How Do You Install A Rooftop Cargo Box On A Van?

How Do You Install A Rooftop Cargo Box On A Van

Rooftop cargo boxes are great for storing large items such as bikes and snowboards. They also come in useful for those who want to store their possessions in the back of their vehicles without taking up too much space. 

In most cases, rooftop cargo boxes are made from durable materials such as composite plastic and fiberglass. 

They are also affordable and can be installed in most vehicles. So if you want to learn more about these handy contraptions, then you have come to the right place. 

You can easily install a rooftop cargo box on a van using basic tools and materials. Here’s how to get started.

Use Roof Bars 

When it comes to installing your cargo box, the first thing you will need is roof bars, as these will help to keep the container in place. If your van does not already have roof bars, it’s imperative that you purchase some and have them installed. 

Roof bars are extremely convenient when it comes to storing heavy items in your vehicle, as they allow you to fix your bags to the roof of the van. They can also be used to secure your cargo box and store possessions. 

Once your roof bars have been secured, you can begin installing the cargo box, which is a lot easier than it sounds. However, this does not mean that any cargo box will do, as you will need one that is compatible with your van. 

Don’t Be Cheap 

While it may be tempting to purchase the cheapest roof bars available, you should never take shortcuts when it comes to road safety. Cheap roof bars may be more susceptible to rust and damage, which could result in a fatal accident. 

To avoid this, we recommend purchasing roof bars that are compatible with your vehicle, as this will ensure that they remain secure. It’s also important to do some research on roof bars before completing your purchase. 

Will Any Roof Bars Do? 

While most cargo boxes will fit most roof bars, there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, long boxes will need more support than your average cargo box, which means they will need additional roof bars. 

To ensure that your cargo box is suitable for your roof bars, it’s important to measure the dimensions of the box and the security of the bars. 

You will also need to consider the items you will be storing inside the box and how the weight could impact the structure of the roof bars. 

For example, if you wish to put a cargo box on your van that weighs more than the roof bars, then you may need additional bars to support the container. 

Additional bars will also need to be distributed carefully to balance the weight of the cargo box. However, the added bars should not interfere with the bars already in place. 

If you want to install the roof bars yourself, you will need to research the best bars for your vehicle. You will also need to make sure that the cargo box is compatible with the bars, otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with more issues. 

How Do You Install A Rooftop Cargo Box On A Van? 

When you have found the best cargo box and roof bars for your van, you can start installing them using this method:

1. Inspect And Clean The Roof 

Before you can install your cargo box, it’s important to inspect the roof and determine its condition. For example, if the roof already has dents and scratches, then the addition of the cargo box could worsen the damage. 

It’s also important to clean the roof before attaching the container, as this will make the installation process much easier. 

2. Place The Cargo Box On The Roof 

When the roof has been cleaned, you can place the cargo box on the roof bars and secure it between the crossbars. This will add another level of protection to the cargo while you drive your vehicle. 

The cargo box should always run lengthwise with the roof, otherwise, it could fall off and cause a serious accident. 

3. Pack The Cargo Box Until Its Full 

It’s important to pack the cargo box during the installation process, as this will help you determine whether the container needs more support. 

Once you have checked everything, you can start securing the cargo box with the help of the straps. To ensure that the container is held in place, tie one strip around the cargo box and attach it to the crossbars. 

If the cargo box feels a little loose, you can tighten the strap using the buckle or add more straps to the roof. 

4. Inspect The Cargo Box Before Leaving 

You will need to check the cargo box one last time before you can hit the road. This is to ensure that the container remains in place and does not fall off during transit. 

You may also need to cover the box with a water-resistant sheet if the product is susceptible to harsh weather. 

When you have finished checking the cargo box, it’s time to get in your van and travel to your destination. 

Tips For Driving With A Cargo Box 

While driving with a cargo box can be safe and organized, there’s still the risk that the container could come loose from the roof. So to avoid this, we recommend following the tips listed below: 

Drive Slowly 

If there’s no need to rush, then take your time while driving. If you drive too fast, you could loosen the cargo box and cause an accident. 

Check Tire Pressure 

It’s important to always check your tire pressure before hitting the road, as this will ensure that you reach your destination without any issues.

Final Thoughts 

Installing a rooftop cargo box on a van is a lot easier than it sounds, especially when you do your research and obtain the correct equipment. Just make sure to always check the security of the container before hitting the road. 

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