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Car Boot Dog Leads

A car boot lead for dogs is essentially a specialized type of leash that holds your dog in the car so that it won’t jump out and endanger itself whenever you make a stop and the car door opens. 

Car boot dog leads come in many different designs and sizes, but most of them are adjustable and double-sided, so there is some type of buckle on both ends – one to attach to the dog and one to attach to the car itself.

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The car boot – or the back section of the car – is usually the safest place to keep your dog if you’re out driving around and taking in the scenery. But just because your dog is in the back doesn’t mean it can’t jump out of the vehicle whenever you stop, which is why these dog leads are so invaluable. 

The car boot dog leads are made out of high-quality material and built to last, and if you’re curious about which ones are currently available, below is a list of some of them.

1. Mighty Paw Dog Leash Set

This car boot dog lead is made to meet or exceed all dog safety standards, which means you can trust it to keep your dog safe at all times. 

The metal parts are solid in design and the belt itself is made out of the same sturdy material that human seat belts are made of, so you know it will keep your dog secure throughout the entire ride. 

The leash also extends from 16” to 26” for the ultimate in comfort, and the specially made swivel attachment prevents it from getting tangled up should your dog decide he wants to be a little more active while you drive. 

Made for dogs of most sizes, it allows them to stand, sit, and lie down comfortably without the lead becoming too tight or causing them discomfort.

2. Kurgo Direct to Seat Belt Tether for Dogs

Sold for under $14, these car boot dog leads are adjustable, super-easy to install, and come with the option of a swivel clip so that they never get tangled up while your dog is in the car. 

They can extend from 15” to 22” to keep most dogs both comfortable and secure, and they allow for a much wider range of motion than do many other brands of dog seat belts.

Inexpensive and well-made, this doggie seat belt gives you great piece of mind because you can drive around for long periods of time without worrying about your dog’s safety or comfort. The Kurgo brand offers four different types of seat belts for dogs – swivel clip, carabiner clip, zipline, and tether – which means you can easily choose the one that’s right for you and your beloved dog.

3. UNIPETTY Dog Leash/Seat Belt

This seat belt for dogs comes in a two-pack package for the family that has more than one furry family member in the home. Made out of thick nylon straps and solid-metal buckles, the seat belt even has a heavy-duty latch clip that makes installing and uninstalling the seat belt a piece of cake.

Regardless of your dog’s breed or size, the seat belt’s adjustable strap will keep your dog comfortable the entire time it’s in the car.

Best of all, the Bungee-like material it’s made of is great for dogs who love to move around a lot while in the car, and it fits most sizes of dogs, including small dogs and puppies. Adjustable from 21” to 30”, it is guaranteed to keep your dog comfortable regardless of how long the drive is or how active your dog is during that time.

4. SlowTon Dog Harness Plus Connector Strap

SlowTon Dog Car HarnessThese sets aren’t just well-made car boot dog leads, but leads that come with a harness to fit dogs of any size or breed. 

The harness is available in six different sizes and more than a dozen different colors, and the leash itself is adjustable and made out of high-quality nylon to keep your dog both secure and comfortable during the entire length of the car ride.

Easy to use and designed to accommodate both dogs and cats, the SlowTon leash/harness set is reasonably priced and keeps your pets secure but never uncomfortable. 

Regardless of your dog’s size, breed, or temperament, you want it safe while riding in the back of your vehicle, and this set is just what you need to make that happen. Made for both comfort and longevity, this is likely the last leash/harness set you’ll ever have to purchase.

5. Mogoko Chew-Proof Dog Seat Belt

Made out of stainless-steel rope that is covered in a heavy-duty plastic, the Mogoko seat belt for dogs is tough enough so dogs can’t chew through it, and it comes in sizes that range from 16” to 40” so that all dogs are accommodated. 

Because it has a tested tensile strength of 200 lbs., it allows your dog to be quite active while it’s in the backseat of your vehicle without becoming too tight or uncomfortable.

It is also a versatile seat belt that can be used outside of your vehicle, and it fits dogs of most sizes and breeds. If you love to take your dog for a drive around town, you need this doggie seat belt because it is the best thing to protect your dog from too much movement or from it trying to jump out of the vehicle whenever you stop.

6. Fashion&cool Dog Seat Belt

Not all car boot dog leads are alike, and the one made by Fashion&cool is not only sturdy, but also adjustable from 20” to 33”, which means it can keep dogs of most sizes and breeds safe and comfortable while you’re taking that next drive around town. 

Made out of high-quality nylon fabric, this doggie seat belt can be purchased separately or as a set of two. If you love taking drives with your dog, you have to make sure it is safe and comfortable the entire time, and the right leash made specifically for your car is definitely a step in the right direction. 

These leads keep the dog both secure and comfortable, and the fact that they’re adjustable means they are appropriate for nearly any type of dog you have.

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