Why Do You Need a Roof Cargo Box – 2023 Best User’s Guide

There is nothing that quite compares to the feeling of an impending vacation or road trip. The plans are made, everyone is excited, the beaches are waiting, the car is packed…way too full. Things are falling out and now you’re frustrated.

Instead of dangerously cramming your family into the backseat, or piling suitcases and duffel bags up so high that you can’t see anything in the rearview, why not consider roof cargo box storage? It’s easy, convenient and you are certain to find one that works for your car.

why do you need a roof cargo box

So…..Why do you need a Roof Cargo Box? 

Roof cargo box storage gives you the ability to safely store your belongings and your family, making long car rides more comfortable in the process. What could be better than that? Other than vacation itself, that is.

So if you’re thinking “Do I need a Roof Cargo Box?”, here’s loads of good reasons why you should invest in one.

Make Your Trip Safer

Overloading your car is not a good idea

Roof cargo box storage is a safe alternative to overpacking your car. If your car is too full, even the shortest of road trips can tip to the high end of the danger scale.

Stopping quickly, changing lanes or a minor accident all become that much more hazardous when you’re traveling with piles of loose stuff.

Roof cargo box storage makes it possible for you to pack what you don’t need for the actual car ride to your destination. Items like pool floats, toys, golf clubs and board games will fare much better on top of the car than crowding the space within.

Roof cargo boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each one meant to make life easier on a large population of vacation loving vehicle owners. This large cargo box by Thule is guaranteed to make your family vacation a breeze, while boxes like the Yakima will work better for smaller vehicles.

The choices available to consumers here are seemingly endless, so dig in a little and find one that will work for you. Make a list of what you’ll use it for, and stick to it. Roof cargo boxes can be a hefty investment, so don’t buy what you won’t use.

Many people are hesitant to use roof cargo box storage because they think that the box itself is not safe. Utilizing roof cargo boxes is incredibly safe! As long as the storage box is correctly installed, safely packed and a good fit for your vehicle, you’ll be happy with the decision to use one.

As it is with any product, be sure to follow all warnings, suggestions and directions. Don’t overpack your roof cargo box, and always remember to check and tighten the straps every time you have to make a stop, or stop to specifically do so.

A Well Packed Roof Box Makes Your Journey More Comfortable

Reason number two to answer the question why do you need a roof cargo box.

The way you pack your roof cargo box can make all the difference in whether or not your experience is a positive one, so you’ll want make sure you pack it correctly. Know the weight limits that your roof rack has, which will be available online or in the manufacturer booklet that accompanied your car purchase. Be sure to calculate your belongings and the weight of the cargo box itself into that limit.

Packing your new roof cargo storage box safely will always depend on the nature of your trip and what you need to pack. The size of the cargo box that you choose will obviously play a role here too.

There are endless ways to stack and place your belongings within your roof cargo box, just make sure that you don’t need access to anything that you’re putting in there throughout the duration of your trip. Extra pillows, blankets, clothes, fishing poles, chairs and other items that you won’t use until your reach your destination will do just fine in cargo storage.

Keep first aid kits, medications, books (that you don’t want to read on the way) and electronics stored in bags in the car with you. Coolers also travel better inside the car instead of stacked on top. Not to mention that you and your passengers will have unlimited snacks available during the trip, making for less stops.

Well, food stops. Bathroom breaks may increase.

No matter what size, shape or make you choose for your roof cargo box storage, just be sure that it fits your car and you latch it properly. Nobody wants to glance in their mirrors and see their belongings flying out all along the freeway.

Unlock The Open Road With A Roof Cargo Box

This probably seems like a self-explanatory section, but consumers frequently shy away from purchasing a new (or used) roof cargo box because they’re concerned that they’ll only use it once or twice. 

Honestly, the convenience factor makes using it once worth every penny, but it’s certain that if you buy one, you’ll use it again.

Look at it this way, even if you have a high pressure job and you don’t take many vacations, the average person moves about 11 times in his or her lifetime. Roof cargo box storage is for so much more than just a vacation here and there.

Weekend camping trips and getaways will be easier to pack for. You won’t have to decide what to leave and what to bring with you. Oh, and no more kennels, because roof cargo box storage will give you ample room for the family dog to tag along.

Help friends move. Move yourself. Let your kids bring their friends on vacation. Roof cargo box storage leaves the door open for possibilities when it comes to the ability to have what you need when you’re away from home.

Never underestimate the power that exists in “the comforts of home”.

A Good Roof Cargo Box Compliments Your Vehicle

Why do you need a roof cargo box? It compliments your car.

With roof cargo box storage, you’re basically building on an addition to your car. You wouldn’t build onto your home without doing a little research, and though exaggerated, this is kind of the same idea.

If you know exactly which storage box will work best for you, you’ll be eliminating wasted time and hours of frustration. Sit down and take the time to understand what your best option is and why.

Consider the following questions:

  • What items are you most likely to continually store in the cargo box?
  • Do you need a hard storage box, or will a soft one work just as well or better?
  • What are the measurements of your car and will the box you’ve chosen fit?
  • What is the weight range of the items that you usually pack?
  • Is the storage box itself easy to store?

There is so much more that goes into making this decision other than the style you like, but a perfect fit to your personal vehicle is of the utmost importance. Here at Best Roof Box, we’ve taken some of the guessing out of the equation, with Roof Cargo Box Buyers guides tailored to a wide variety of specific vehicles!

Going into this armed with research, correct measurements and a little knowledge will make the roof cargo box storage purchase process run smoothly.

They are easier to store than you think

Yes, you have to store the storage box. When your cargo box is not in use, be sure that storing it will work with your space situation.

If you’re limited on space, a good option would be a soft storage box because they can be broken down, folded and stored in a small space. 

If you have ample room and need a huge storage box, consider placing it on a top shelf or even anchoring it from the ceiling when it’s not in use.

No matter how you decide to , just be sure that it’s out of your way and it’s stored securely. Roof cargo boxes can be bulky, and even the thinner models are heavy. Having it tumble down on your or a family member will be no fun, so take care every time you store it.


We hope this article answers the question, why do you need a roof cargo box. Now that you might need one, check out the best roof cargo boxes we have.

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