How Much Weight Can a Roof Box Hold?

How Much Weight Can a Roof Box Hold

So, just how much weight can a roof box hold? If you’re looking for the perfect rooftop cargo carrier, it’s good to research them first so you get the best one for your needs. Most carriers are made to fit any type of vehicle that you might own, including sedans, minivans, SUVs, and even pickup … Read more

7 Ways to Protect Your Roof Box – Tips and Tricks for 2024

Seven Simple Ways to Protect Your Roof Box

Let’s learn how to properly protect your roof box. Rooftop carriers are perfect when you’re planning a road trip and need extra space for suitcases, gear, and anything else you need to be stored until you get to your destination. But if you’re planning to purchase a rooftop carrier, you should first become familiar with … Read more

A Complete Guide To Traveling With Dogs

Introduction Traveling is a breathtaking, eye-opening experience. Getting the chance to see new places and experience new cultures is essential in life. But there’s something else that’s arguably more important – our pets. You’ve probably heard people telling you before that it’s not possible to travel with your furkids. We’re here to tell you that … Read more

What Are Car Roof Boxes Used For?

If you have trouble fitting your family into the car once your gear is loaded, you may need to free up some interior space in your vehicle. Rooftop cargo boxes solve this problem, and you may be surprised at how much gear they can hold. So, what are car roof boxes used for? Camping Equipment … Read more