Thule Pulse Alpine Review

Thule Pulse Alpine Review 2Thule’s top priority is usually the user’s safety and functionality. That is why the Thule pulse alpine has been subjected to repeated crash tests, wear and tear simulations, as well as exposure to elements such as high heat, cold, rain, sunshine, and chemicals. All this is to ensure that the product meets all the high standards set by Thule.

The cargo box comes with some excellent features. For instance, it has a 14 cu ft. capacity and is made of durable ABS plastic. Other excellent features include;

  • Secure Lock lid technology
  • Thule Easy-Grip mount knobs integrated into the box
  • A side of roof box locking component.

The cargo box also has extensive rack compatibility and a single side box opening from the passenger side.

This article will offer an extensive review of the Thule Pulse Alpine and talk about all the impressive features that the box has to offer.

Key Features
  • It has a 14 cu ft. capacity.
  • Constructed with Impact-resistant ABS material protects the contents.
  • The Fast Grip quick-mount system assembles to a vehicle rack.
  • The passenger-side opening.
  • Includes a Secure Lock function that ensures the cargo box is securely closed.
  • 16-inch height from the crossbar
  • Compatible with Thule rack systems, square, aero, elliptical, circular bars, and most factory racks
  • Maximum capacity for skis/snowboards: 6-8 pairs of skis or 3-4 snowboards (210 cm is the maximum length of a ski.
  • 110-pound weight capacity
Pros Cons
Racks can be installed more quickly thanks to the simple grip hardware. The rack does not fit a car that lacks movable rail crossbars.
Secure lock technology assures the security of things in transit. It may be too big and heavy for one individual to move alone.
The robust plastic material is dependable and long-lasting, and it is resistant to extreme weather conditions. The weight capacity is smaller compared to other Thule products.
Because of the aerodynamic design it creates less drag and does not produce a lot of noise.
Very light weight and portable.


The design and size of a roof box may frequently be used to determine how aerodynamic it will be. Thule Pulse Alpine is designed in an aerodynamic form to prevent the creation of loud noises.

It is longer, thinner, and tapered towards the front. The pointed front (similar to a car’s sharp front) will allow air to flow smoothly over the box.

The Thule Pulse Alpine’s design slides rearward in an aerodynamic form, enabling the flowing wind to pass through smoothly. It provides little barrier to the flow of the wind and does not affect driving efficiency. The depletion in drag achieved by aerodynamic design cancels out any negative influence on vehicle fuel economy.

Compatibility With Given Cars

The Easy-Grip hardware’s downward/inward clamping mechanism allows the Thule Pulse Alpine to be compatible with practically every Thule rack system as well as most factory racks.

Thule Pulse Alpine is designed to be easily installed on virtually any rack arrangement. It works with Thule rack structures, circular bars, and the majority of factory racks. To accommodate smaller cars, reposition the mounting hardware along the rubber-lined tracks.

Ease of installment

This roof box effortlessly mounts to roof racks due to the grip technology used. The combination of the simple grasp knob hardware and the box’s lengthy distance allows for a quick installation.

Hand knobs tighten clamps around your crossbars. The simple grip feature allows even inexperienced buyers to assemble the package quickly.

The tool-free mounting feature of Easy-Grip hardware, as well as the length of the roof box’s floor channels, makes installation a breeze, with many executions requiring less than 5 minutes. It has two load straps that operate with Quick-Grip hardware’s built-in anchor points to secure your items.

How to install Ideally, move the roof box onto the vehicle’s roof with a bit of assistance. Straighten the box to align with the roof bars making sure the box is perpendicular to the crossbars to guarantee a proper fit. With hand knobs on the clamps, slip it through the rubber stripping on the underside of the box, allowing the claws to wrap around the crossbar. Next, pull back the four tabs and position them over the bars. Fix the box to the bars using the brackets. All of the necessary nuts and bolts are included. Keep in mind that you want the box to be completely straight, central, and level with the vehicle’s roof. Once all four of them are in place, two in front of the box and two in the back. Crank the knobs to tighten them down and secure the box to the car. It’s ready to load stuff after the box is attached to the truck. However, always remember not to exceed Thule’s recommended weight limit of 110 lbs.

The quality and durability

The Thule Pulse alpine was designed to offer customers a cost-effective alternative that is still made from the same high-quality materials. The roof box is made of robust and rugged ABS thermoplastic material that is durable, waterproof, and UV resistant.

The lid can also withstand the worst climate conditions. ABS plastic structure is tough and resistant to impacts, rain, and UV radiation. The rigid plastic shields all of the contents in the box, ensuring their protection.


This cargo box looks sleeker and more innovative than other roof boxes, thanks to its design that combines high-gloss finishes with improved two-tone profiles.

Additionally, it is made of advanced ABS and has a sleek matte-black finish. All these design features make the box more aerodynamic.
Lastly, the ingenious Thule Secure Lock technology coupled with the inbuilt locking capability guarantees that the lid stays securely locked always.

Access and Security

The box includes a single passenger side lid opening for secure loading and unloading of objects. Internal lid lifters have been installed at the front and rear of the roof box to enable hands-free accessibility to the roof box. Because of the reinforced design, it is simple to open and close.

When finished storing goods, just remove the lid, and the secure lock mechanism completes the box’s closing. A locking feature guarantees that the lid remains closed while in transit. The Central Locking system ensures optimal safety. This keeps the cargo roof box’s contents safe and secure at all times.

The user may withdraw the easy-to-grasp Thule Comfort key only once all locking points have been firmly closed. Oversize Secure Lock guarantees that the box is correctly secured and closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ski boots fit inside the Thule Pulse Alpine with skis loaded?

When selecting what will fit with what, there is some uncertainty. Dimensionally, your equipment would fit inside as long as it did not exceed the box dimensions.

However, the numbers are frequently inaccurate, and the manufacturing times vary depending on how the gear is loaded.

The same can be said about how someone packs in terms of whether or not they will bang up items. There’s no reason you couldn’t use it for both with care and prudence.

Is Thule Pulse Alpine waterproof?

The edges curl a complete 180 degrees where the top and bottom parts meet. For the water to get inside, it would have to rise straight up from the bottom and turn 180 degrees.

The box is neither water-resistant nor watertight. However, the rain will not fill it if it is completely closed. In wet locations, it is highly recommended to place baggage or cargo in a plastic bag so that the goods will not absorb any moisture that does seep through.

Final Thoughts

The Thule Pulse Alpine cargo box provides customers with the extra space they require at an affordable price. The Thule Pulse Alpine has an 11-cubic-foot carrying capacity and is exclusively available in matte black.

This low-cost, aerodynamic cargo box can accommodate skis, light bags, or other goods for up to two passengers. The tool-free installation is made possible by the Easy-Grip mountable hardware, and the Secure Lock ensures that the box is always correctly closed.

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