Do Roof Boxes Increase Fuel Consumption? The Truth Behind the Myth

A rooftop carrier on your vehicle is a convenient thing to own, but if you’re concerned about the effect these carriers have on your gas mileage, you’re not alone. In fact, many people do notice a difference in their gas mileage once they install a roof rack, a rooftop bag, or a rooftop box. This […]

What Is the Maximum Speed I Can Travel with a Thule Roof Box?

Rooftop carriers come in two basic styles – the box design and a bag design – and it is up to you to decide which one you prefer.  Having a rooftop carrier will change the aerodynamics of your vehicle and may even use a little more gas, which can decrease your mileage somewhat because it […]

Are Roof Boxes Waterproof? Why Choosing the Right Box Is Important

Having a roof box on the top of your car or truck adds extra room to your vehicle and offers a variety of designs, sizes, and materials to choose from. Some people like the soft materials, while others prefer a hard, shell-like case, but whichever one you choose, you are guaranteed to get something that […]

10 great value Cargo Boxes For Your Car (Budget Roof Box Guide)

People buy rooftop carriers for a variety of reasons, but most of them do so because they need to carry equipment such as skis, snowboards, and fishing gear while vacationing. If you’re on a budget, but need a high-quality cargo carrier, not to worry because it is possible to get a sturdy, dependable carrier without […]

Honda Civic Roof Box Guide – Our 11 picks

Perhaps the biggest advantage of purchasing a roof box for your car or SUV is the additional storage space it provides, which means that storing those snow skis, fishing rods, or camping gear can be a lot easier on you.  If you have a vacation planned that centers around these activities, it is good to […]