Best Thule Internal Roof Box Light – 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Best Thule Internal Rooftop Box Light

Can’t find what you are looking for inside your roof box at night? Let’s look at the best Thule internal roof box light to solve your problem.

So, you’ve decided to purchase a rooftop box for your suitcases and other essential items and you think you’re all set to take off on that next road trip. But have you thought about how you’re going to see inside of that box if you have to stop at nighttime and find something you need?

Best Thule Internal Rooftop Box Light Pin

Instead of using a flashlight, which can be awkward and difficult, why not consider installing a light on the inside of the box so that you can simply open it and immediately find what you’re looking for?

These box lights are easy to install and inexpensive, and they go a long way in making it convenient every time you want to stop while you’re on the road and grab something from inside of your rooftop box carrier.

Now what brand should you consider?

When it comes to car accessories, Thule is your go to guy and they have just the product for you.

Let’s look at the best Thule internal roof box light that you can use to finally solve these night time worries.

Best Thule Internal Roof Box Light

We are proud to share that with enough consideration and deliberation, our team of roof box experts decided that the best Thule internal roof box light is the Thule Internal RoofTop Light System.

Here are some of the reasons why we chose this product among others:

Made for Your Convenience

Thule 695100 Box LightIt simply isn’t convenient to stop on the side of the road and get something out of your rooftop box if it’s dark outside, but when you have lights installed on the inside of the box, finding what you need becomes much easier. 

Much like their rooftop carriers, the inside light set designed by Thule is super-easy to install and inexpensive to boot, and the same light set fits all Thule rooftop carriers made since the year 2009

This light set consists of a customized reflector and an LED light that fits on the inside of the rooftop box, and the light turns off whenever the box is completely closed. 

This makes the light much more efficient and also helps it last much longer so that you can enjoy this convenience for many years to come. Lightweight at only five ounces and very small, the light is still powerful enough to let you view whatever is inside of your rooftop carrier with ease.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be completely dark outside to truly appreciate this light set. Indeed, even on dark and overcast days the light is certain to come in handy.

If you’re packing the box and it’s dark or gray outside, not to worry because you’ll be able to see perfectly every time. The light stays on when the box is open and shuts off when it’s closed, so it automatically does what you need it to do every time.

Making the Entire Trip a Lot Easier for You

Let’s face it, when you’re on a road trip the chances are very good that you’ll be getting in and out of your rooftop carrier the entire time, and having a light on the inside of that carrier just makes things a lot easier for you. Using a flashlight is impractical and cumbersome because more often than not, you need two hands to pack, unpack, or look for an item that is stored there.

Best of all, although the light provides a great way to see everything that’s inside of the carrier, it doesn’t take up much room itself and in fact, the light is hardly noticeable once it’s installed. The instructions are easy to understand and the light can be set up in minutes, even for people who are not tech-savvy. 

As if all of this isn’t good enough, the light set is available for under $45, making it not only an invaluable part of your travel accessories, but also a real bargain especially when you consider what you’re getting in return. 

Simply open the package and install it before you head out for that next great vacation or special event; the light does all the rest!

Will You Need More Than One Light?

Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo CarrierSome rooftop carrier owners wonder if just one of these lights is enough to provide you with the visibility you need, and in most cases it is. Of course, if you have an extra-large Thule rooftop carrier and you notice you’re not getting the light that you were hoping for, you can always add another one to your carrier. 

Many people install a light on each end of the carrier, and this seems to be the perfect solution for those really large carriers that Thule is known to carry. Of course, the decision whether to choose one or two of these internal rooftop carrier lights is completely up to you, because different customers will have different needs and preferences when it comes to how much light they prefer when they open their carrier at night. 

These are also well-made, high-quality lights, so they are guaranteed to work well and to last a while, which is also why Thule offers a two-year warranty with the product. Thule is a well-known, reputable company that makes hundreds of different products, including a variety of soft-shell and hard-shell rooftop cargo carriers that you can use for storing luggage, fishing gear, snowboards, and many other items. 

The light kit they offer is great for all of these products and even carriers made by other companies. The products are sturdy and their prices are reasonable, both of which are important when you’re looking for carriers and the light kits that go with them.

A Few Final Notes

The Thule rooftop carrier light set is great for seeing what’s inside of your carrier when it’s dark or overcast outside, and one of its most unique features is its ability to be used as a flashlight should you use it while it’s unattached to a carrier. You simply remove it from your carrier box and carry it around with you like a regular flashlight, enabling you to see in the dark as you walk from one location to another.

Rooftop carriers are extremely convenient on road trips, and the Thule light set helps you pack when it’s dark outside and view everything inside the carrier whenever you stop to get something out of it. You deserve for these tasks to be easy and quick, and since Thule specializes in everything related to rooftop carrier boxes and the accessories to make using those items a lot easier, you can count on them year after year to provide you with products that both work splendidly and will last for a very long time.

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