Menabo Diamond 450 Review

Menabo Diamond 450 roof box

 Menabo Diamond 450 roof boxThe Menabo Diamond 450 Roof Box is the smallest of MENABO roof boxes. Even so, it is still spacious enough to fit all the necessary gear and equipment a small family would require for an expedition.

Built with utmost elegance and top-notch quality, it is one of the best in its category of roof boxes. Read on to find out more about this incredible roof box in terms of its features, installation process, upsides, and downsides.

  • One of the top Cargo boxes available due to its safety and quality of materials. Compatible with all roof carriers.
  • Mounts safely and quickly to roof bar slots with standard 20 mm t-system screws or an universal fitting system is available.
  • Max load of 165 lbs. Or 75 kg
  • Duo means the box can open from both sides
  • Capacity of 450 liters/120 gallons/15. 9 cubic feet

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Key Features

  • Durable- made from a sturdy, waterproof ABS material that is UV-resistant.
  • Lightweight- makes it easy to mount onto roof bars; fits into roofs with standard 20mm t-system screws or a universal mounting system.
  • Dual opening system- this feature is highly convenient when loading and unloading cargo as you can access it from any side.
  • Excellent aerodynamics- features a sleek, tapered design to minimize air resistance and, consequently, fuel consumption.
  • Anti-theft two-point locking system for additional security.
  • Universal fit- it is suitable for most factory rack systems.
What we like What we don’t like
Made with strong and sturdy ABS plastic material It is smaller than most cargo boxes
Very convenient due to dual opening system The clamps are slightly flimsy
Very affordable
It is lightweight


As aforementioned, the MENABO Diamond 450 is the smallest of the MENABO roof boxes. It measures 64.25 x 35.75 x 14.6 inches and weighs 45.7 pounds.

At this size, the box will perfectly fit on the roof of your car and leave some space for extra luggage. Also, its relatively small weight will not affect the car’s mobility.

Carrying Capacity

At its size, this box can accommodate up to 165 pounds of luggage. It can ferry one medium-sized suitcase and a couple of smaller bags to put this in perspective. Thus, the box is good for a short trip that does not require you to carry a lot of items.


This roof box is built with an elegant and aerodynamic design. It is sleek and tapered to minimize air resistance as the car moves, enabling your vehicle to maneuver smoothly even at high speed. What’s more, it enhances the overall appearance of your car, giving it a classy look.

Being a lightweight product, it is very fuel-efficient, so the gas mileage loss is kept at a minimum. Besides conserving gas, the weight of the box ensures that there is minimum interference with the vehicle’s center of gravity.


This model is specially designed to be compatible with most factory roof rack systems. Also, it mounts easily and fast to roof bar slots that have standard 20 mm T-system screws or those with a universal fitting system.

Additionally, the roof box requires minimum hatch clearance. Hatch clearance is the level distance between the front crossbar and the closest part of the trunk, where the roof meets the hatch. To find out whether this product is compatible with your car, measure this distance and compare it against the product’s length.

With a length of about 65 inches, this medium-sized roof box does fit well over most vehicles without overhanging. It is, therefore, suitable for all sorts of vehicles ranging from SUVs and station wagons to hatchbacks and sedans.


The cargo box is made of high-density ABS material. This amorphous plastic material has very good chemical and stress resistance. Thus, it boasts superior strength and sturdiness, rendering the product durable.

Furthermore, the material is UV-resistant, ensuring the product retains its sleek and glossy finish even with prolonged use. An additional advantage of this is the ease with which this material retains paints and glue, even after being exposed to the scorching sun.

Being an affordable material to both produce and maintain, this ensures that the pricing point of this roof box model is friendly to most consumers.


Your products will be safe and secure in this box as it comes with two locking points, each of which has a key. It also has a security system with a patented double-snap closure. So, you can be sure that no unauthorized person will be able to access your items as you travel.

Moreover, the box is made with a strong, sturdy, high-resistance material to protect your items from external elements. Therefore, you will not need to fret when it is raining heavily or scorching hot. Your items will still be as good as when you packed them.

How to Install the MENABO Diamond 450 roof box

At only 45.7 pounds, one person can comfortably carry this box and mount it on a car. Its installation involves using supplied t-screws which make the process conveniently fast and easy. The screws securely lock the roof box onto the roof bars, ensuring a high level of stability during transit.

To mount this box on a roof rack, start by positioning the box onto the roof rack. Then open the lid and insert the supplied clamps into the openings at the four corners. With the box lying squarely on the rack, tighten the clamps so their fixations clamp onto the roof racks.

Furthermore, when mounting, it is important to ensure that the roof box is positioned at the center of the roof rack and towards the rear end of the vehicle. This maintains the aerodynamics of both the box and the vehicle. Slight changes in this arrangement would distort its aerodynamic features and cause a lot of drag and wind noise.

When unmounting the box, you have to loosen these clamps so the fixations release their grip onto the roof racks. After that, remove the clamps from the openings at the corners. At this point, you can lift the box from the roof rack.

Upsides of the MENABO Diamond 450 Roof Box

This box has features that make it stand out in the market. Some of the upsides of the MENABO Diamond 450 roof box include the following:

Outstanding Quality: The box is made with strong and sturdy ABS plastic material. The material has high resistance and can endure the harshest external conditional, prolonging its life term. Thus, you are assured of durability with this product, which makes it a wise financial investment in the long run.

Ease of use: You do not require a course in mechanical engineering to be able to use this product. For one, it is lightweight enough to be carried by one person. Secondly, its installation process is easy and fast.
Only, you have to ensure that you follow all the instructions to the letter and your roof box should be up within minutes. Also, it is noteworthy that the box is compatible with most roof rack systems, so you seldom have to make any adjustments for it to fit.

Convenience: Menabo Diamond boxes feature a dual opening system. They can be opened from either side to ease access to the cargo. This enables you to load or unload luggage even while on the go. When on the roadside, you should open the box on the side of the car facing away from oncoming traffic for your own safety.

Affordability: As the smallest box in the MENABO roof box series, the 450L is also the cheapest. Most motorists can afford it without needing to dig too deep into their pockets. For its price, it offers such great value, so you can be sure that you would be making a great financial decision purchasing this roof box.

What are the Downsides of the MENABO Diamond 450 Roof Box?

Even though it has many a great feature, this product presents shortcomings, albeit few. The disadvantages of this box include the following:

Size: At its size, this roof box can only accommodate up to 165 pounds of luggage. This, as we have established above in this article, is the equivalent of one medium suitcase and a few smaller bags. Therefore, you cannot depend on this box to carry all the luggage if you are going on a long trip, or there are many of you traveling.

Flimsy clamps: The clamps are slightly flimsy and may break if not handled carefully. The clamps may not fit a car’s factory racks in other scenarios. In this case, you would have to purchase new clamps or DIY some that are compatible with your rack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Menabo Diamond Roof Box Need Roof Bars?

Yes. A set of roof bars is necessary if you are to fit any roof box. These should run along the length of the vehicle, with a second pair running across the rooftop from side to side. It is onto these that the box is clamped to ensure its stability.

Can I Use a Bike Rack and The MENABO Diamond 450 Roof Box At The Same Time?

The Menabo Diamond 450 model has a width of about 36 inches. As such, it is quite wide and fills up almost the whole rooftop space. Therefore, it may not be used alongside a bike rack due to space limitations. Consequently, in the event that you need to carry a bike, you may have to fit the bike rack at the back of the car.

How High Above the Car Does the MENABO Diamond 450 Roof Box Stand?

This model stands at a height of about 15 inches. This is a little over 1 foot which is not a consequential addition to the car’s standard height. This means that you can still pull into underground parking with ease though it would be wise to always check the height restrictions in such areas.

Is The MENABO Diamond 450 Model Waterproof?

Although they do keep your cargo dry, most roof boxes are not completely waterproof. On the other hand, this model is completely waterproof. This is because it is made up of ABS material which has excellent waterproofing capabilities even after using it for a long while.

In Conclusion

The MENABO Diamond 450 roof box is an excellent choice for various reasons. For one, it is of outstanding quality as it is made with sturdy and durable ABS material. Along with a full-proof locking system, this material keeps your items safe as you travel. Furthermore, it is bound to serve you for the entirety of its lifetime.

Besides its outstanding quality, this roof box is convenient, easy to use, and affordable. It has a dual-opening system that will enable you to access items from either side of the box. While it has great features, the box has two major disadvantages: it is relatively small and has flimsy clamps. Even so, the pros outweigh the cons by far.

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