How Do You Put A Bike Rack On A Pop-Up Camper?

How Do You Put A Bike Rack On A Pop-Up Camper?

If you love the outdoors lifestyle then getting out your bike is the ideal way to spend your weekend.

Cycling is a great way to explore new areas, and take in the scenery, whilst also getting a good workout for your body.

But what if you have a pop-up camper? How do you transport your bike easily so that you can take it with you wherever you go?

We have put together this useful guide to tell you how to put a bike rack on a pop-up camper. Keep reading to find out more.

You might think that bike racks are not suitable for pop-up campers but this is not true.

Pop-up campers may be small and less substantial than normal campers, but they are still compatible with bike racks.

Each camper will vary in terms of what kinds of bike racks they are compatible with and where you can attach them, but you should be able to find a bike rack that works.

What Is A Pop-Up Camper Bike Rack?

A pop-up camper bike rack is a device that attaches to the back of your pop-up camper and allows you to store your bicycle safely inside.

The bike racks are designed to be used with most pop-ups, including those from Tumbleweed Campers, Coleman, Thor Motor Coach, and others.

They come in various sizes and styles to suit different needs. Some are made from metal or plastic while other models are made from wood.

There are even some that fold down flat when not in use.

The best thing about these bike racks is that they allow you to keep your bike safe and secure inside your camper.

This means that you don’t need to worry about taking your bike along with you when you travel.

You can leave your bike at home and just enjoy the rest of your trip without worrying about losing your bike or having it stolen.

What Are The Different Types Of Pop-Up Camper Bike Racks?

There are many types of bike racks available, but we will focus on the ones that attach to the rear of your pop-up camper. These include:

Metal Bike Racks

These are usually the cheapest option as they are made from metal. However, they tend to rust over time.

Plastic Bike Racks

These come in various shapes and sizes and are generally cheaper than their metal counterparts. They can however still become damaged over time.

Wood Bike Racks

These bike racks are usually the most expensive option as they are made using wood. They are therefore very durable and long-lasting.

Foldable Bike Racks

These bike racks are also known as ‘folding’ bike racks. They are typically smaller than the others and can be folded down flat when not in usage.

They are often used by people who want to carry their bikes with them when traveling.

Swing Away Bike Racks

These swing-away bike racks work much like an umbrella. When opened, they form a platform where you can place your bike.

Once closed, they retract into the ground and make it easier to move around.

Wheeled Bike Racks

These wheeled bike racks are similar to the swing away type. They are however larger and heavier.

They can hold two bikes side-by-side and are perfect for families with multiple bikes.

How Do You Put A Bike Rack On A Pop Up Camper?

How Do You Put A Bike Rack On A Pop Up Camper?

As multiple different types of bike racks are compatible with pop-up campers, how you attach it can vary. It will also depend on what kind of pop-up camper you have.

Make sure that you carefully read the instructions of whichever pop-up camper bike rack you choose to buy to help you understand how to attach it securely to your camper.

You might need someone to help you, as some of the steps can be quite fiddly and it would be easier with an extra pair of hands!

The Best Ways To Use A Pop-Up Camper Bicycle Racks

If you want to get the most out of your pop-up camper bike rack, you should consider buying one that has multiple uses.

This way, you can save money since you won’t need to buy separate items to use your bike rack.

There are many ways to use pop-up camper bike racks. For instance, you can use them as a spare room storage space.

Or you could attach one to the side of your pop-up camper and use it as extra luggage space.

Another option is to use one as an additional seating area. When you are camping, having a comfy seat outside is a must.

It will make sure that you relax after a long day of walking around and exploring the surrounding nature. So why not add another seat next to your existing ones?

You can also use a pop-up camper bike rack as a place to hang your clothes. Many people like to hang their laundry out to dry during their trips.

But sometimes, there isn’t enough space to hang all of their clothes. That is where using a pop-up camper bicycle rack comes into play.

Just set up your bike rack near the entrance of your pop-up camper and hang your clothes on it. This way, you won’t have any problems finding places to hang your clothes.

And because it is attached to the back of your camper, you won’t have to worry about damaging your walls by hanging your clothes too high.

Can You Drive With A Bike Rack?

The law varies from state to state as to which bike racks are legal to drive with and which aren’t.

Some bike racks will obstruct your view or the view of other drivers on the road, which can be dangerous. Make sure you check the guidance in your local area.


Taking bikes around with you when you have a pop-up camper is easy if you choose the right bike rack. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.

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