A Beginner’s Camping Guide

Introduction Whenever you go camping or backpacking in the great outdoors, you need to be prepared. Here is our beginner’s guide to camping, where we’ll cover everything about the hobby in basic detail so new campers know where they stand. Below you’ll find an explanation of what camping is and how people started doing it. … Read more

What Kind Of Roof Rack Do I Need For A Paddleboard?

What Kind Of Roof Rack Do I Need For A Paddleboard

Paddleboarding has become very popular over the last few years. It is a form of surfing on calm water, with a paddle to steer you along. It’s known as a wonderful stress reliever, and a great workout too! If you want to take part in this sport, you’ll need some equipment. This includes a paddleboard, … Read more

Do Skis Fit In A Roof Box?

Do Skis Fit In A Roof Box

What happens when you put skis into a roof box? Does it damage them or does it affect their performance? Skiing has become a very popular sport over the years. The equipment has evolved from wooden boards to modern high-tech materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. Skiing is a great way to get fit … Read more

Ski Rack Vs Cargo Box

Ski Rack Vs Cargo Box

Ski rack and cargo box serve the same function but differ in their features. Ski racks cost anywhere from $70 to $350 and are designed to transport specific gear like skis and snowboards. They are small, lightweight, low profile, thus aerodynamic, allowing quiet drives. Because of a rack’s size, it fits nearly any vehicle with … Read more