Can a Roof Cargo Box Overhang?

Roof cargo boxes are an incredibly popular item that can help you carry more luggage with you on a trip. People make use of these roof cargo boxes for many different things. It can help those who are going on a camping trip to transport the proper supplies. 

It will also work nicely to allow you to take more luggage on a trip when you do not have enough space in the car.

Can a roof cargo box overhang? 

Yes, a little overhang is fine however you’ll want to make sure that your Roof Cargo Box doesn’t overhang too much. Generally you’ll want to avoid any overhang at the rear as it could get in the way of opening your trunk. Just make sure your roof box is a suitable size for your vehicle and that it’s secure and you should be fine.

Take a look at all of the information that you can before purchasing your new roof cargo box, as it will ensure that you have the optimal experience moving forward.

If you have been wondering, “can a roof cargo box overhang?” then you should set your mind at ease. The first thing that you should note is that having a little bit of overhang is going to be fine. 

You should try to keep things within reason, though. Too much overhang can create some stability issues while you are driving down the road. You want to be able to get to where you are going without any incidents, so it makes sense to be careful about how the roof cargo box is sitting.

Can a Roof Cargo Box OverhangMost models of roof cargo boxes will have a little bit of overhang. This is going to be a normal situation that should not concern you too much. 

Just make sure that everything fits right and that it seems stable while you are driving. It may even be worth doing a test drive around your neighborhood to ensure that everything is good to go.

Rear Overhang Should Be Avoided in Some Situations

You know that a little bit of overhang is fine, but you should also think twice about rear overhang. In some situations, a bit of rear overhang is going to be perfectly acceptable. The problem is that many of the vehicles that people use with these roof cargo boxes have rear hatches of some kind. 

If your roof cargo box has any type of rear overhang, then this can obstruct the rear hatch and will prevent you from easily being able to open things up. This is why it is always going to be recommended to situate the roof cargo box toward the front of your vehicle, rather than the rear. 

Of course, your situation may be different depending on your type of vehicle. If you are using a vehicle without a rear hatch, then a little bit of rear overhang is not going to be bad. Just follow the normal common sense rules of determining stability and making sure that the roof cargo box is of an appropriate size for your car.

Always Buy the Appropriate Size for Your Roof Racks & Boxes

The size of your roof cargo box is really going to matter, so you have to pay attention to this. If you want your trip to go as easily as it possibly can, then you should buy a cargo box that will work for you. 

If your roof racks are too small and you try to buy the largest roof cargo box on the market, then you are going to have a bad time. This is going to be an accident waiting to happen and you should do your best to avoid it.

You have to keep things within reason when you are using a roof cargo box. If you have smaller roof rack rails, then it is best to stick to a modest roof cargo box. You can, sometimes, use a larger box than usual, but you will want to prepare things properly ahead of time. 

Do not buy a roof cargo box that is way too big for your vehicle if you want to have a good experience while out on the road. It will simply give you headaches and you will wind up regretting the experience.

Be sure to take a look at our Roof Box size guide.

Make Sure Everything Is Stable Before Your Trip

Can a Roof Cargo Box OverhangStability is very important for your roof cargo box. If the cargo box is not stable, then it will run the risk of falling off or causing other types of problems. 

This would be a huge fiasco if it were to occur while you were driving down the road, so it should be avoided at all costs. You want to take the extra time to ensure that your roof cargo box is completely stable.

As long as you use the right size cargo box for your vehicle, everything should be fine. If you want to use a wider roof cargo box, then you will want to ensure that you are using a wide spread bar. It can help to provide that extra stability that you need so that everything will work out nicely. 

Take your time to test the overall stability of your roof cargo box ahead of your trip. This will give you the confidence that you need and you will have the most pleasant drive possible to wherever your destination happens to be.


As long as you make proper use of the advice above, you will have a good experience with your roof cargo box. Can a roof cargo box overhang? It certainly can, as long as you make sure that you take the proper precautions. It is going to be good to make sure that you buy a roof cargo box that is the right size for your vehicle, and other factors need to be considered as well.

If you do plan on using a larger box with a bit more overhang than usual, then it is smart to use a wider bar spread. You just want to ensure that everything is as stable as possible so that you will not run into any problems while on the road. 

As long as you are mindful of what you are doing, it should turn out fine. You will have a smooth time while you are driving and your new roof cargo box will simply make your trip more convenient.

FAQ: Can a Roof Cargo Box Overhang?

How should I distribute weight within the roof cargo box to prevent overhang-related issues?
It’s essential to evenly distribute weight within the cargo box, placing heavier items towards the center and lighter items towards the edges. This helps maintain stability and prevents overhang-related problems such as vehicle sway or damage.

Are there any legal regulations or restrictions regarding roof cargo box overhang?
Yes, regulations regarding roof cargo box overhang may vary by region or country. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with local transportation laws, including maximum overhang allowances enforced by authorities to ensure compliance.

How does overhanging cargo affect vehicle handling and aerodynamics?
Overhanging cargo can disrupt the vehicle’s aerodynamics, increasing air resistance and potentially affecting handling, especially at higher speeds or in adverse weather conditions. Properly securing cargo within the cargo box helps mitigate these effects.

Will overhanging cargo impact my vehicle’s gas mileage?
Yes, overhanging cargo can lead to decreased fuel efficiency due to increased air resistance. Ensuring a properly fitted cargo box reduces drag and minimizes the impact on gas mileage during travel.

What clearance considerations should I keep in mind with an overhanging cargo box?
Maintaining adequate clearance between the cargo box and obstacles such as garage doors, low-hanging branches, or overhead structures is crucial to avoid damage to both the vehicle and belongings.

Are there any long-term effects on the vehicle from using an overhanging cargo box?
Repeated use of an overhanging cargo box may lead to wear and tear on the vehicle’s roof or structural integrity issues over time. Choosing an appropriately sized cargo box helps minimize these risks.

How does a properly fitting cargo box provide better weather protection compared to one with significant overhang?
A properly fitting cargo box offers better protection against weather elements such as rain, snow, or sunlight, ensuring belongings remain dry and undamaged during travel.

What are some alternative solutions for transporting oversized items if overhanging cargo isn’t feasible?
Alternative solutions include using a trailer hitch-mounted cargo carrier or renting a larger vehicle when needed. These options provide safer and more practical alternatives for transporting oversized items without risking overhang-related issues.

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