The Best Roof Box for Surfing: A Guide to the Top Options

best roof box for surfing
Surfing is an awesome pastime, but to make it successful, you need to have the right gear – and that includes the best roof box for surfers. Whether you’re an occasional or regular surfer, having the correct roof box can make a huge difference in making your trips easier and more comfortable. But with so many options out there, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together this guide – to tell you all about the best roof boxes for surfers and help you make the right choice for your next big wave adventure. We’ll cover the features to look for, the best brands, and some FAQs, so you can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. So, let’s get started – let’s dive in and help you find the perfect roof box for your surfing needs!
Thule’s Force XT XXL roof box has been highly rated for its large capacity and secure design, making it an ideal choice for carrying a surfboard. The sturdy construction and integrated locks give you peace of mind that your board will be safe while on the move.

What is the Best Roof Box For Surfing?

When it comes to transporting boards, many surfers think of a roof box as the ideal solution. Roof boxes are hard-sided, water-resistant containers that mount directly to the roof of your car and provide secure storage while also keeping your car streamline and aerodynamic. But when it comes to choosing the best roof box for surfing, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best roof box for you will largely depend on the type of boards you’re transporting, the size of your car, and how frequently you use it.

Smaller roof boxes are great for short trips or for those who need to transport lightweight boards such as foamies. These models offer less space but tend to be more affordable, lighter weight, and easier to install and transport. They also do not impact gas mileage as much as larger models. However, they are less secure due to their smaller size.

Larger roof boxes may cost more but they generally offer better protection and more versatility. These models can accommodate bigger, heavier boards including neoprene-covered boards or multiple setups at once. They also provide significantly more storage space and are much more secure due to their size. However, they add more wind resistance which can affect fuel economy.

Knowing what type of board and setup you’re likely to be carrying is essential when trying to decide on the best roof box for surfing. It will help you determine the size of the box required and let you weigh up the pros and cons of each model before making a purchase decision.

To choose the best roof box for your specific needs, consider these factors in our next section about “Considerations for Choosing the Best Roof Box”.

  • A survey conducted in 2020 found that the Thule Motion XT XL Roof Box was rated as the most popular product among surfers due to its superior aerodynamics and capacity for up to five beach cruisers.
  • According to a 2019 report, roof boxes designed specifically for surfboards can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% compared to open roof racks.
  • Research from 2020 showed that the Yakima SkyBox Pro 18 is the best overall value in terms of size, capacity and performance, with a storage capacity of up to 18 cubic feet and compatibility with almost any vehicle.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Roof Box

best roof box for surfing

When it comes to choosing the best roof box for surfers, there are a few key considerations. It’s important for buyers to think about their specific needs, as well as their budget when deciding on which roof box is best for them.

Size: The first consideration is size. How much storage space does a buyer need? Does it need to fit multiple boards, or just one? Is the roof box going to be used mainly for travel, or will it be its own permanent fixture on the car? Figuring out what size of vehicle they have – sedan, hatchback, coupe, SUV – and how much room they can afford to give up in their car’s trunk (or how long they’re willing to wait until they can put the roof box on) can help narrow down the selection.

Durability: Secondly, considering how rugged and durable a roof box needs to be is imperative. Roof boxes need to withstand constant exposure to UV rays, wind, hail and rain if they’re outdoors all the time – plus whatever bumps and scrapes come with frequent car travel.

Security: Thirdly, for those who favor extra stability and security over added convenience and speed when it comes to securing their boards inside of the roof box There are several lesser-known but still crucial features that might prove helpful when buying a roof box – things like built-in locks and extra straps for additional reinforcement.

Accessibility: Finally and most importantly, accessibility is key – buyers should make sure that opening a roof box and loading/unloading items isn’t an unduly difficult process for them every time. It’s worth looking into some of the best models on the market that offer easy access without compromising on durability or security.

Overall, picking out the right roof box means taking into account all of these important considerations before making a purchase decision so that users get the most out of their investment. Now let’s move onto discussing car roof rack capacity – the next section in this guide.

Top Takeaways

When it comes to selecting the right roof box for surfers, size, durability, security, and accessibility are essential considerations. Buyers should determine their storage needs and budget as well as the size of their car, how durable the box needs to be, and if extra security and reinforcement are necessary. Making sure that loading and unloading items is a straightforward process is also important. Taking all of these factors into account will ensure that buyers get the most out of their purchase.

Car Roof Rack Capacity

When choosing the best roof box for your needs, it’s important to consider the weight capacity of your car’s roof rack before making any purchases. The weight of a roof box may not be the only factor that determines whether or not it will fit on your car, but it is important to make sure that what you buy does not exceed the carrying capacity of your car’s roof rack.

For safety reasons, a car’s roof rack should not be overloaded, so always make sure to check your vehicle’s manual for the maximum weight specifications. This maximum should include the total weight of the box and all items placed inside it, as well as any accessories mounted to the box such as bike carriers, snow chains, etc. It is also recommended that you keep an eye on how much weight is shifted toward the front and back when loading items into a roof box, since this too can affect its stability.

In addition to checking the weight specifications of both your car and the roof box itself, you may also want to consider factors such as size and wind resistance when selecting a roof box. While bigger boxes may seem ideal in terms of storage capacity, they can often add more wind resistance to your vehicle which can increase fuel costs over time. So while size might not necessarily be a determining factor for everyone’s needs, it is something to keep in mind when deciding which roof box is right for you.

Overall, it is important to ensure that whatever roof box you decide on falls within both your budget and the carrying capacity of your car’s roof rack. With this knowledge in hand, you can move on to considering size when selecting the best roof box for surfers in your next step.


Size is a critical factor to consider when selecting the best roof box for surfers. A roof box should be large enough to fit all of the necessary boards and related equipment; however, there can be some trade-offs if the size is too large. The larger the roof box, the more drag it will cause as air resistance increases. This can affect gas mileage and overall vehicle performance. It is also important to make sure that the roof box won’t interfere with any existing components located on top of a vehicle, such as bike racks or solar panels. Additionally, it is essential to verify that any mounted items do not exceed the maximum load rating of your vehicle’s roof.

For those who don’t drive a very large car or SUV, they may find that even average-sized boxes can take up too much room on top of their vehicle, along with leaving no space for mounting other items such as bike racks or solar panels. On the other hand, smaller boxes may not fit all of the necessary equipment, resulting in multiple trips unloading and reloading content.

Once size requirements have been determined, design/model becomes an important factor for choosing the best roof box for surfers.


When evaluating the best roof box for surfers, design and model should be taken into consideration. On one hand, a sleek and more aerodynamic design is superior for reducing drag and wind noise when driving at high speeds on highways. Models with curved ends can also provide improved fuel efficiency and reduce excess weight. On the other hand, square or rectangular designs with large mounting brackets offer maximum cargo space without overhanging the vehicle. Also, these models are easier to install since they are designed to fit most vehicles’ roof racks.

No matter which design is chosen, the construction materials used to create the roof box should also be taken into account. Some models may be made from lighter materials but suffer from lower quality construction. Conversely, higher quality models are constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand the abuse of travel and outdoor activities.

Traditionally, the design of a surf-specific roof box has been left up to the user’s discretion. However, modern designs by some leading brands have included features specifically tailored towards surfers’ needs such as easier accessibility to equipment or built-in straps designed to hold multiple board sizes in place. These features can make finding the right fit much easier than before.

In conclusion, it is important to take into account both sides of the argument when assessing design/model choices for a surf-specific roof box. The next section will cover various features found in today’s most popular roof boxes – details that may prove useful in making an informed purchase decision.

Roof Box Features

The roof box is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a surfer because it allows them to transport their bulky boards safely and securely. Fortunately, there is an abundance of roof box features that should be considered before making a purchase.

Those looking for a roof box that provides ample space for multiple boards should consider boxes with large capacities—larger than 365 liters. This will allow for the surfers to bring multiple boards when carpooling with friends or family members. The capacity of the box can also impact the weight limits, so making sure this limit suits the size of your board setup is essential. Additionally, some boxes offer extendable sides which allow for more storage if needed while keeping the same capacity.

When it comes to easy access, quick loading, and security, look out for side doors that open wide and lock up tight. If it’s a hassle to attach and take off the roof box, then look into mounting options that make things simpler by using safety locks, straps or quick release buckles. Some boxes also come with anti-theft door locks so you don’t have to worry about your gear being stolen. The lighter the material used in construction, the easier and faster loading time can be too.

Finally, waterproof materials and efficient aerodynamics are key components when considering a roof box. Look out for tear-resistant vinyls and covers that resist heat and UV rays as well as integrated drainage systems that keep water out of the storage space. Aerodynamics are beneficial in order to reduce drag while driving in high winds and on highways; reducing any potential wind noise would be ideal as well.

Overall, there are several aspects to consider when evaluating roof boxes to determine which one is right for you. Quality and durability are two important topics to think about when selecting a good roof box option, which will be discussed further in the following section.

Quality and Durability

When it comes to buying a roof box, quality and durability are essential factors to consider. When you’re investing in something that you plan to use repeatedly, you want to make sure it will last for years to come.

Roof boxes come in various materials and can vary greatly in terms of build quality. Generally, they are made of either plastic or metal; however, within each category there is an additional range of different grades and types of material. Plastic roof boxes tend to be less expensive but don’t always offer the same durability as metal options. On the other hand, metal roof boxes tend to be more robust and better suited for long-term use. They are also lighter than plastic boxes, allowing for easier installation and removal when needed.

When thinking about durability, pay close attention to the warranty that comes with your particular roof box. This can be an indication of how long the manufacturer believes their product should last before becoming worn out or broken down. Additionally, always read reviews carefully if looking into a pre-owned box—third-party feedback can be very helpful in determining the quality and condition of the box prior to making a purchase.

Considering both sides of the argument helps make sure that you get a quality roof box that will last years and withstand any harsh conditions encountered on the journey. Taking all these factors into consideration should give you confidence when shopping for your perfect surfboard storage solution.

Now that we’ve discussed quality and durability, let’s move on to waterproofing/air vents—two important elements required in order for your roof box to keep its contents dry and secure when traveling on the water.

Waterproofing/Air Vents

When it comes to a roof box, waterproofing and air vents are important considerations. A dry interior is essential for keeping stored items in good condition, however, many boxes also are lacking in good ventilation – which means they could become stuffy and uncomfortable during long car rides.

Fully waterproof roof boxes with tight seals are harder to come by, but there are some on the market that offer cooling air vents installed into the top of the box. This helps with airflow and keeps the box from becoming stuffy while providing the necessary protection that waterproofing provides. Other waterproof options have tightly sealed lids or zippers that help keep moisture and dust out of the interior space.

Although air vents are a great way to keep the box from becoming too warm inside, they can also let in rain and dust if not properly sealed. Additionally, these types of roof boxes sometimes lack secure fit attachments on their sides or tail-end that helps to ensure that cargo does not shift during transportation. These attributes should be considered before buying a roof box just based on its waterproof capabilities.

Luckily, there are numerous combinations of both waterproofing and air vent features available on modern roof boxes so buyers can choose what best fits their needs as a surfer. The next section will discuss secure fit and retention features that should be taken into account when purchasing a rooftop box for one’s adventure activities.

Secure Fit and Retention

Secure fit and retention is an essential factor to consider when selecting the best roof box for surfers. A secure fit and strong retention system help ensure that your roof box is securely attached to the roof of your vehicle and won’t get dislodged while driving along winding roads.

When installing a roof box, it’s important to make sure that it clicks into place, so there is no tilt or movement in any direction. To achieve this, many manufacturers offer additional tools such as brackets or shocks, which can support and secure the box to the car roof even further. Not all roof boxes are compatible with every vehicle, so please be sure to check with the manufacturer or retailer if you have questions about compatibility.

The retention system of a roof box refers to how long it will remain attached to your vehicle roof during use. For example, how does the locking mechanism work? What type of locks are included or available? Is the system adjustable so you can tighten the straps over time? Does the system offer any protection against theft? These are important questions to answer when selecting the right roof box option.

Finally, exercising care when loading and unloading your equipment from the roof box is also essential. It’s wise to spread heavier items out evenly within your box as practical and overloading should be avoided altogether where possible. Bracing items inside with foams can also improve stability.

With careful attention paid towards secure fit and retention, surfers can benefit from improved safety, increased convenience, peace of mind and better performances on the waves!

The next section will discuss additional considerations such as features specific to surfers’ needs, form factor and cost.

Additional Considerations

best roof box for surfing

When selecting a roof box for surfing, there are several additional considerations.

First, durability is an important factor. The ideal box should be made of lightweight yet resilient materials that can withstand the elements and regular exposure to saltwater. It should also have strong hinges and secure locking mechanisms to ensure your gear is safely stored.

Second, consider factors like size and capacity. Roof boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it’s important to measure your vehicle before choosing one. You should also take into consideration the total weight capacity of the roof box vs what you plan to store inside. This is particularly important if you plan to haul multiple surfboards at once.

Some roof boxes will include additional features such as storage compartments or waterproofing for added convenience, so be sure to consider these options if desired. They often come at a premium price point, but may prove invaluable if you encounter inclement weather while on the road.

Finally, ease of installation (and removal) is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a roof box for surfing. Be sure to select one that comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and clear instructions on how to attach it properly to your vehicle’s roof rack.

As with all purchases, it’s important that you compare different models and weigh their pros and cons before making a final decision. Doing this will help guarantee that you choose the best roof box for your needs and budget.

The next section will focus on interior organization, which will become increasingly important as you start to fill up the space inside your roof box with gear.

Interior Organization

When selecting a roof box for your surf trips, interior organization should be taken into consideration. While there are many box options on the market to choose from, the ideal choice should include practical storage solutions and innovative design to fit all of your belongings.

Those looking for maximum space should opt for larger capacity boxes. These can fit a full set of boards with extra space to store wetsuits and other items. In addition, some boxes come with integrated separators that help minimize movement of your cargo while driving, making it even easier to organize items inside the box. Multi-level trays and compartments can also maximize the amount of usable interior space and keep items organized.

On the other hand, those who only need a small amount of storage can still take advantage of useful organizational features like dividers, loops and straps to keep things together as needed. Even smaller boxes come with more than enough features for organizing all board related gear, ensuring every inch of usable space is maximized creating an efficient packing system.

No matter what size you end up choosing, make sure your selected box has plenty of interior organization options that meet all the needs of your surfing lifestyle. With these features in place, you will ensure everything in the roof box is secure, providing you with peace-of-mind on your journey.

With complete interior organization accounted for, the next step involves looking at accessories that can further enhance your driving experience.


Accessories can be an integral part of the roof box experience, and are important to consider when choosing the right option for you. Purchasing the proper accessories will ensure that you get the most out of your roof box and protect it from any potential damage while also giving you greater convenience and ease of use.

When deciding which accessories to purchase, there are several items that surfers should consider. The first is a set of quality straps or ropes to secure your gear inside the box so that it won’t shift around during transit. Additionally, investing in a lockable lid will provide extra security for all your belongings in case you forget to close up the box after arriving at your destination. Finally, purchasing a waterproof cover or tarpaulin can help keep your gear dry and free from any dirt or debris during transport or storage.

The counterargument, however, is that none of these accessories are essential and can be done without in a pinch. In fact, some argue that additional items may increase the overall weight of the roof box and take away from its performance and convenience. Nonetheless, most experienced surfers agree that investing in proper accessories is essential for making the most out of their roof boxes and keeping their belongings safe and secure.

Leading into the next section about “Top Rated Roof Boxes For Surfing”, here’s a breakdown of some of our favorite selections based on quality, value, performance, and convenience.

Top Rated Roof Boxes For Surfing

When it comes to finding the best roof box for surfers, the choices can seem daunting. From the most secure and space-saving options to ones with the most features and cargo capacity, there’s something for every surfer’s needs. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top rated roof boxes currently available on the market.

Thule Motion XT XL: The Thule Motion XT XL is a great option for surfers that are looking for security as well as huge cargo capacity. The box is equipped with a convenient slam latching system and power-click tightening that makes loading and unloading a breeze. On top of that, the Motion XT XL offers a whopping 18 cubic feet of storage without sacrificing its aerodynamic design. Thanks to its low profile build and sleek lines, this box is sure to fit perfectly on any type of car roof.

Yakima RocketBox Pro: The Yakima RocketBox Pro is an ideal choice for those who prioritize convenience and ease-of-use more than anything else. This mid-sized 15 cubic feet box has plenty of room to store all your surfing gear while still maintaining a slim profile along your car’s roof. The RocketBox even has integrated SKS locks that protect your belongings from theft or harsh weather conditions – perfect if you plan on taking long trips into unknown areas!

Rhino Rack MasterFit Roof Box: If you’re looking for a dependable yet stylish option, then look no further than the Rhino Rack MasterFit Roof Box. This spacious 600 litre box gives you more than enough room to store your surfboards, boardshorts and even wetsuits with ease. Plus, with its easy mounting system, you’ll be able to install it onto almost any type of vehicle without needing extra tools or additional hardware!

Overall, when it comes to selecting a quality rooftop carrier for your surfing needs, each surfer will have different requirements depending on their lifestyle and budget preferences. However, by taking into consideration factors such as security, size, weight and other features – you can make an informed decision as to which one will be best suited for your surfing needs!

Common Questions Answered

What features should I consider when looking for a roof box for surfing?

When shopping for a roof box for surfing, there are some key features that you should consider. First, you want to make sure the box is large enough to fit your surfboard and any other equipment needed. You should also check the weatherproof rating of the box to ensure it can protect your board from the elements. Additionally, checking the weight capacity of the box is important to ensure it doesn’t add too much extra weight on top of your car. Finally, ease of installation and security locks are things worth researching if you don’t have a lot of experience with putting together roof boxes.

Are there any cautions or safety issues to be aware of when using a roof box for surfing?

When using a roof box for surfing, it’s important to take certain cautions and safety measures into account. First, always make sure the weight capacity of your roof box is appropriate for the gear you’re packing. Adding too much weight can put too much strain on your vehicle as well as your roof rack system. Second, make sure you properly secure the box onto your roof rack with straps or other secure fasteners. This will help ensure your roof box remains firmly attached to your roof during transit and during use. Additionally, be sure to check all fasteners of the box before each use, as screws or bolts may become loose from regular wear and tear over time. Finally, it’s important to always unload and reload any gear from the roof box at ground level when possible. It’s safest to do this due to increased risk of injury when getting on top of or off of moving vehicles.

What are some of the more popular roof boxes for surfing?

The RoofBox Company 440L Mega Van Premium Roof Box is one of the more popular roof boxes for surfing. This box is designed with gull wing lid construction, making it easier to access your gear. It also features corrosion-resistant hardware and secure locks for added safety. Additionally, this box has an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag and whistling noise while on the road.

Another popular choice among surfers is the SportRack Horizon Cargo Box. This box uses high-grade materials and features a large capacity, making it ideal for carrying larger items like multiple surfboards or body boards. It also has a dual-side opening design that makes it easy to load and unload your equipment without having to move things around inside the box. The SportRack also has an attractive matte black finish and integrated crossbars that reduce wind resistance when in use.

Finally, Thule Pulse Cargo Boxes are also a popular option among surfers. These boxes feature aerodynamics design and sturdiness, as well as a diamond textured lid and base which adds to the sleek look. Its quick release mounting system makes installation fast and simple, while its internal loops allow you to securely tie down your boards with straps or bungees ensuring they stay in place during transport. Plus, its four drain plugs keep water from collecting inside the cargo box.

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