10 great value Cargo Boxes For Your Car (Budget Roof Box Guide)

People buy rooftop carriers for a variety of reasons, but most of them do so because they need to carry equipment such as skis, snowboards, and fishing gear while vacationing.

If you’re on a budget, but need a high-quality cargo carrier, not to worry because it is possible to get a sturdy, dependable carrier without paying a lot of money for it. 

You just have to know what you’re looking for and where to look so that you get something perfect in the end. Here’s our guide to help you find the best value roof cargo box for your needs. 

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Volume Size Highlights Rating
OxGord Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag 10
cu ft
L: 34"
W: 34"
H: 16"
1. 600 D-water resistant material.
2. Opens with Dual Zipper.
3. Weight 2 lbs.
INTEY Cargo Bag Rooftop Carrier 20
cu ft
L: 51"
W: 39"
H: 18"
1. 500D Twill Fabrics with waterproof PVC coating.
2. Strong Seatbelt Style Straps.
3. Waterproof bag cover included.
Boltlink Rooftop Cargo Carrier 13.5
cu ft
L: 15.8"
W: 11.9"
H: 5.1"
1. 100% waterproof material.
2. Built- in 8 heavy-duty thick straps with buckles.
3. Weight 7.7 lbs.
Mockins Waterproof Cargo Carrier 15
cu ft
L: 44"
W: 34"
H: 18"
1. 100% Waterproof.
2. Car roof protective mat included.
3. Lifetime warranty.
MaxxHaul 70209 Waterproof Cargo Carrier 11
cu ft
L: 47"
W: 20"
H: 20"
1. Waterproof PVC material.
2. Welded seams and heavy duty zipper.
3. Can be easily folded for compact storage.
FieryRed Rooftop Cargo Bag 15
cu ft
L: 44"
W: 34"
H: 17"
1. Military grade materials with waterproof dual seam technology.
2. Frame-less construction.
3. 3 installation modes.
Goplus Waterproof Cargo Carrier 15
cu ft
L: 45"
W: 25"
H: 14.5"
1. Fit 2 medium suitcases and 2 sleeping bags.
2. Anti-skid bottom cushion.
3. Waterproof material.
STDY Rooftop Cargo Carrier 20
cu ft
L: 51"
W: 40"
H: 17"
1. Fit 2 medium suitcases and 3 sleeping cases.
2. 1200-Denier Polyester Material.
3. Many straps included for easy installation.
Coocheer Universal Rooftop Cargo Carrier 15
cu ft
L: 37.5"
W: 37.5"
H: 18"
1. Crafted from rubber laminated nylon.
2. 8 built-in tie straps.
3. 100% waterproof.
MARKSIGN Waterproof Cargo Carrier 15
cu ft
L: 58"
W: 23"
H: 19"
1. Waterproof Tarpaulin.
2. 6 Lashing Straps with Cam Buckles.
3. 5-Year warranty.

The Basics

Before choosing the right budget roof box, you have to know about the types of boxes available. Most carriers are one of two types: a soft, bag-like carrier; and a hard-shell, immovable type of carrier. They are both excellent carriers and do what they’re supposed to do, and if you want the best budget roof box, you can choose either of these and get what you’re looking for.

Naturally, the bag-type carriers will be a little less expensive than the hard-shell type, but you can find both of these carriers in many different price ranges for your convenience. Top-notch budget car roof boxes are easy to find if you start your research online, because these stores provide you with both detailed information and full-color photographs so that you can choose the product that best suits your needs.

Best Budget Roof Box

OxGord Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Priced at under $25, this carrier bag provides you with an additional 10 cubic feet of storage space that can be used for a variety of equipment types and even luggage or fishing gear. 

It is water-resistant to protect your items from rain and snow, and its heavy-duty zippers and straps are perfect for making sure the carrier stays completely shut at all times. The carrier simply straps on to your roof rack and is easily stored away when you’re not using it, making it a convenient and very versatile rooftop carrier for your car.

INTEY Cargo Bag Rooftop Carrier

The best budget roof cargo box can also be very high in quality, and the INTEY carrier proves this. It provides an additional 15 cubic feet of storage space and can be used for sedans, minivans, and SUVs.

It has a waterproof PVC coating that easily protects whatever is inside of the bag, and attaching it is a breeze regardless of how mechanically inclined you are. This is an excellent budget roof box that is usually offered at around $35, and it comes with a three-month money-back guarantee that gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Boltlink Rooftop Cargo Carrier

As long as you have roof racks on your vehicle, you can enjoy the Boltlink cargo carrier because it is super easy and fast to attach to your car. The material used is 100% waterproof for protection from the elements, and it has eight heavy-duty straps with buckles that make it simple to secure so that your items are always safe. 

The best budget roof box doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and the Boltlink is one of the best carriers on the market.

Mockins Waterproof Cargo Carrier for All Types of Vehicles

For just under $45, the Mockins waterproof carrier is a top-notch carrier that offers a mat to help protect your rooftop and two extra ratchet straps in case you need them. It adds 15 cubic feet of space to your vehicle and is one of the best budget car roof boxes available today. 

The vinyl is abrasion-resistant and strong, and the box is perfect for everyday use or when you’re heading out to that next skiing, fishing, or hiking trip. It is also simple to install and comes with a useful lifetime warranty.

MaxxHaul 70209 Waterproof Cargo Carrier

At 47” x 20” x 20”, the MaxxHaul cargo carrier is made out of sturdy PVC materials and adds another 11 cubic feet of storage space to your vehicle. If you’re looking for the best budget roof cargo box, this is definitely one to consider because it can accommodate a lot of items and costs less than $50. 

Best of all, it is quickly and easily folded and stored away when you’re not using it, making it not only an excellent budget roof box, but also a carrier you can count on enjoying for many years to come.

FieryRed Rooftop Cargo Bag

This 100% waterproof cargo carrier fits all types of vehicles whether there is a roof rack or not. The FieryRed carrier adds another 15 cubic feet of space to your vehicle and is made with heavy-duty PVC material for extra sturdiness.

It can stand up to harsh weather and the heat of the sun without being destroyed, and it is available for around $50. The carrier proves that the best budget roof box can also be one that will last for many years to come.

Goplus Waterproof Cargo Carrier

This is a universal cargo box that will fit most sedans, SUVs, and minivans, so when it comes to finding budget car roof boxes, this one should definitely be considered. 

At roughly $90, the carrier provides an additional 15 cubic feet of storage space and is made out of Oxford cloth for extra longevity. You can install it easily whether your car has racks or not, and the four heavy-duty straps make it easy and fast to get the carrier as secure as possible before you head out on your adventure.

STDY Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Look no further for the best budget roof cargo box, because at around $60, this carrier is both affordable and high in quality. It adds a whopping 20 cubic feet of space to your vehicle and can accommodate sedans, SUVs, and even minivans. 

Regardless of the type of travel you have planned, this budget roof box will never let you down because it can handle everything from sleeping bags to boots and various fishing and hiking gear.

Coocheer Universal Rooftop Cargo Carrier

This universal rooftop carrier is perfect for both everyday use and your next vacation because it is under $60 and is sturdy enough to last for many years to come. It proves that the best budget roof box can also accommodate a wide range of needs because it holds a total of 15 cubic feet of gear and equipment.

Its eight built-in straps make sure it is secure on the top of your vehicle, and it is super-easy to install even for people who aren’t mechanically inclined. Whether you’re going fishing, hiking, skiing, or just headed to the park for a day of fun and relaxation, this is one carrier you’ll always be able to use.

MARKSIGN Waterproof Cargo Carrier

The MARKSIGN cargo carrier is 100% rainproof and has one of the most secure fastening systems available, making this one of the most useful budget car roof boxes on the market. 

At a little under $60, this carrier comes with a five-year warranty and uses UV-proof ratchet straps instead of plastic ones that can break after only a short period of time.

 It should definitely be considered when you’re looking for the best budget roof cargo box on the market today, because the company has managed to develop a high-quality and long-lasting product that anyone can afford, making it a very valuable product indeed.

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