Are All Tesla Roof Racks The Same? Find Out Here

Are All Tesla Roof Racks The Same Find Out Here

Let’s talk about Tesla roof racks. Are all of them the same?

Roof racks are very useful pieces of equipment. They allow you to store more gear for road trips such as tents, luggage, and toys for the kids. 

When it comes to Teslas, most people don’t think twice about roof racks. But, due to their unique design, traditional roof racks will not always be compatible with a Tesla.

Thankfully, there are a range of Tesla roof racks that fit with Tesla cars. Getting one of these racks can help transform your electric car into something more adventurous. 

You can finally take the family on that long awaited road trip and not have to leave behind some vital supplies.

While the selection of roof racks from Tesla is not as prolific as with other vehicles, there are some excellent options available. 

You can choose racks to carry small items as well as larger objects such as boards, skis, bikes, kayaks, and cargo.

Today, we will be taking a look at some Tesla roof racks and whether they are all the same. 

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to find the roof rack that is perfect for your needs and your Tesla.

Tesla Roof Racks Available

Currently, there are four Tesla models available on the market. These are:

  • • Model S
  • • Model 3
  • • Model X
  • • Model Y

Each model comes with different versions to choose from as well as accessories. However, you can only purchase Tesla roof racks for three of the models – S, 3, and Y.

Model X is designed with falcon doors that rise upwards when opened. Therefore, you can not install a roof rack on the vehicle. Instead, there are several rear hitch mount options available.

Because each model is unique, their roof racks are as well. Therefore, the answer to ‘are all tesla roof racks the same?’ is, no, they are not.

Model S

Take the Model S, for instance. This vehicle comes with a stylish glass roof. That would lead many to believe a roof rack just wouldn’t be possible. However, you can indeed purchase a roof rack for the Model S.

The Model S Tesla Roof Rack fits the glass roof with ease. It also looks very stylish. 

This roof rack was engineered specifically to achieve maximum aerodynamic performance, little noise in the car’s interior, and to provide the lowest range impact possible.

Easy installation is possible at home, too. This is thanks to the amazingly sleek attachment system, which includes die-cast towers and incorporated locks. 

T-slots in the powder coated, aluminum crossbars allow compatible extensions like bike racks, ski racks, and cargo containers to be mounted effortlessly.

You can find the Model S Tesla roof rack for sale here.

Model 3

The Model 3 Tesla blends performance, efficiency, and driving range effortlessly. Not only is it arguably the most stylish of all Tesla models, it is compatible with a practical Tesla roof rack.

Like the Model S Tesla roof rack, the Model 3 Tesla Roof Rack was designed from the ground up. 

The team behind its design wanted to achieve optimum aerodynamic efficiency, low range impact, and little interior sound. Many roof racks can cause some sort of drift and affect a car’s aerodynamics. 

There is no issue in this department with the Model S Tesla roof rack’s sleek attachment system is simple to install  and blends in perfectly with the car’s look.

The roof rack comes with aluminum crossbars that boast T-slots for mounting suitable attachments. Like the Model Y Tesla roof rack, you can effortlessly load cargo, ski racks, and bike racks using the Model 3 Tesla roof rack.

The roof rack has a loading capacity of 150 pounds with a static load limit of 495 pounds. 

And, the crossbars are aluminum and powder coated for long-lasting use in all weather conditions. The towers are die-cast with inbuilt locks for extra security when traveling.

You can find the Model 3 Tesla roof rack for sale here.

Model Y

Like the Model S and 3 roof racks, this was designed to not impede the aerodynamic performance of the car and even help its efficiency on the road. 

When driving, the roof rack creates little to no interior noise and, yet again, it has a stylish attachment technique that is simple to install wherever and whenever you need it.

Best of all, it blends in perfectly and is not an eyesore in any way.

As with the previous roof racks, these include powder coated aluminum crossbars. They sport T-slots for mounting compatible attachments such as, you guessed it, bike racks, ski racks, and luggage boxes.

This roof rack has a load rating of 165 pounds and the aluminum powder-coated crossbars come with die-cast towers with built-in locks for added stability.

You can find the Model Y Tesla roof rack for sale here.

Model X

As we mentioned above, there is currently no roof rack available for the Model X. However, you can purchase rear hitches for your bikes and other equipment if required.

The rear hitch rack was designed for both Models X and Y. It is a tilt-down, premium hitch rack that is fully assembled upon purchase. Therefore, installation is easy! 

When loading the bikes on, new ZipStrips make it simpler and more secure than ever. Of course, you may need to access the rear of your tesla when the hitch is on. 

Thankfully, you can simply tilt the rack downwards thanks to its Upperhand lever. When the bikes are on, a built-in key security system (same key as your Tesla) locks the bikes and rack securely in place.

In Summary

All three roof racks for the Tesla models are very similar. However, they are built specifically for each model so may not fit securely on different vehicles.

The good news is that there are options available for the Model X, too, so you can load your bikes and other gear on for that trip of a lifetime.

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