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Thule Cargo Box Storage Lifts – A Guide

The well-engineered and excellent quality Thule Cargo Box storage lifts can last you a lifetime. They ensure that your equipment is safe and secure, while at the same time allowing you the ease of access. 

Lesser lifts can lead to damage to your cargo box, garage, or car, as well as injury and much frustration.

There are a lot of Thule Cargo Boxes Storage Lifts to choose from. Picking the one that is right for you can be hard work. Luckily we are here with our review on the top 5 Thule Cargo Lifts around.

When we set about trying to find the best storage lift money can buy, we took on board that we need great quality, value for money, and the various abilities of a user. 

Our top 5 Thule Cargo Box Storage Lifts below outlines the best ones on the market today.

Our Top 5 Picks

#1 Thule MultiLift

Thule MultiLiftThis hoist is very simple to install and comes with an extended warranty option. Providing you use it on a sturdy ceiling, this is very easy to use. 

The Thule MultiLift does not need any assembly. The drill patterns are useful when you are installing, and they are clear-cut. 

This system operates using a crank. This is a more user-friendly mode than conventional hoisting systems, which tend to cause blisters. Compatible for any cargo box, but was designed to fit Thule cargo boxes. 

There is a rubber bumper on the center bracket, which is designed to prevent your cargo box from being lifted too high, damaging the lift and the box. Using this tool, mounting your cargo box is effortless and hoisting itself lasts, at most, for 2 minutes.


  • Max load weight: 220 lbs
  • Type: Crank operated
  • Points of contact: 6
  • Product weight: 7.5 lbs

#2 Garage Gator 66051K Motorized Storage Lift

Garage Gator 66051K Motorized Storage LiftWith this storage lift, the electric motor ensures its use is effortless. Optional add-ons are available for this product, including bicycle cables and hook bars, which allow storage of different equipment. 

The installation will need careful planning as this product is quite heavy. The shape, function, and geometry and of this two-strapped storage lift system are perfect for Thule Cargo Boxes.

It is powered by a 120V AC/DC motor, so you will need access to a standard power outlet. 

For safety, it has a lockable wired controller, so you have peace of mind that nobody can use your lift system when they shouldn’t be. A further excellent safety feature is the built-in automatic stop feature, which shuts off the motor when you have got to its maximum height. This as it prevents you from damaging your ceiling or cargo box.

The manufacturer states that it should not be used on a sloped ceiling, as the improper weight distribution will cause damage. If you do have a sloped ceiling, we recommend getting an additional horizontal rafter installed if you really want to use this product.


  • Max load weight: 125 lbs
  • Type: Motorized
  • Points of contact: 10
  • Product weight: 22 lbs

#3 Rooftop Carriers Hi-Lift Garage Pulley Hanger Rack/StoreYourBoard Cargo Box Ceiling Storage Hoist

Rooftop Carriers Hi-Lift Garage Pulley Hanger RackHere there are 2 models to choose from; pro or standard. We found that the difference between the two was that the pro model was slightly easier to use. T

his is because it has a HI-Lift ProSystem. This is effectively a horizontal strap in between the pulleys that reduce the risk of the straps sliding off your Thule cargo box.

The installation will require some construction know-how. When you are not using this, you can use a wall-mounted tie off hang to secure your ropes to. With this system, there are only 2 wheel holders that need to be screwed into your ceiling. 

Both models have a secure rope locking mechanism. There is an instructional video available that provides clear guidance.


  • Max load weight: 90 lbs
  • Type: Rope operated
  • Points of contact: 2
  • Product weight:  4.37 lbs

#4 Rage Powersports Ceiling Mount

Rage Powersports Ceiling MountThis is a relatively light, heavy-duty bit of kit, that was easy to operate and install, and was reasonably priced. The rope quality was a little concerning, but it seemed to do the job. 

However, long-term fraying could be an issue. That said, the cost of new rope will not set you back much.

This will not work on ceilings that are lower than 8 feet. It comes with 2 6 feet, adjustable tie-down straps. It also comes with the necessary hardware needed for a successful installation.


  • Max load weight: 100 lbs
  • Type: Rope operated
  • Points of contact: 2
  • Product weight: 7 lbs

#5 RAD Rail Mount Heavy Duty Lift

RAD Rail Mount Heavy Duty LiftRAD’s Heavy Duty Lift has a patented rail mount system, which is highly customizable. This allows you to move the hoisting wheels to wherever suits you best. 

This comes with a lifetime warranty, so the manufacturer is assured that the build quality is not an issue.

We found it to be durable and lightweight. The rope quality seemed quite good. The straps and belts you need are not provided when you purchase this, which is one of the key reasons we have placed this last. 

Also, we were not fans of the wooden screws provided, so we recommend buying your own.

Made from heavy-gauge aluminum, this light construction is very easy to install. An added benefit of aluminum is that rust will not be a problem. You can change the distance between pulleys in accordance with the size of your Thule cargo box. 


  • Max load weight: 75 lbs
  • Type: Rope operated
  • Points of contact: 2
  • Product weight:  5 lbs

Finding a Cargo Box Hoist System That Works for You

It is essential that you take care of your Thule Cargo Box, which means storing it somewhere safe when not in use. These lift systems are your best bet.

Firstly they ensure you dismount your Thule Cargo Roof Box without brute force hence causing no damage. Secondly, it keeps your Thule Box safely out of harm’s way. Here is a checklist of things to consider before purchase:-

It is essential that you take care of your Thule Cargo Box, which means storing it somewhere safe when not in use. These lift systems are your best bet.

Firstly they ensure you dismount your Thule Cargo Roof Box without brute force hence causing no damage. Secondly, it keeps your Thule Box safely out of harm’s way. Here is a checklist of things to consider before purchase:-

#1 Height of garage

Clearance, once the hoist is installed, is an important consideration. There needs to be enough room for your car to drive underneath it without getting damaged. When you calculate clearance under a hoisted Thule roof box, factor in 1 foot of space to account for the hoist and sag.

#2 Garage ceiling construction

If your garage roof only has a single beam, you need to use the two-point mounting system, so that both installation points can go into the beam. 

If you are using a lift that needs to be held up with screws or anchors, you will need to give consideration to the types of anchors and screws depending on what material your garage wall is made of. 

#3 Effortless hoisting

Rope pulleys require physical strength. Electric motors require access to a power source and will cost you in electricity. Winch-operated lifts have cranks, like on retractable awnings. Think about whether you are strong enough to use a pulley system or want something that requires less manual input.

#4 Weight

Be sure to understand the weight you need your lift to carry. There is the weight of the Thule Cargo Box and contents (if any). Once you know this, check the specifications of the lift and see whether it can handle this weight load before you buy. 

Also, if your Thule Cargo Box has contents inside while using your lift, ensure that the weight distribution is even to allow your lift to work at its best and avoid any hazardous tipping.

#5 Cargo Box Size

Two-point mounted hoists should be okay for the narrower or smaller Thule Cargo Boxes. The larger Thule Cargo Carriers will need four mounting points plus pulleys to ensure stability.

Final Thoughts

When considering what storage lift to get for your Thule Cargo Box, think about:

  • Max Load Weight
  • Type
  • Points of Contact
  • Product Weight

This should make narrowing down your options a little easier. Additionally, answer the following questions:-

  • What height is my garage, and will I have enough clearance?
  • Can the garage ceiling hold the storage lift and are my walls able to hold the screws needed?
  • How much manual effort am I willing and able to put into lifting my Thule Cargo Box?
  • What weight can this system carry?  What is the weight of box contents, if any?
  • What is the size and shape of my Thule cargo box, and will it suit this hoist system?

With this in mind, you are bound to pick the best Storage Lift for your Thule Cargo Box.

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