Volvo Odin 1750 Roof Box Review

Volvo Odin 1750 roof box

Volvo Odin 1750 roof boxVolvo Odin 1750 roof box is an excellent addition to your car, especially if you own a Volvo. It was designed to complement 10 Volvo models with 170 variants between 2011-2022. It is used on roof crossbars and simply clips onto the rail with the help of a quick grip mounting system.

The most popular thing about this product is the ABS plastic material, which is UV-resistant, waterproof, and durable for long-lasting use. Additionally, it has a tapered design with a diamond-shaped smooth lid that is sleek and aerodynamic. This box has a low sensation of drag and improved fuel efficiency.

This cargo box also provides 17 cubic feet of extra storage space to your car. Its design incorporates a dual-side opening that allows loading and unloading from either side of the vehicle. Its rugged case lid and secure lock mechanism offer adequate protection against theft, exposure to rain, snow, debris, rocks, or dirt on the road.

Key Features

  • A diamond-textured aero skin lid that is aerodynamic and sleek.
  • Quick-grip mounting system.
  • Dual side opening.
  • 17 cubic feet carrying capacity.
  • Accommodates skis that are 77.95 inches long.
  • Dimensions: Length 84, Width 34.5, Height 17 inches.
Pros Cons
It has double-sided access that makes loading and unloading luggage quick and easy. It is bulky and cumbersome to store
Hard case and security lock design ensure superior cargo protection. It is costly. The price runs up to $800
It's aerodynamic, thus improving gas and fuel consumption.
UV-resistant, waterproof and durable.
With a quick-grip mounting system, it is fast and straightforward to install.

Material And Durability

The Volvo Odin 1750 Roof Box is an excellent investment as it is made with durability in mind. It is designed with highly sturdy materials that are meant to last and won’t fade, crack, or tear over time.

That is why a Volvo Odin 1750 roof box is reasonably pricier than most cargo boxes in the market.

This model is constructed with heavy-duty and robust material such as ABS plastic (a strong polymer).

One advantage of ABS plastic is that it is almost entirely waterproof. It is constructed in such a manner that your goods will be protected from the rain at all times. Furthermore, you won’t have to be concerned about rusting.

Another key advantage of this material is the ability to keep your gear protected from the harsh elements (even if it’s just sunlight and wind). Furthermore, the box will retain its color and prevent scratching and fading from exposure to these environments.

This material is also lightweight; as a result, the box is lighter than it appears. This also makes it easy to attach and detach.

Aerodynamic Design

Probably one of the best things about this Odin roof box is its aerodynamic design. Its enclosed design and wedge shape, rounded tapering front end, and broad flat back end make it aerodynamic.

It has a diamond-textured smooth aero skin lid that is very sleek and aerodynamic. This feature was created to reduce wind resistance while driving. The wedge shape cut through the air with as minimal wind resistance as possible.

Apart from its tapered design, this roof box is shorter and sleeker, improving its aerodynamics.

The more aerodynamic the carrier is, the better the fuel efficiency. If you take long road trips, this may be more important for you than if you plan to use it infrequently.

Aerodynamic styling plays a huge role in overall fuel and gas efficiency. Wind drag increases fuel consumption. If there’s any wind resistance, the engine has to use more power to maintain your desired speed, which means you use more petrol.

Compatibility With Given Cars

Volvo Odin 1750 roof box can fit a wide range of vehicles. This carrier best fits 10 Volvo models and 170 variants between 2011 and 2022, mainly sedans, hatchbacks, sport wagons, CUVs, and smaller SUVs.

Because of its tapered design, it can match these vehicles’ rooflines. It can be mounted on Volvo XC60, XC40, XC90, C40, S60, S90, V60 Cross Country, V60, V90, and V90 Cross Country.

Load Capacity

Volvo understands the requirements for storage spaces with decades of production experience. The Volvo Odin 1750 roof box has optimal space efficiency, making it ideal for snowboarders, skiers, fishers, and hunters in mind.

With 17 cubic feet of storage, it is among the larger carriers on the market. This magnificent roof box is only 84 inches long, 34.5 inches wide, and 17 inches high, providing you with ample storage space to store all sorts of gear.

It can easily hold skis, fishing poles, baby strollers, or any equipment that is 77.95 inches long. Its wide width and high height provide more storage capacity.

However, its vast size can be a drawback, especially if you want to store the box. When not in use, the car roof top box is quite a bulky item to store, so it may be a significant concern if you don’t have a lot of space in your garage.

Ease Of Installment

Installing this roof box is very simple and does not require professional assistance. This is because it has a quick-grip mounting system that is easy, fast, and tool-free to install and remove. The quick-grip system mounts the box by simply clamping itself on the crossbars.

Since there are days that you may not carry luggage, you may want to remove the box as it is not recommended to take an empty roof box. Therefore, the quick-grip will come in handy as it is relatively easy to attach and detach the carrier from your vehicle’s roof bars.

Before installing the roof box, first, make sure crossbars are well secured to the roof of your vehicle. Once the roof bars are in place, put the cargo box onto the vehicle’s roof. Get assistance when placing it on top. This roof box is big to hoist on an SUV by yourself.

Correctly position the cargo box at the center of the roof and parallel to the car. Ensure the roof box does not obstruct the tailgate. Take the four quick grip clamps and ensure that they line up above the rails, grabbing the crossbars from the inside of the roof box. Then fasten the clamps to lock them in place.

Dual-Sided Opening

Volvo has featured a dual-sided opening in their higher-end Volvo Odin 1750 Roof Box model for quick access from both long sides of the car. This means you can easily open the box from either the driver’s or passenger’s side of the vehicle. However, when you open the carrier, ensure that the other side is locked since you cannot use both sides at once.

Having access from either side of your car is helpful for a cargo box of this size and with a lot of gear stored up top. This makes loading and unloading your belongings an easy task and saves you time as you can easily fit all of your equipment inside. Its clamshell lid with a handle and lock on both sides, plus some cleverly designed hinges, have also made this possible.

This adaptability comes in handy whether you’re parked on a crowded street or need to discover something tucked away in the distant corner of your large box. And, with so much gear stored up top, having access from all sides is quite helpful.

Another situation in which this function comes in handy is if you have additional gear like a bike rack installed on your roof box that restricts access from one side. You may be obliged to open the lid from only one side in this design, but you have the option to pick which side is best for this situation.


With this car roof top box, you don’t need to worry about the box falling off, the door opening or your items breaking within the carrier.

Odin 1750 roof box comes with a key that can only be removed by locking. With this locking technology, you can be confident that the door will remain closed during your trip. Additionally, you can never lock your keys inside the box by accident.

The robust construction helps to keep your stuff safe and clean. This cargo box completely encloses your cargo when driving, thus preventing harsh weather elements from damaging your gear.

It also has super latch security that ensures the safety of your stuff by keeping the lid firmly secured to the base.

Its design also includes grip mountings. Quick-grip mounting system “clicks” when the roof box is secure and properly mounted. Hence, you can be sure when the carrier is secured on the roof rack. That way, the cargo box can easily stay in place when the weather is wet or snowy because it has a superior grip system.

Final Thoughts

Volvo has been designing some of the best roof boxes on the market. It has undoubtedly made Volvo Odin 1750 roof box worth investing in by creating outstanding features that are excellent solutions to different customer needs.

This cargo box is an excellent choice if you are after modern features like a dual opening system, lock and key security mechanism, sleek, great aerodynamic, more cargo-carrying capacity, outstanding durability, and a longer carrier box life span.

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