Chevrolet Equinox Roof Box Guide

There’s nothing quite like a weekend in the woods or on the slopes, is there? For those who love the Great Outdoors, there’s something special and downright magical about being able to escape city life and immerse oneself in the vast unending majesty of nature. There’s just one problem.

You have to actually get there first.

Besides beating the traffic and renting time on the slopes, one of the biggest challenges facing families looking to get away for a week in the Great Outdoors can be loading up their vehicle for the trip. 

Skis, snowboards, and camping equipment can be all be quite large and heavy. Even more lightweight options can demand more space than you can comfortably afford in your trunk or the backseat of your car, especially if you’re traveling as a family.

Thankfully, roof boxes can shoulder the load with ease. This guide to the best Chevrolet Equinox roof box options can help you select the perfect choice, so you can take the hassle and schlepping out of packing for your next big outdoor getaway.

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Volume Size Weight Opening Rating
Car Top Cargo Rooftop 18
cu ft
L: 57"
W: 39"
H: 19"
38 lbs Rear side
INNO BRA1150 Shadow 15 18
cu ft
L: 78.7"
W: 31.9"
H: 11.8"
42 lbs Both sides
SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box 18
cu ft
L: 63"
W: 38"
H: 17.25"
42 lbs Rear side

1. Car Top Cargo Rooftop

This is a rare example of a roof box that boasts both a lot of carrying capacity as well as a lightweight build. Many roof boxes with a capacity of 18 cubic feet are much heavier than this one, and a lot larger at that. 

By maximizing interior space without making the unit too big or bulky, this Car Top option allows you to store more while taking up less space atop your vehicle.

“More for less” is also a good description of the value on this unit. It is certainly one of the most affordable offerings of the 18 cubic feet options, so if those are your primary concerns, this is a great Chevrolet Equinox roof box to add to your vehicle.

The unit itself boasts a clamshell design with a rear-opening lid held open by metal struts. Despite this slightly more old-fashioned style, you can still easily access the gear from the passenger side. While it may not be much to look at compared to other, sleeker options, the roof box’s shape is nevertheless generally quiet when secured.

The unit features built-in locks which secure the roof box in place. It can be locked with padlocks, although those are not included. For added storage convenience, the lid is removable and can nest inside the base, allowing you to store it with ease when you aren’t using it. The unit’s exterior is also quite durable, being made from HDPE thermoplastic.


  • Volume: 18 cubic ft
  • Size: 57″ x 39″x 19″
  • Weight: 38 lbs

2. INNO BRA1150 Shadow 15

In terms of style, this unit has an edge over the competition with a sleek black exterior with a glossy sheen. If you’re looking for a roof box that looks as good as it is hardy, it’s hard to beat this offering from INNO.

But what about the performance of the roof box itself? At 42 pounds, the unit strikes a good balance between size and sleekness. 

That’s heavier than the offering from Cargo Top, but the sleek design also means that it “carries the weight well.” Far from making it bulky or cumbersome, the extra weight goes into its sturdy construction, making this a rugged roof box.

In addition, whereas the Cargo Top option’s clamshell design only opens on one side, this offering from INNO boasts a dual side opening, allowing you and your family members to unpack all at once on both sides of the car. At 11 cubic feet, the carrying capacity is on the small side, which is to be expected from a model of this size.

Even so, this is an unobtrusive Chevrolet Equinox roof box that can be attached to your car with ease and sit there silently for the duration of the trip.


  • Volume: 11 cubic ft
  • Size: 78.7″ x 31.9″ x 11.8″
  • Weight: 42 lbs

3. SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

This is another spacious offering, opening up and revealing a fantastic 18 cubic feet of storage space. 

It is a fantastic option for anyone looking to carry a lot of skis and snowboards on their next trip without having to worry about there not being enough room. Not only is the unit spacious, but its dimensions mean that most skis and snowboards can fit inside with ease.

What’s more, it secures to the top of your car roof with ease with easy-to-use U-bolts. This roof box is compatible with most factory racks, although you will want to check the fit guide before buying to make sure it fits your setup.

The unit boasts ABS construction, which is quite durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant. Like the Cargo Top option, this is another roof box that opens in the rear. Unlike the Cargo Top, however, it does come with its own box.

Make your next trip a memorable one with the right Chevrolet Equinox roof box.


  • Volume: 18 cubic ft
  • Size: 17.25″ x 63″x 38″
  • Weight: 42 lbs

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