Jeep Cherokee Roof Box Guide

The Jeep Cherokee is a popular model for many reasons and it even comes in many colors to suit your style and tastes. It is a car that is fun to drive and versatile. It is even the perfect vehicle for camping and skiing trips.

If you’d like to add some additional room to your Cherokee so the inside of the vehicle can accommodate more people, all that you have to do is add a sturdy roof box to the top of your car. 

Fortunately, these roof boxes come in a wide variety of designs and sizes so whether you plan to store a lot of gear or just a few accessories inside of them, you can easily find the best one for that purpose.

If the task of finding the perfect Jeep Cherokee roof box seems confusing, you can start with the boxes mentioned below.

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Volume Size Capacity Opening Rating
Thule Hyper XL Cargo Box 17
cu ft
L: 90"
W: 34.5"
H: 15"
110 lbs Dual-side
Thule Motion XT Cargo Box 18
cu ft
L: 84.5"
W: 36"
H: 17"
165 lbs Dual-side
SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box 18
cu ft
L: 63"
W: 38"
H: 17.25"
100 lbs Rear Opening

Thule Hyper XL Cargo Box

This is one of the most aerodynamically designed roof boxes on the market, doing a great job of reducing drag so that you can experience much better fuel efficiency. 

The lid and base are both thick and sturdy, making this roof box easy to keep around for many years to come. Even though this isn’t the cheapest roof box that you’ll ever purchase, you’ll immediately notice a difference in the overall quality as well as its longevity. 

The Thule Hyper XL cargo box is able to hold up to five snowboards and even comes with a “clicking” system that stops when it’s absolutely secure, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about the items inside the box flying away or becoming damaged. 

This is also a waterproof box that you can use in inclement weather without fear of it damaging the items inside because it will keep them dry regardless of your car’s speed or the weather conditions themselves.

Thule Motion XT Cargo Box

The Thule Motion XT makes the perfect Jeep Cherokee roof box, thanks to the fact that it provides an extra 18 cubic feet of space for your vehicle. You can carry snowboards, skis, water skis, and even kayaks with this roof box and you can get one in 16 and 22 cubic feet as well. 

The quick-mount system even “clicks” when the box is secure so you’re always guaranteed that your items will be safe as you travel. Many Jeep Cherokee owners want roof boxes so they can have more space available in their cars for extra supplies and even extra people. 

When you’re headed out to the ski slopes or the lake, you want to be sure that the roof box you choose is sturdy and big enough to accommodate you. The Thule Motion XT does that and much more. It even comes with a lid that automatically locks and is compatible with the One-Key system, giving it a versatility that can’t be beat.

Available for around $440, this roof box is made out of sturdy ABS plastic and is even UV-resistant. You can load and unload items from the back of the box, which means that you’re away from traffic when you need this done. 

The SportRack Vista XL roof box even comes with a U-bolt mounting kit for easy installation. It comes in a sleek, modern design with the versatility you need when you’re on the road. Whether your rack is square, round, or any other factory design, this roof box is the perfect addition to your trendy SUV because of its many features. It comes with locks to keep your items even more secure and it can hold up to 100 pounds of gear and accessories. 

This makes it especially useful all year long and it even comes in an easy-to-install design, which means that you don’t exactly have to be an engineer to install it properly. A sturdy, reliable Jeep Cherokee roof box can be the perfect complement to your car and can also be used year-round, thanks to its usefulness and versatility. 

These are boxes made out of top-notch materials that are specifically made to withstand the weather and whatever else you put them through. The elements won’t make the box fade or fall apart and the items you put inside of it are guaranteed to be safe and dry the entire time. If you want a roof box for your vehicle, you deserve to get a high-quality box so you won’t have to replace it for a very long time and this is what these top-notch roof boxes offer every time. 

As long as you check the size and the manufacturer’s information to make sure that it will fit your particular vehicle, you can rest assured that you will get the right one for your car every time. Let the experts do the hard work for you and find out what they know by going online and reading up on these details.

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