Is It Hard To Install Roof Racks?

Is It Hard To Install Roof Racks

Installing roof racks can be daunting as they must be installed correctly as they will be holding your gear. If the roof racks are not installed properly, there is a risk that your gear could come loose and it could potentially cause an accident on the road.

However, once you install roof racks properly, they are extremely useful and they allow you to carry more of your gear that you cannot fit in the car.

They have become an essential part of a car as they enable people to carry surfboards, kayaks, and skis. But how difficult are roof racks to install?

Find out how hard it is to install roof racks here and how you can easily install them. You will need to make sure that your roof racks are installed safely, so find out tips about how to install your roof racks here.

What Are Roof Racks?

Roof racks are very common pieces of equipment that allow you to carry more gear, especially gear that you cannot fit in your car.

The crossbars can be secured on the roof of your car so you can secure surfboards, skis, and kayaks to the top. Installing the roof racks properly is important for ensuring the safety of others and your gear.

Is It Hard To Install Roof Racks?

It is considered to be easy to install roof racks as you will be given instructions by the manufacturers to follow when installing the roof racks that you purchase.

Following the instructions is incredibly important as they allow you to safely install the roof rack to your car with instructions that are designed for your specific roof racks.

How To Install A Roof Rack

Below you can find instructions on how to install a roof rack on your car. These instructions are for generally installing roof racks and should not replace the instructions that have been given to you by the manufacturer.

All roof racks are different, so you should always refer to your manufacturer’s instructions and only use general instructions as basic guidelines.

Clean Your Car Roof

Before you install the roof racks, give the roof of your car a good clean to make sure that you are not installing the roof racks on dirt.

Leaving the roof dirty will make it harder to clean when the roof rack is on and it could impact the way that the roof racks are secured.

Loosen The Screws Of The Roof Racks

When installing roof racks, they will usually include two crossbars and four-foot mounts to be installed on the gutters of the car or the side rails.

The foot mounts are what will be secured to the car and the crossbars are what your gear will be secured to. You simply just need to loosen the screws on the mounts so they can be spread open.

Secure The Crossbars

The foot mounts need to be opened wide enough to fit the crossbars, so when they are, you can place the crossbars between the mounts to secure them. Both of the crossbars should be inserted in the foot mounts, but not fully attached just yet.

You then need to make sure that the width between the foot mounts is correct, as well as the distance between the crossbars is right too. Once this has been done, you can then secure the crossbars inside the foot mounts.

Secure Pads And Caps

The pads need to be attached to the mounts as this prevents the roof rack from scratching the roof of your car, and the caps stop the crossbars from filling up with water.

Both the caps and pads are important to install as they prevent the roof rack from damaging your car and the crossbars from weakening or becoming unstable.

Position The Roof Rack Correctly

Following your manufacturer’s instructions, make sure that you position the roof rack correctly on the roof of your car.

Open the doors of your car to make sure that the roof rack is positioned correctly so you can then move on to installing the roof rack when you are ready.

Secure The Roof Rack To Your Car

Once you are happy with the positioning of the roof rack, you can secure it to the roof of your car by locking the metal clips that are hooked underneath the rims of your doors.

This is why you will need the car doors open when you are installing the roof rack. After the clips have been secured, your roof rack will be ready to use.

Are Roof Racks Easy For Beginners To Install?

If you have never installed a roof rack before, it may take you longer to install your roof rack compared to someone who is used to installing them.

It can take between 30 minutes and an hour to install a roof rack, but some people find that it can take them longer to install the roof rack if they are not used to it.

If you are struggling to install the roof rack, you can always contact the manufacturer of your roof rack directly. They will be able to offer you advice when installing the roof rack.

Alternatively, you can take your roof racks to a garage or store that sells roof racks and see if they can advise you on ways to correctly install your roof rack.

Why Are Manufacturer Instructions So Important?

Instructions from manufacturers are important to follow as they are tailored to the specific roof racks that you have purchased.

There are lots of different roof racks on the market, so it is important to make sure that you follow the right instructions for your roof rack. Without the right instructions, your roof rack will not be installed correctly.

Following the instructions from the manufacturer will also help people to find the roof rack installation easier.

The instructions will include specific points for installing your roof rack, so people who have never installed roof racks before will feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that their roof racks are installed properly.

Dangers Of Not Having Your Roof Rack Installed Properly

If your roof rack is not installed properly, it can cause a lot of problems. If the roof rack is loose, it could come off the roof and injure someone.

It could also cause a crash if your roof rack damages someone else’s car, so it needs to be secure to avoid any dangerous situations.

If you have gear installed on the roof racks and it comes loose, it will not only damage your gear but could cause an accident. That is why it is incredibly important to make sure that your roof rack is attached correctly to avoid any dangerous situations.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is usually considered to be easy to install roof racks. The manufacturer of your roof racks will supply you with instructions to follow when you are installing your roof rack to make sure that it is secure and safe on your roof.

There are general instructions to follow when installing your roof rack, but they should never replace your manufacturer’s instructions as they are specific to the roof racks.

They can be followed as a checklist, but always follow your manufacturer’s instructions to make it easier to install the roof racks.

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