Can a Roof Box Make Your Insurance Invalid_ What to Check and Why

Can a Roof Box Make Your Insurance Invalid? What to Check and Why

So you’ve decided to hit the open road to go snow skiing or visit the mountains during the summer months.  If you’re similar to a lot of people, you’ve decided to add a rooftop carrier before you leave to handle all of the extra equipment and suitcases you’ll need for the trip, or simply to […]

What to Pack for a Family Road Trip: 10 Things That You Must Pack

So you’ve decided to pack the entire family into the family car and take off for a vacation. Now what? Well, the first thing that you have to do is some advanced planning because you have to be prepared for just about anything when you’re traveling with kids. Regardless of your kids’ ages or genders, […]

Roof Boxes- Should You Rent or Buy

Roof Boxes: Should You Rent or Buy? A Buyer’s Guide

Rooftop carriers do a great job of storing your suitcases and different types of equipment on your next trip to the fishing camp or yearly vacation. If you think that these carriers are too expensive to purchase, think again.  Today’s rooftop carriers come in a wide selection of materials, sizes, and designs so they can […]

Do You Need a Special License to Drive with a Roof Box

Do You Need a Special License to Drive with a Roof Box?

There are many types of roof boxes, including those made out of polyester or uPVC plastic and those that are hard-shelled and a little sturdier. Roof boxes also come in a variety of sizes from those holding less than 10 cubic feet of items to those that hold 30 cubic feet or more.  When it […]

Can you put a roof box on a rental car

Can You Use a Roof Box on a Rental Car? What You Need to Check First

If you’re renting a vehicle for an upcoming vacation or getaway and you need extra storage space, you might want to consider using a cargo carrier on the top of your car so that the inside of the vehicle is able to accommodate everyone going on the trip.  With a rooftop carrier, more people can […]

Seven Simple Ways to Protect Your Roof Box

Seven Simple Ways to Protect Your Roof Box: Security for Your Roof Box

Rooftop carriers are perfect when you’re planning a road trip and need extra space for suitcases, gear, and anything else you need to be stored until you get to your destination. But if you’re planning to purchase a rooftop carrier, you should first become familiar with the various types and the things you can do […]

What’s Best for Camping, Roof Box or Trailer_ The Pros and Cons of Each

What’s Best for Camping, Roof Box or Trailer? The Pros and Cons of Each

If you love to camp, you already know the challenges of finding the space to hold all of your camping supplies, especially if you travel with kids. Let’s face it; between stoves, cookware, clothes, and sporting goods, you likely need a lot of space to make sure that you don’t forget anything. This may lead […]

What’s the Largest Cargo Box Available_ We Found the Biggest!

What’s the Largest Cargo Box Available? We Found the Biggest!

If you travel regularly by car, you’re naturally going to want a super-large cargo box for the roof, especially if you plan to be gone for a while. Cargo boxes come in various sizes that are measured by the number of cubic feet they can hold, and they can hold anywhere from nine to 20 […]