Choosing the Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

You need to have access to storage options in your vehicle when you plan on using it for trips. Whether you are planning on going out on a long road trip with family members or you have an upcoming fishing expedition, you need a place to store the gear

Not every vehicle is going to have enough space inside of the cab to store the luggage and pieces of equipment that you need to bring. 

This can become even more of a problem when you are taking many people on the trip with you and you need more seating room.

A Rooftop Cargo Carrier bag could be the solution for you. You can buy a rooftop cargo carrier bag to put on top of your vehicle. This is an extremely safe way to haul cargo and luggage when you are going on some type of a trip. It is actually a lot easier to make use of this method than many people realize, too.

There are a ton of different options out there for those who are considering getting a roof cargo carrier bag. If you want to find the absolute best rooftop cargo carrier bag on the market, then you will be able to choose from several options. 

Take a look at the below list of amazing options, and you will surely find the right fit for you. There are many different styles represented on this list, and it will give you the necessary information so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

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Volume Size Weight Material Rating
Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag_ Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag 15
cu ft
L: 44"
W: 34"
H: 17"
5.25 lbs Rubber laminated nylon 5 stars
SUAOKI Car Top Carrier SUAOKI Car Top Carrier 15
cu ft
L: 44"
W: 34"
H: 17"
10.55 lbs 1000D high density fabric 4 stars
MaxxHaul 70117 Rooftop Cargo Bag MaxxHaul 70117 Rooftop Cargo Bag 15
cu ft
L: 44"
W: 34"
H: 18"
6 lbs PVC material with polyester reinforcement and UV coating 5 stars
WEIPA Car Roof Bag_ WEIPA Car Roof Bag & Rooftop Cargo Carrier 15
cu ft
L: 49.2"
W: 37.4"
H: 18"
6.95 lbs Heavy-Duty Tarpaulin 4 stars
Yakima Cargopack Roof Bag Yakima Cargopack Roof Bag 16
cu ft
L: 19"
W: 12"
H: 12"
8.50 lbs Ballistic nylon 3 stars
Rightline Gear Range Jr Top Carrier Rightline Gear Range Jr Top Carrier 10
cu ft
L: 36"
W: 32"
H: 15"
6.25 lbs PVC Semi-Coated Mesh XT material 5 stars
ROLA 59100 Platypus Expandable Roof Top Bag ROLA 59100 Platypus Expandable Roof Top Bag 10-15
cu ft
L: 40"
W: 34"
H: 16"
11.05 lbs Nylon 3 stars

Our Favourite Roof Cargo Bags

Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag

The Keeper 07203-1 is a great cargo bag for just about anyone. This is a waterproof rooftop cargo bag that can keep your luggage, equipment, and other items safe from the rain. 

This is going to be an ideal option for anyone who is going out camping or driving through areas that are known to be quite rainy. You will find that the bag is made to be very high-quality and that it keeps the rain out superbly.

You can also expect that this rooftop cargo carrier bag will fit with pretty much any type of roof rack. It is designed to fit all roof racks, so you should be able to get this to work with any roof rack that you have installed on your car. 

It comes with convenient attachment capabilities on all four sides. It is ideal to use all four sides in order to secure the bag properly, so do take caution if you decide to only use two or three.

This bag even has soft sides that make it easier to load certain types of things into it. These soft sides can flex very easily so that you will be able to fit items that are oddly-shaped. You should never have problems loading things up safely and will be able to drive down the road with complete confidence. The bag itself is made out of rubber-laminated nylon.

If you are worried about the durability of this bag, then you should know that it is quite heavy-duty. The bag itself is made to carry a strong load and will last you for many years. To add to this, you can expect the bag to fold up so that it can be easily stored. 

It is compact while still managing to be durable, making it among the best rooftop cargo carrier bag options that you could buy.

SUAOKI Car Top Carrier

It is also important for some people to be able to find options that are extremely cost-effective. If you are looking for a high-quality rooftop cargo bag that does not cost too much money at all, then this one here may appeal to you. 

Being able to get a car top carrier bag that works well at such an affordable price is extremely beneficial. This one has several advantages that make it more than just a simple affordable option, too.

Most of the rooftop cargo bags that you will find on the market are going to require that you have some type of roof rack. This one actually doesn’t force you to use a roof rack. It will work very nicely with or without the roof rack, making it practical for more people. 

If you want to look into buying one of these carrier bags for the top of your car but do not already have a rack on your vehicle, then this may be your best bet. The bag comes with four built-in tie straps and four short tied ropes. 

You can use these to secure the bag to a roof rack, or you can tie the bag directly to the car. Either way, you will be getting a safe experience that will get your belongings to their destination without having any problems. 

This is decidedly simple to use and is among the most practical options for those who don’t want to spend too much cash. This rooftop cargo carrier bag is also 100% waterproof, so you will not have to be concerned about the elements. Your stuff will be safe inside of this bag, even if it is raining quite heavily. 

The bag itself is also very durable and is made out of a high-density fabric with mesh netting inside. It even comes with a convenient portable bag that makes storing your rooftop carrier when it is not in use a breeze.

MaxxHaul 70117 Rooftop Cargo Bag

Another great option to consider when looking for an affordable rooftop cargo bag is the MaxxHaul 70117. This is a bag that is somewhat similar to the SUAOKI offering that is listed above. 

The biggest difference is that this is a bag that is designed to be used with a cargo carrier or roof rack of some type. It does not have the ability to be tied directly to the car like the SUAOKI offering, but it still comes across as a very convenient option.

This bag has been constructed using a PVC material with polyester reinforcement. It also has a special UV coating so that it can protect your belongings from the sun while also preventing the bag itself from becoming damaged by the sun or faded over time. 

It is perfect for those who are going to be using the bag for long periods of time on road trips. It should be capable of standing up to regular use so that you can use the bag for many years.

You will be able to use the zipper on this bag very easily, as well. It is actually designed to help keep water out so that your belongings or cargo will stay safe while you’re on the road. The zipper itself is covered with both hooks and flaps, giving it added layers of protection. 

These zippers even have very large holes which makes it possible to use padlocks to increase your security. This is fantastic for when you are stopping at a hotel for the night. The MaxxHaul 70117 Rooftop Cargo Bag is among the best rooftop cargo carrier bag options that is still cost-effective for anyone. You will be able to hold both cargo and soft goods that are up to 100 lbs total. 

This gives you plenty of space to carry your belongings on a road trip, a camping trip, or a big fishing expedition. Keeping your stuff safe can be easy and affordable when you make the choice to purchase this bag.

WEIPA Car Roof Bag & Rooftop Cargo Carrier

WEIPA produces some very good rooftop cargo bag options that people love to make use of. This model from WEIPA is a great combination of value and performance. 

You will be getting a 15 cubic feet bag that will fit plenty of cargo, luggage, or other items. It offers you great protection while driving down the road, and it is simple to get on and off of your vehicle.

This is another cargo bag that does not require any type of roof rack in order for you to use it. WEIPA advertises this rooftop cargo carrier bag as being able to fit any type of car. These claims are definitely legitimate as you will simply be able to strap the bag to the top of your vehicle. It is simple to do and the included straps make it feel very safe.

You can expect this bag to be able to keep your belongings safe from harm, too. It is a completely waterproof bag that will not have problems dealing with bad weather while you are on the road. 

All of your stuff will stay dry whether you are driving through the rain or even if it is snowing outside. This makes it perfect for people who live in places with high amounts of rainfall. There is an anti-slip and anti-scratch pad that is included with this bag as well. 

This keeps your stuff from slipping around while you are driving. It allows you to avoid getting the top of your car scratched up, too. If you like the idea of being able to protect your car from potential problems, then this rooftop cargo bag becomes even more appealing.

Yakima Cargopack Roof Bag

Many people will recognize the Yakima brand as one of the premier roof rack and cargo box brands. They also make some very good rooftop cargo bag options for people to consider. 

If you have been looking for a premium cargo bag for the roof of your car, then this one is going to be appealing. It is a bit more expensive than many of the other options that have been listed so far, but it does offer many good features that you will be able to enjoy.

This bag has been constructed to be completely watertight. If you want to be able to guarantee the safety of the cargo that you place in the bag, then this might be your best option. The watertight sealed seams on this bag completely block out all types of moisture. All of your belongings and cargo will stay completely dry when you place them safely inside of this bag.

The material that this bag is made out of is very good for your car too. Some bags might run the risk of scratching up the roof of your car or running into other problems. That is not going to be the case here. It is made out of a ballistic nylon that will protect your roof from any damage. 

This makes it a whole lot easier to feel confident about loading your bag on the roof and will certainly be one of the most appealing features to many. You can also use this cargo bag on top of vehicles that do not have roof racks. The included straps can be used to strap the bag directly to the car without having any issues. 

You will be able to get the bag to be very secure so that you can drive smoothly down the road. The bag compresses and stabilizes very easily, and it makes for a more aerodynamic experience. Storing this bag is not ever going to be a problem, either. It is simple to remove it, and it should be able to be tucked away wherever you have the space for it. 

This bag is lightweight enough that getting it down and moving it around will be easy. It is always helpful to find a bag that can be light enough to maneuver while still being able to rely on its overall ruggedness.

Rightline Gear Range Jr Top Carrier

Rightline Gear is another brand that many people trust. This company actually has several rooftop cargo carrier options on the market. They produce many of the best rooftop cargo bags and have proven to be near the top when it comes to consumer choice. 

The version that is being discussed today is their Jr Top Carrier that measures in at 10 cubic feet. This roof bag is designed to fit compact cars, making it really convenient for a lot of people.

If you own a compact car and you want to be able to take a road trip, then it makes sense to get a cargo bag. Most of the cargo bags on the market do not fit compact vehicles quite as easily. Many compact cars do not have roof racks of any sort, and a lot of the most common roof bags require the rack to work properly. 

That is not the case with this bag, as it is capable of working both with and without the roof rack. You will be able to enjoy incredibly solid weatherproof construction when buying this bag. It has premium UV protection with a PVC semi-coated mesh that is made to be extra thick. 

This helps to give you reinforced protection against all types of weather. This bag even performs well in extreme conditions, such as really hot or really cold weather patterns. Installing this bag is decidedly simple as well. You just attach it to your car with the included straps and make sure that everything is tight.

It comes with a very simple set of instructions that is easy to follow for anyone. You will be able to get the bag on the car in a matter of minutes so that you can be on your way. This manufacturer is exceptionally confident in this product, too. 

It comes with a very good 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This durable product should wind up working fantastically for you for many years. Knowing that the warranty is there simply allows you to buy with full confidence if this bag fits all of your specific needs.

ROLA 59100 Platypus Expandable Roof Top Bag

ROLA is yet another company that makes several different types of cargo bags. They have a number of different popular options, including bags that are designed to go on your hitch. 

This bag is one of the traditional rooftop bags that you are looking for. It offers you the ability to store a lot of cargo, and it can even expand itself by unzipping.

This rooftop cargo bag has the unique ability to expand itself. It can expand from being 40” x 34” x 16” to 41” x 35” x 24”. This offers quite a bit of storage potential, and you can use the smaller amount of storage when you have fewer items to load up. It allows things to stay very snug no matter how much or how little you plan on loading up.

As you probably expect, this cargo bag is completely weatherproof. This helps your cargo or belongings to stay safe while it is raining outside. It is designed to completely keep moisture out, and it should perform exceptionally well, even in very wet conditions. 

If you need a reliable bag that can keep your stuff dry while on a trip, then this one definitely fits the bill. The overall sporty look of this bag is something that adds to its appeal, as well. 

If you like the idea of having a bag that looks premium, then you will love being able to get this at a reasonable price. It offers you a very good experience while still managing to be cost-effective. It is among the best rooftop cargo carrier bag options out there and is worth your consideration.


Now that you have a better idea of what options are out there, it should be much easier to find yourself a cargo bag that will work for you. There are so many different styles that it can be somewhat intimidating to pick one out by yourself. 

Now that you know a lot more about the best ones to consider, you’ll be able to make an informed decision. Some of these bags will work better than others for different situations, but they are all very good overall.

Remember to keep in mind that some rooftop cargo carrier bags will work with roof racks only. There are many options on this list for those who do not have roof racks, though. You just want to be prepared, and you should make sure that your vehicle is going to be compatible with the bag that you are purchasing ahead of time. 

When you take the extra time to check things out, it helps you to avoid disappointment. With your new bag purchased, you will be ready to hit the road before you know it. This is going to make hauling your stuff so much simpler. 

You will have more room in your vehicle for passengers, and it will be easy to take everything that you need with you. This is definitely a worthy purchase, so get out there and start shopping for your rooftop cargo carrier bag today.

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