure to unfiltered sunshine. The UV rays can degrade the outer shell and cause the box to deform.

As a result, you should keep your Thule cargo box away from places that receive direct sunlight. If that is not an option, you can apply a sun-protective spray all over the exterior of the box.

Cold exposure: Although cold is less destructive than sunlight exposure, it can still cause some damage. This is because constant freezing and thawing can cause the box to become brittle and crack.

Moisture exposure: When roof boxes are exposed to too much moisture, they may get moldy and eventually degrade over time. Therefore, it is essential to store them in a cool, dry place.

Heat Exposure: If your storage room becomes too hot or if your box is stored near a heat source, you risk deforming the materials that make up the box. As a result, make sure that areas near heat sources are off-limits to your cargo box.

Storing on the end or side: This can damage the box’s back or sides. Leaning against a wall increases the chance of the box falling, which might damage the box or injure someone.

Accessibility: Regardless of the storage solution you use, consider what works best for your space to make your box conveniently accessible.

How To Store Thule Cargo Box Safely

Step 1: Prepare Your Thule Cargo Box

The first step before storing your Thule cargo box is to clean it! You can wash it with dish soap and water. Cleaning chemicals containing solvents should be avoided as they may damage the box’s plastic.

Also, ensure you empty your box before storing it.

Note: Your cargo box should be dry before storing to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

Step 2: Find an Ideal Place to Position It

Aside from keeping your Thule cargo box in the proper conditions, you also need to think about how you’ll secure it to that spot. You can use different methods to store your box.

You can either lay it on the floor, suspend it from the ceiling, or hang it on the wall.

Step 3: Cover Your Thule Cargo Box

Cover your roof box with a sheet to protect it from scratches, dents, and damage. An old decorator’s dust sheet will suffice as protection.

How To Store Thule Cargo Box

1. Laying The Thule Box On The Floor

This strategy is only suggested if your garage has a large floor area. However, it’s recommended that you do not lay the Thule box on a concrete floor. This may cause damage to the box’s bottom.

Instead, lift it from the ground using a few pieces of wood. If you cannot do so, at the very least, lay a sheet below it. Leaning your roof box against a wall or wherever is not recommended as the box can fall and crack.

2. Suspending It From The Ceiling

If there is insufficient room in the garage, you must suspend the cargo box from the ceiling. There are several lifting methods available. For example, you may use a cargo box ceiling hoist, ceiling rack, pulley system, or suspension system.

These are excellent methods to make the most of the available ceiling space in your garage.

Before you begin shopping for a garage storage lifting system, you must first determine the height of both your car and your garage. The measurement will tell you if you’ll have enough space between the floor and the ceiling to use a lifting system.

When the car, roof box, and ceiling lifting system are standing in a vertical line in your garage, you must verify that there is enough clearance. Ideally, you should be able to suspend your cargo box directly over your vehicle for convenient loading. You don’t want your car to collide with the box as you park!

Best lifting system to use for this method

Thule multi lift storage system

Just as the name suggests, this multi-lift storage system is designed specifically for Thule products. The Thule multipurpose lifting system can support items weighing up to 200 lbs.

This system is delivered fully built so that you can quickly assemble it. Also, there are drill patterns in precise positions to assist you in drilling the holes appropriately. After you’ve completed the installation, use the crank handle to raise or lower the system.

The MultiLift system may be lowered or raised from 78 inches to 6 inches from the ceiling. Place your roof box on the ropes. However, you must ensure that it remains balanced, and you can achieve this by using a leveling ruler. This way, your box will remain securely attached to the ropes.

Pro tip: You may attach it to the joists on your garage ceiling if you can find them. You may support the lifting system with numerous poplar boards if you can’t locate any.

Thule MultiLift Storage System
  • Storage solution for rooftop cargo boxes, kayaks, surfboards , and more
  • Mounts directly to ceiling
  • Built in winch helps lift loads up to 220 lbs/ 100 kg easily
  • Easily raise and lower cargo by turning the crank handle
  • Can be lowered up to 78 inches and raises up to 6 inches from the ceiling

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3. Hanging It On The Wall

Wall-mounted systems may be attached to any vertical structure that can sustain the weight of the box, whether it’s within the garage or along an external wall. Wall hangers have one side affixed to a flat surface and are formed like a capital letter U.

Installing a Thule box wall mount is simple, but you’ll need the correct hardware (which is usually provided) and a few DIY abilities. Make sure you first measure the length and the width of your box to ensure you have enough clearance with any doors or windows.

Thule cargo boxes have mounting brackets or bars underneath to allow the cargo box to be easily hooked to the hangers on the wall. It would be best if you fit the hangers securely on the walls and test for firmness before attaching your cargo box to them.

Best wall hanging system to use for this method

Thule Cargo Box Wall Hanger

While this hanger was initially designed for mounting bicycles, it can also be used to store roof boxes. You can easily mount this hanger to a spare wall in your basement or garage.

It is simple to install. All you have to do is screw it into the wall, and you’re done. There is no need to drill or fiddle with pulley systems.

The good thing about this system is that it is multifunctional. It can be used to store other items such as kayaks, bikes, skis, and other outdoor equipment.

Thule 977101 Wall Rack for Bicycles
  • Functional storage of bikes and bike carriers
  • Screws directly to a wall
  • 40kg Weight Capacity
  • Please note – cannot be used with Euroway cycle carriers

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Final Thoughts

When you get home from a major expedition, it’s tempting to throw your cargo box down and forget about it for a bit. However, taking the time to unpack and store it carefully can help guarantee that your unit lasts for many years.

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