Chevrolet Sonic Roof Box Buyers Guide

Chevrolet Sonic Roof Box Buyers Guide

The Chevrolet Sonic is excellent for a first car. It is fun to drive, inexpensive, and fuel-efficient. However, Chevrolet Sonic is such a small car with less cargo capacity for an outdoor lover. 

Chevrolet SONIC Roof Box PinThe Goplus Cargo Box is a light-weight roof box that will fit perfectly on the Chevrolet Sonic. With its 14 cubic feet of storage, it offers you enough space for your essential items while on the move. Sure, with a roof box that allows such an enormous cargo capacity, you won’t need to sacrifice the backseats just to stack a few bags. Made to cut through the wind, it comes with a great aerodynamic design that neither causes drag, make noise on the roof, nor affect the mileage. It’s design and outlook also doesn’t subtract from the aesthetics of your car.  The Goplus Cargo Box is also made with heavy use in mind. The hard-shell protects your items from the ravages of bad weather, and the sturdy ABS material that it’s made of strengthens it to serve you for long. 

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Thule Motion XT is perhaps the best roof box to have ever been made by the company; no, it could also be the best roof box in the market right now.  Owing to the ingenuity of its design and functionality, it gets you so much for its price. Yes, it is also among the most expensive roof boxes in the market, but when you consider the features it comes with, plus the limited lifetime warranty, your money is well-spent when you buy something like it.  If space is the main problem you’re trying to solve, getting the Thule Motion XT solves it 100%. With 18 cubic feet of storage space, and enough length to accommodate your skis and snowboards, you have more than you need for your essential items, and more! It also has a weight capacity of 165 lbs, allowing you to stack even the heavy stuff in it.  In spite of the amazing features that place it ahead of most roof boxes, the Thule Motion XT is light-weight, weighing 42 lbs. Thus, you won’t need help lifting it to the roof when installing it.  It comes with a PowerClick quick-mount system that takes the hassle out of installing it. Even if you’ve never installed any roof box, it will take you less than 5 minutes to get it done.

Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box, Medium

The SportRack gives you more cargo space than the Thule Pulse. At 18 cubic feet, it matches the storage volume that the Thule Motion XT offers. However, it’s 65 lbs behind the Thule Motion XT in weight limit, coming in at 100 lbs.  Still, you can do so much with the generous cargo space it offers.  It also comes close to Thule brands in aerodynamic design. It doesn’t drag the car, neither does it severe the mileage. When the vehicle is in motion, the design eliminates noise, giving you a meditative silence while driving your Chevy.


In summary, many roof boxes in the market can fit Chevrolet Sonic; its small size makes it compatible with lots of them. However, when you consider cargo space, durability, ease of installation, and aerodynamics, nothing comes close to the roof boxes above. 

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