How Do You Use A Rhino Roof Rack?

How Do You Use A Rhino Roof Rack

If you have purchased a Rhino roof rack, you probably have this question – How do you use a Rhino Roof Rack?

The Rhino Roof Rack is designed to carry heavy loads over long distances. This means that you can easily transport large items such as skis or snowboards.

This article will show you how to install a Rhino Roof Rack on your vehicle.

Installing The Rhino Roof Rack

Stage 1: Setting Up

Start by removing all the accessories from the roof of your vehicle, including the spare tire carrier.

If you have an aftermarket accessory that attaches to the roof, remove it too.

Once your car is ready for the Rhino roof rack, you can start to get that ready, too.

Rhino roof racks will often come with some minor assembly required, like inserting rubber strips as buffers or simply fitting plastic end-pieces to the rails.

Simply follow the instructions provided by Rhino, and you’ll be all set!

Stage 2: Install The New Rhino Roof Rack

The first step in installing a Rhino Roof Rack is to measure the distance between the two points where you want to attach the roof rack.

These are usually at the front and rear bumpers.

Next, mark these spots with tape, so you know exactly where to drill holes for the mounting screws.

Drill out the holes using a 3/8″ bit. Make sure to keep the hole centered underneath the bumper.

Now, slide the roof rack onto the car and make sure that everything fits properly. The roof rack should be level when installed.

If not, adjust the height until it’s correct. Once the roof rack is correctly positioned, insert the mounting screws into the holes and tighten them down.

Stage 3: Attach Your Accessories

Once the Rhino Roof Rack is attached, you can now add your accessories back to the roof.

You can either use the factory-installed brackets (if they’re still there) or you can purchase additional brackets.

For example, if you plan on carrying skis, you’ll need ski racks. You can also buy ski carriers that fit inside the Rhino Roof Rack.

Advantages Of Rhino Roof Racks

If you’re thinking about picking up your own Rhino roof rack for your vehicle, these are some great features and benefits you should consider:

Lots Of Storage Space

One of the best things about Rhino roof racks is that they provide lots of storage space.

Of course, this is pretty much the main function of a roof rack, so it’s a great benefit to have.

Another thing that makes this roof rack really useful is that it allows you to carry larger items.

Most roof racks limit you to transporting lots of smaller objects. However, with the Rhino Roof Rack, it’s easy to carry large bags and equipment.


By this, we mean that the Rhino roof rack is versatile enough to fit on just about any type or size of road vehicle.

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a sedan, SUV, pickup truck, or van; the Rhino roof rack can handle almost anything.



This roof rack is built to last. It’s made from durable materials and has been designed to withstand the elements.

So, no matter how hard you abuse it, the Rhino roof rack will remain strong and sturdy.


As mentioned earlier, you can easily add extra accessories to the Rhino roof rack. These include ski racks, ski carriers, and even bike carriers.

However, one of the most important accessories you can add is a hitch receiver.

This way, you can connect your trailer directly to the Rhino roof rack without having to remove the roof.

Variety Of Designs And Styles

The Rhino roof rack comes in many styles and designs. There are plenty of options available, so you can pick the design that suits your needs.

Some models come with integrated lights while others don’t. Also, some models come with integrated antennas while others do not.

With all of these various options, you’re bound to find the perfect model for your needs.

Easy Installation

Finally, another advantage of the Rhino roof rack is its ease of installation.

All you have to do is follow this handy guide and the simple instructions that are set out in the manual provided by Rhino.

Disadvantages Of Rhino Roof Racks

Of course, no product is perfect and there are a few flaws with Rhino roof racks that have been pointed out by reviews from real customers:


Many people report leaks when using their Rhino roof racks.

The crucial thing about Rhino roof rack products is that they are classified as ‘water-resistant’ rather than ‘waterproof’.

Essentially, this means that the rack won’t prevent all water from getting through it, rather it will simply deflect some of it.

If you’re thinking about attaching one to the flatbed of a trailer, for example, this is something you should bear in mind.

Wind Noise

A lot of people complain about wind noise being produced by their Rhino roof racks.

This is because the roof rack is usually attached to the top of the car via a metal bar.

So, if the wind is blowing at a certain speed, then the wind will hit the roof rack first before hitting the car itself.

In other words, this creates a loud whistling sound which can be quite annoying.

Customer Service

One final point to consider is customer service. Many people say that Rhino isn’t always very helpful when it comes to resolving problems.

For example, if you need to contact them for support, it can take several days before someone responds.

However, this is definitely not a consistent issue and plenty of customers have also praised Rhino for the support they’ve given.


The Rhino Roof Rack has many advantages. It provides extra space for cargo while allowing you to carry heavier objects than before.

It’s easy to install and comes with detailed instructions. However, the Rhino Roof Rack does require more maintenance than other types of roof racks.

It’s important to clean the roof rack regularly to prevent rusting. Also, you may find that the Rhino Roof Rack doesn’t work well with certain vehicles.

If this happens, you might consider getting another type of roof rack instead.

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