Kia Niro Roof Box Buyer’s Guide 2023

The use of roof boxes has tremendously grown over the past few years as car owners seek ingenious solutions to transport more luggage and gear on road trips and vacations. A roof box will add to the 19.7 cubic feet cargo capacity of your Kia Niro.  This will free up space inside your car for […]

Kia K900 Roof Boxes – The Best Choices for 2023

Let’s talk about the best Kia K900 roof boxes. The Kia K900 makes an excellent car for the outdoors, given its spacious interior, powerful engine, and appealing outlook. Its underpinning design adds to its aesthetics and stability.  With a turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 powerplant and an eight-speed transmission, this large sedan is equipped for a rewarding […]

Kia Forte Roof Box – Best Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Let’s talk about the best Kia Forte roof boxes. Kia Forte is packed with top-notch features, and the 15.3 cubic feet is a generous offing for a compact car.  However, you might need more space to store extra gear, for example, when you want to go camping with your kids.  Shopping for a roof box […]

BMW X6 Roof Box Buyer’s Guide 2023

Let’s talk about the BMW X6 and BMW X6 Roof Boxes. BMW X6 has ground clearance of 8.1 inches and suspension to handle off-road trails without much trouble as well as near stock skid plates (if any) to take the rocks hits. It also enough space to carry mountain bikes inside with the front wheel removed. […]

BMW X4 Roof Box Buyer’s Guide 2023

The BMW X4 is one of the cars that have continued to soar in sales amidst onslaught. The car just thrives, thanks to its large passenger capacity and a sleek, sportier design.  The car is a beast in muscle and a beauty to behold. Add comfort and cutting-edge security features, the BMW X4 is a […]

BMW X3 Roof Box Buyer’s Guide 2023

BMW X3 might not be a 4×4 off-road beast, but it comes with its unique system— the xDrive all-wheel-drive that allows it to handle light off-roading.  Come to think of it; the xDrive all-wheel drive is no weaker feature— unlike the four-wheel system that’s only engaged manually by the driver when needed, the all-wheel system […]

BMW X2 Roof Box Buyer’s Guide 2023

If you’re not aware of the BMW numbering system, here is a little clarification. The even numbers X2, X4, X6 are more advanced versions— gearing towards the sporty side.  These models make a great choice when you need additional features that enhance your experience on the road. BMW X2 is one of them, it comes […]

Chevrolet Silverado Truck Bed Box Buyers’ Guide

Let’s talk about Chevrolet Silverado Truck Bed Box! The Chevrolet Silverado is the second most sold pickup truck in the USA, only falling behind the Ford F-Series. A perfect definition of this car would rightly be ‘Beauty and a Beast.’ This truck comes with a tone of benefits from its power to a very spacious […]

BMW X1 Roof Box Buyer’s Guide 2023

Getting a roof box that fits the BMW X1 shouldn’t be a problem, given its higher roof. But still, you should consider a few factors before buying one.  First, the BMW X1 is a beautifully sleek baby; you want a roof box that accentuates its looks and valor. The car looks good in its higher […]