Audi Q7 Roof Cargo Box: The Ultimate Buying Guide

When you’re going on a road trip, you often end up with a full trunk before you realize it. After that, you start using the space in the back seats.

Then the space at your feet. Suddenly, you’re not even able to use the rear-view mirror. This is often what happens, even when your car is the spacious Audi Q7.

So how do you solve this? 

Purchasing a roof cargo box for your audi Q7 is a great solution. Not only does it help you add extra storage capacity to your vehicle, but it’s also a place to store your dirty gear, boots, or snow-covered skis that would otherwise mess up your clean Audi Q7 interior.

What can you put in your Audi Q7 roof cargo box?

You can use your Audi Q7 roof cargo box to carry the following items:

What should you consider when purchasing an Audi Q7 roof cargo box?

While many factors need to be considered when buying a roof box for your Audi Q7, below are the most important ones:

The size of the roof cargo box:

Cargo boxes range from less than 10 cubic ft. of space, to over 20 cubic ft. As you’re driving an Audi Q7, the smallest boxes won’t make a big difference and won’t add much storage space to your existing capacity.

Knowing how much stuff you plan to carry can help you determine the size of the cargo box. The type of gear you wish to carry is also important. If you want to store snowboards or skis, then you should know the length before purchasing your cargo box.

Be sure to check out our Roof Cargo Box Size Guide.

Single or dual side opening?

Some boxes can only be opened from the passenger side while others can be opened from both sides of the vehicle. 

This might seem like a minor detail, but it will definitely make your life easier! A dual side opening cargo box will not only give you easier access your gear, but will also make the installation and removal much simpler.

How often do you plan on using your Audi Q7 roof cargo box?

Roof cargo boxes aren’t cheap. Besides, the price can vary depending on the quality of the box. It’s no secret that better quality boxes are less prone to cracking and more durable despite the frequent use. 

Therefore, if you go on only one family trip per year, it’s ok to choose a cheap box. However, if you love camping or skiing, and go on a road trip many times a year,  then it’s best to choose a long-lasting premium box.

Which Audi Q7 roof cargo box is best for you?

With so many cargo box brands, sizes, shapes and designs, it’s not easy to choose the model that’s best for your Audi Q7. The list below will help you narrow down your options and make the right choice according to your needs.

The roof cargo boxes on this list will fit your Q7 regardless of its model or year.

Do you need to store longer gear?

Inno Shadow 16

It can be a real challenge to carry long items such as surfboards, snowboards, long fishing poles, or skis in most vehicles.

Even if you somehow find a way to place these long items in your Audi Q7, it’s usually at the expense of comfort.

If longer gear is always included in your road trips, then the Inno Shadow 16 is the perfect choice.

The storage capacity of this cargo box is only 11 cubic feet. However, it can hold up to six snowboards, eight skis, or two surfboards.

The Inno Shadow 16 is quick and easy to install thanks to its Memory Mount System. It also has universal cross bar compatibility.

In addition, its diffuser design makes it cut through the wind with sleek aerodynamics, reducing noise significantly.

Do you need to carry heavy loads?

Thule Motion XT

If you often carry big loads and heavy items on your road trips, the Thule Motion XT has you covered. It has 22 cubic feet of storage and can carry up to 165 pounds. Despite its large size, it can fit your Audi Q7 perfectly.

It’s quick and easy to install thanks to the PowerClick Quick-Mount System that makes a “click” to let you know that your cargo box is connected correctly. In addition, it features a smart slide-lock system that has different locking and opening options. This is useful as it shows you when the lid is in place and locked securely.

The Thule Motion XT comes in three colors: black, gray, and white.

Do you need to carry smaller loads?

Yakima RocketBox Pro

The Yakima RocketBox Pro is only 58 inches long. This won’t allow you to carry snowboards or skis. However, if you don’t need any long or super heavy items, this cargo box is perfect for you.

It can give you up to 14 cubic feet of extra storage. Combined with the storage capacity of your Audi Q7, this is more than enough space for most families.

The Yakima RocketBox Pro is only 30 pounds. Its installation is easy, there are no special tools or assembly required. The removal is also just as easy.

Do you care more about the design?

Yakima ShowCase

The Audi Q7 is a beautiful car. Why ruin its nice design with an ugly cargo box?

If you’re looking for a cargo box that’s both stylish and space-efficient, then look no further.

The exterior is what makes this cargo box stand out. It has an aerodynamic design with clean, high-gloss modern styling. You can choose between two colors, dark gray or quicksilver. It is made of high-quality plastic making it sturdy and durable.

However, this cargo box doesn’t just get by on appearances. It offers 15 cubic feet of storage. Its installation is a breeze, and so is its removal. It comes with SKS locks, ensuring a secure closure of the lid.

How important is the brand?

You’re probably wondering if purchasing a Yakima or Thule is just paying for the brand name. It’s true that popular brands in any product type from pencils to hats and to cars are usually more costly. However, this is almost never because of the name.

Unlike other brands in the market, Yakima and Thule have been around for decades. Their reputation kept growing and they have been successful the entire time.

The success of these brands has its reasons. The market is changing constantly and they know how to adapt. They put more focus on engineering and design than their competitors, and they make quality products that clients like.

In addition, it’s safer to buy from popular brands like Yakima and Thule as they have a good reputation. Not to mention the fact that their products are backed with lifetime warranties. They also provide great customer support in case you’re facing a problem or have any inquiries.

Common Issues with cargo boxes

There are some issues that you might face if you’re not careful enough. Here are some of the most frequent problems:

  • Broken Keys: The cargo boxes in the previous list have sturdy lock systems. However, if you use a lot of force, you can end up breaking the key.
  • Overloading: If your cargo box is filled to capacity. Don’t try to force it. Otherwise, the lid won’t be locked properly and you can even damage the hinges.
  • Running into things. Never forget that your Q7 is two feet higher with a cargo box on top. The last thing you want is to run into a low parking structure or garage.

Final thoughts

The Audi Q7 has a decent amount of storage. But if you go road tripping with your friends and family very often, a roof cargo box can become a necessity.

Cargo boxes can get a little expensive. Therefore, the one you pick has to be high-quality, durable and perfect for your needs.

We hope this guide made it easier for you to choose the perfect cargo box for your Audi Q7 that’s going to last for many years and make your road trips more enjoyable.

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