5 Of The Best Bike Racks For Mini Cooper

5 Of The Best Bike Racks For Mini Cooper

Biking is a fantastic way to spend a few hours, a day, or even an entire vacation! And, of course, with so many fantastic biking trails being a little bit out of the way, it’s no surprise that many people buy bike racks, so that they can drive to the best biking spots!

SO, if you’re looking for a great bike rack for your Mini Cooper, where do you start? Well, great news, as we’ve compiled a list of the absolute best bike racks for you. We’ll tell you all about them, as well as what you need to know when looking for a bike rack!


Saris Bones 805 2 Bike Trunk Mount Rack
  • Made of high-density material for added stability
  • Passenger side opening for access away from traffic
  • Easy to attach and remove from the vehicle
  • Includes locks to secure contents in the box
  • U-bolt mounting hardware kit is included for the installation of the Skyline XL cargo box on most vehicles with factory installed or aftermarket roof racks rated at 150 lbs

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This offering from Saris, the Saris Bones 805 is a fantastic trunk bike rack that will suit all of your needs! It’s an extremely strong and durable rack, built from recyclable materials that won’t rust. Perfect for making sure your bike rack lasts as long as possible!

It’s really to adjust the arms on this bike rack, thanks to the ratcheting system. And, at just 10 lbs weight, it’s also really easy to hold this rack when off the car – for instance, during mounting!


  • Very simple adjustment – thanks to the simple ratcheting system on this bike rack
  • Won’t rust away – thanks to being made completely from non-rusting materials.
  • Lightweight, yet strong – weights only 10 pounds, yet is more than strong enough to hold two bikes to your Mini Cooper.


  • Only comes in a two bike variant – so this isn’t the rack for you if you want to put 4 bikes onto your Mini Cooper.
  • A little pricey – but not by as much as some other models of bike rack.
Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack, Model S102, Black
  • Patented quick snap set up design allow for super quick set up right out of the box
  • 12 inch long carry arms easily accommodate up to 2 bicycles (70 pounds max capacity)
  • Individual dual compound tie down cradles secure and protect bicycles; 2 patented sure strap lower straps keeps bottom hooks in place during use
  • Extra-large car pads help to distribute bicycles load and protect vehicle finish
  • Padded lower frame protects vehicle, and left and right side straps for lateral stability

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If you’re looking for a robust, sturdy, and reliable bike rack that comes in at a budget-friendly price, the Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack could well be the perfect choice for you!

It’s capable of holding up to 70 pounds of weight distributed between two bikes, and yet comes in at less than half of the cost of some other racks on this list!

It will likely take less time to set up than some other racks on the list too! But for many people, the sheer amount of money saved with this rack might be the most important factor.


  • Strong patent pending design – this bike rack’s configuration will let you hold two bikes weighing up to 70lbs between them.
  • Load distribution – pads help to prevent weight from pressing too strongly on a small area of the car.
  • Extremely low cost – making this an extremely competitive purchase!


  • Only holds 2 bikes – and doesn’t come in a 4 bike variant.
  • Not as adjustable as some other models – although the price can make up for this!
Saris Bones EX Trunk Bike Rack Carrier, Mount 2 Bikes, Black
  • BONES EX: Lightweight at 11 lbs; strongest frame on the market, arc–based design separates bikes on different levels.A Bike Beam may be required for frames without a horizontal top tube.Rust-free injection molded plastic. Rubber feet articulate to protect paint.MADE IN USA: Hand built in Madison, Wisconsin with 100% recyclable materials
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fits 90% of the top vehicles sold, including those with spoilers; has the largest vehicle compatibility of any trunk rack on the market
  • CAPACITY: Carries 2 bikes (35lb/bike) premium bike hold downs that are easy to use and quick to load
  • STRONG & RUST FREE: Injection-molded arms and legs keep the rack solid for years to come; rubber feet articulate to protect paint
  • CLEAN, SLEEK LOOK: Best-in-class ratchet straps speedily fasten bike to the rack, integrated strap management caps hideaway strap excess

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If you’re looking for an extremely lightweight yet also strong and durable bike rack for your Mini Cooper, then you might well find that the Saris Bones EX meets your needs!

It only weighs 11lbs, which can go a long way to making this rack easy to mount. And, of course, means less added weight to your car!

The Saris Bones EX comes in 2, 3, and 4 bike versions. No matter which version you choose, you can hold bikes weighing up to 35 lbs each on this compact yet sturdy rack!


  • Very lightweight construction – as this rack weighs only 11 lbs, it won’t add too much extra weight to your car, and won’t be as much of a struggle to mount as heavier racks might be.
  • Great looks – at least as far as bike racks go, this one certainly looks the part.
  • Hand built in the USA – great choice for those who like to buy American goods!


  • Comes at a higher price than many other bike racks – in fact, this is true even for the two bike version of this rack.
  • Not the strongest rack – some other racks can hold heavier bikes.
Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Carrier Rack
  • 100% assembled. Fits most Sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and SUV's. This WON'T FIT vehicles equipped with rear spoilers or spoilers above rear windows on Hatchbacks, Minivans and SUVs.
  • One bike capacity (Max 25KG or 55LB) with sturdy and handy construction. Padded lower frame keeps bicycles away from vehicle. (Safety strap included.)
  • Individual soft cradles made to protect your bike frame and secure your bike with ratchet buckles. OE standard black E-Coating for rust resistance. Foldable carry arms when not in use.
  • Easy installation in minutes. (DIY instruction included in package.) NOTE: Provided Safety Strap must be installed to stabilize bikes while driving. Otherwise, any resulting accident and damage will not be covered by warranty.
  • TYGER No-Hassle Limited Lifetime Warranty for US customers!

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For an extremely affordable option for mounting your bike to your Mini Cooper, why not consider the Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B?

It’s actually by far and away the least expensive bike mount on our list, costing even less than the Allen Sports Premier bike rack, even for the two-bike variant of the Tyger Auto model!

Of course, that’s not the only reason to choose this bike rack, but a substantial cost saving over even the next cheapest model in our list simply can’t be ignored! And, unlike other racks, this one is available in a single-bike variant.


  • Extremely cost effective – in terms of budget models, this rack from Tyger Auto simply can’t be beat on price, as it costs far less than any other rack on our list
  • Three different variants – this rack comes in a three-bike, two bike, and even a   single-bike variant!
  • High weight capacity – even the single-bike model is strong, being able to hold up to 55lbs!


  • Takes some time to adjust and fit – especially when compared to other bike racks
  • Not available in a 4 biek variant – although 4 bikes on the back of a Mini Cooper is optimistic.
Thule Gateway Pro Trunk Bike Rack
  • Strong and secure hanging-style trunk bike rack for 1-2 bikes
  • Secure fit to vehicle with 6-strap tightening system
  • Integrated anti-sway cradles and 7" of spacing between bikes prevents contact
  • Compact cradle design accommodates a wide variety of bikes and frames
  • Quick and easy, tool-free installation. Please note some frame styles may requrie a Thule Frame Adapter to securely attach to hanging bike racks.

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The Thule Getaway Pro is a fantastic bike rack that will hold your bikes securely and safely to your Mini Cooper.

This is of course a product that aims at the higher end of the market, as you can tell by the price. However, you’ll agree that you get a very strong, secure, and well built bike rack for the money.

You’ll be able to easily secure your bikes to this rack using the 6 strap tightening system that comes with this rack. There’s plenty of space between bikes too, to avoid them scraping against each other while you’re on the road.


  • Integrated cable lock – a great way to keep your bikes more secure when you’re parked.
  • Folds away when not in use – perfect for saving space.
  • Easy to secure bikes – thanks to the patented FitDial and 6 strap tightening system.


  • Installation – not the easiest rack to install.
  • On the pricier side of bike racks – it’s certainly possible to get bike racks that don’t cost quite as much as this one.

Buyer’s Guide

There are, of course, a few things that every consumer should consider when they’re looking for a new bike rack for their Mini Cooper. We’ll have a quick look at some of the most important factors to help you decide.

Number Of Bikes

One important thing to think about when you’re considering which bike rack is best for you is how many bikes you’ll need to transport. Some bike racks will let you take up to four bikes at once.

On the other hand, there are bike racks that can only hold a single bike.

Exactly how many bikes your rack will need to hold is entirely up to your needs. If you know that you’ll be the only person using the rack, and will only ever need to put a single bike on it, then you can get away with a bike rack that holds only one bike.

If you think you might need more than one bike on your rack, then of course get one that can hold as many as you need.

Rack Weight

Another factor to think about is the weight of the bike rack. If you don’t want your bike rack attached to your car at all times, then you might well find having a lighter bike rack is a good investment.

They can make mounting and detaching your bike rack a lot easier, as the less weight there is to hold, the less of an effort it will be. And, of course, a little less weight on your car is never a bad thing!


Price is of course something that consumers should always have on their mind when making any purchase. There are some fantastic bike racks out there at the higher end of the market, and these make fantastic purchases, of course!

But, you have to consider how much money you actually need to spend, and whether it’s worth sacrificing some ease of use features in order to save some money.

Of course, on the other hand, it might not be a great idea to rely on the cheapest bike rack you can find to hold your $4000 bike!

Integrated Lock

This isn’t a feature that every bike rack has by any means, but it can be something worth considering. An integrated lock allows for a little extra security if you’re parking your car with your bikes still attached.

Of course, if you’re going to do this, you should probably have a much sturdier lock too.

And, of course, consider whether leaving your bikes out in the open is a good idea – watch out for thieves! Still, a little extra security to deter and would-be bike thieves is a good idea.

Bike Weight

As much as we might all wish we had the lightest bike possible, the truth is that some bikes are just built heavier than others! Every single bike rack has a weight limit, which means that only bikes that it’s rated to hold should be fitted on it.

Of course, the majority of bikes aren’t too heavy for most racks, but it’s definitely something to be aware of. This is particularly true if you’re mounting multiple bikes to your rack. Pay close attention to the weight limit of your bike rack!

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of people of course have questions about bike racks. We’ll answer a few of them here!

Do I Have To Keep My Bike Rack Attached All The Time?

No, you don’t! Bike racks are very useful, but they can often be a little bulky, and they just plain get in the way! It’s for this reason that a lot of people take their bike rack off the car when they’re not using it.

Of course, if you don’t find that it gets in the way, then you can of course leave it on. In fact, if you use your bike rack often, then you might well find it more of a nuisance to keep mounting and removing it every time you want to use it!

How Do I Know If My Bike Will Mount To The Rack?

For the vast majority of bikes, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Most bikes, despite how much we might like to kid ourselves, are all pretty much the same shape.

As far as mounting them on a rack goes, the vast majority of bikes should be able to fit the vast majority of racks. Of course, if you’re worried that it will be an issue, then check your owners manuals, and maybe have a look online to see if someone has tried it!

One of the most likely things that could stop you from being able to fit your bike to the rack is the weight of your bike.

If your bike is heavier than the bike rack can handle, then putting the bike on the rack will be a really bad idea! Consider removing any weighty attachments if possible – or buy a stronger bike rack.

What If I Need To Fit More Bikes On My Rack?

It’s for this reason that, for some people, it’s wise to get a rack that has a little more capacity than they need.

Even if you’re 100% sure that you’re a solo rider, you never know when having the extra capacity might be a good idea. As long as you’ve got the extra capacity available, you can always add an extra bike if needed.

However, you shouldn’t try to fit more bikes to a rack than it’s designed to take.

Not only will you most likely not be able to actually get the bike on the rack in the first place, but even if you did manage to somehow it would still be a bad idea. Remember, bike racks are only designed to handle so much weight!


Hopefully this guide has helped you to find the best bike rack for your needs – and for your Mini Cooper!

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