Are Roof Boxes Waterproof? Why Choosing the Right Box Is Important

Are Roof Boxes Waterproof

Having a roof box on the top of your car or truck adds extra room to your vehicle and offers a variety of designs, sizes, and materials to choose from. Some people like the soft materials, while others prefer a hard, shell-like case, but whichever one you choose, you are guaranteed to get something that can help you carry a variety of items to your next hiking or fishing trip.


In addition to various types of roof boxes, you can also choose boxes that are waterproof, which serves an important purpose if you’re headed out to a skiing or snowboarding trip.

If it starts to rain or snow, you don’t have to be concerned about the items inside of the roof box getting damaged, which eliminates a lot of stress and worry along the way. 

If you’re interested in the types and brands that offer a high-quality waterproof roof box, read on.

Not all roof boxes are waterproof, so if you want one that is waterproof you should check the brand to make sure this is a type they offer. Most manufacturers of waterproof roof boxes offer nice and tight bags that fit on top of your car roof, and they usually come with zippers that keep the bag airtight so that no sleet or rain gets inside of them.

This isn’t to say that a hard-shell roof box isn’t watertight; in fact, many times they are. The main thing you have to look for is some indication in the product description that the item is, in fact, waterproof. Otherwise, you won’t be able to count on it keeping out the rain and snow whenever you need it to, and this could spell disaster for you during your trip.

You also have to make sure the roof box is going to fit your particular vehicle, but again, this is usually included in the product description. Many of the roof bags have straps that allow them to be tied onto the vehicle, which means they will fit any car or truck you have. 

On the other hand, some of the hard-shell boxes have to be installed on certain cars only, so you’ll have to make sure your particular vehicle is included in the description. Something else to keep in mind is the size of the roof box

Roof boxes are usually made with varying amounts of space, usually indicated by cubic feet, and they can range from 10 cubic feet to more than 30 cubic feet in size. If you like to carry a lot of items with you on your outings, the larger bags and boxes are the ones you want. 

However, if you’re trying to keep it small because you don’t want the look of your vehicle to be ruined, smaller bags and boxes are a great option.

Which Brands Offer Waterproof Roof Boxes?

Companies such as Sport Rack, GoPlus, and STDY are just a few of the brands that offer high-quality roof gear for your vehicle, and most offer both a standard and a waterproof roof box for your convenience. Here are just a handful of the waterproof boxes that are currently on the market:

Waterproof Roof Boxes Comparison Table

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Volume Size Weight Material Rating
LEDKINGDOMUS rooftop cargo bag LEDKINGDOMUS rooftop cargo bag 19
cu ft
L: 46"
W: 35"
H: 20"
9.75 lbs 600D Oxford Fabric with PVC Coating 5 stars
GoPlus Cargo Box GoPlus 14-cubic-foot rooftop cargo carrier 14
cu ft
L: 63"
W: 31"
H: 15"
25 lbs ABS and PC material 5 stars
STDY Rooftop Cargo Top Carrier Bag STDY Cargo Bag 20
cu ft
L: 15"
W: 12"
H: 6.8"
8.7 lbs 1200-Denier Polyester with PVC coating 3 stars
Mockins Waterproof Cargo Roof Bag Mockins cargo roof bag 15
cu ft
L: 15.3"
W: 11.6"
H: 6.9"
7.5 lbs Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistant Vinyl 4 stars
RoofBag waterproof carrier bundle RoofBag waterproof carrier bundle 15
cu ft
L: 48"
W: 38"
H: 18"
10 lbs Double-coated abrasion-resistant vinyl 5 stars
JEGS Performance Products 90098 JEGS 90098 rooftop cargo carrier 18
cu ft
L: 57"
W: 39"
H: 19"
35 lbs Soft plastic 4 stars
SportRack Vista XL 2 SportRack Vista XL rear-opening cargo box 18
cu ft
L: 63"
W: 38"
H: 17.25"
28 lbs Durable UV-resistant construction 5 stars
RoofPax Car Roof Bag RoofPax car roof bag 19
cu ft
L: 47.2"
W: 35.4"
H: 19.8"
12.1 lbs Water resistant double coated, stainless still hooks 5 stars
Rightline Gear Sport 3 Car Top Carrier Rightline Gear car top carrier 18
cu ft
L: 48"
W: 40"
H: 18"
8.6 lbs PVC semi-coated 4 stars
Adakiit car roof bag Adakiit car roof bag 15
cu ft
L: 14.6"
W: 13"
H: 7"
6.95 lbs Rubber laminated nylon 4 stars

1. LEDKINGDOMUS rooftop cargo bag

LEDKINGDOMUS rooftop cargo bagAvailable in a 19-cubic-foot size, this bag is suitable for all cars whether you have a rack or not. It also includes all of the straps and hooks you need to install it properly, even including a protective mat so that the top of your vehicle isn’t damaged.

2. Goplus 14-cubic-foot rooftop cargo carrier

This is a box, not a bag, and it can hold up to 14 cubic feet of items. It is also aerodynamically designed and has a sleek, modern look that will look great once it’s installed. Add a little ambiance to your vehicle with this roof box!

Goplus Cargo Box

3. STDY Cargo Bag

This one is 20 cubic feet in size and is made out of polyester materials that is easy to install, especially since it comes with all of the straps you need to tie in onto your roof rack. 

The fabric used to make the bag is 100% waterproof, not to mention anti-peel and anti-crack, making it one bag you can rely on for many years to come.

4. Mockins cargo roof bag

One of the least expensive cargo boxes on the market, this 100% waterproof roof box holds 15 cubic feet worth of items and is made out of sturdy, abrasion-resistant vinyl to keep your supplies both safe and dry. It straps easily onto your roof rack and even folds up nicely when it’s not in use.

5. RoofBag waterproof carrier bundle

Easy to install regardless of the type of vehicle you own, this roof bag comes with heavy-duty straps that keep it attached to your vehicle for long periods of time. It provides a full 15 cubic feet of room for your skis, snowboards, or camping gear.

RoofBag Waterproof Rooftop Carrier Bag

6. JEGS 90098 rooftop cargo carrier

This cargo carrier holds 18 cubic feet worth of items and even though it is a box instead of a bag, it is still simple to install and can even be attached to your vehicle without using any tools.

It is also lightweight at only 35 lbs. and offers an attractive look and a neutral color that will match anyone’s vehicle.

7. SportRack Vista XL rear-opening cargo box

Not only is this cargo box 100% waterproof, but it also fits most vehicles and even comes with a mounting kit so that installation is a breeze. It comes with a lock to make sure everything stays safe inside, and it opens from the rear so that you can be safe from traffic while opening it.

8. RoofPax car roof bag

This 19-cubic-foot bag is made out of heavy-duty military-grade materials, making it not only waterproof, but also built to last for a very long time. You can install it easily on vehicles with or without a car rack, and its double-coated material makes for a sturdy, tear-proof way to carry around your skis or snowboards.

RoofPax Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

9. Rightline Gear car top carrier

This is an especially large cargo carrier at 18 cubic feet, and it comes in two smaller sizes as well. The dual-seam technology makes for a 100% waterproof roof box that will keep sleet and rain away while protecting all of the items inside. Its square design also makes for a very attractive-looking cargo carrier, not to mention a reliable one.

10. Adakiit car roof bag

Holding up to 15 cubic feet of essentials, this carrier bag is great for sedans, trucks, and SUVs, and the rubber-laminated nylon is great for keeping every item safe and dry as you travel. 

It is also easy to install and can be folded up neatly when not in use, meaning you don’t have to keep it on your car permanently if you don’t want to.

Waterproof and water-resistant rooftop carriers are important, especially if you’re traveling long distances, because it is all but guaranteed that it will rain at some point during your travels. This is why having a waterproof carrier is so important, and it is easier and more affordable than you think to get the right one.

Why Is a Waterproof Carrier So Important?

The most obvious reason for making sure your rooftop carrier is waterproof is that your items stay nice and dry as you travel. Otherwise, dampness and rain can cause skis and snowboards to rust if they are left like this for long periods of time. Yes, skis and snowboards get wet out on the snow, but they can’t stay like this forever without being damaged.

A well-made waterproof roof box is also good because it keeps items secure and safe as you drive, so you never have to worry about the items flying out of your vehicle along the way. Simply put, if you are a fan of hiking, skiing, or fishing, you need a rooftop carrier, so why not choose one that is both reliable and waterproof?

What Is the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant?

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that rooftop carriers are either “waterproof” or “water-resistant,” and it isn’t difficult to learn the difference between the two. Waterproof means the item will survive any amount of water that it comes into contact with, which means even a heavy downpour won’t ruin it.

On the other hand, water-resistant carriers can take rain and sleet up to a certain extent, so if you live or travel in an area that experiences frequent heavy downpours, it might be best to choose a waterproof brand instead of one that is just water-resistant. 

This doesn’t mean water-resistant items are useless; in fact, they do a great job of repelling water when it’s raining lightly. It just means that waterproof carriers do a much better job at keeping away large amounts of rain and sleet.

When you need a rooftop carrier for your vehicle, choosing a waterproof one gives you the extra assurance you need that the items inside will be well-protected from the elements, giving you the extra peace of mind you deserve on that next outing.

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