How to install Sportrack Cargo Box

Sportrack Cargo BoxIn most cases, when you purchase a cargo box, you have to install it yourself. In some instances, as with Sportrack cargo boxes, the assembling process is also on you. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to carry out these processes correctly.

It is common for companies to include an instruction manual that outlines the step-by-step process of installing a cargo box. This article aims at breaking down the process of installing a Sportrack cargo box. By the end of it, you should be able to do it fast and effortlessly.

A Sportrack cargo box is a universal fit in that it can fit many car models. Its packaging box comes with a list of cars that are compatible with the box. So, it is essential to ensure that the box fits your car before making the purchase.

Generally, a sportrack cargo fits the following roof racks: aero bars, square bars, factory vars, round bars, and elliptical bars. The package comes with installation tools like U-bolts, U-bolt plates, reinforcing plates, threaded knobs, and vinyl hole covers. Ensure that you have all these tools before embarking on the installation process. The following are the steps for installing a Sportrack cargo box:

1. Put The Box On The Car's Roof

The first step is to put the box on the roof of your car. This is, of course, assuming that the roof rack is already in place. If not, have the racks installed in good time.

The weight of the box determines the amount of effort required for this step. Usually, the box is lightweight enough to be lifted by one person. However, if it is too heavy, it is best to employ a second or third pair of hands. Set it squarely on the roof rack to prepare for the subsequent steps.

2. Position the Box

The positioning of the box on the roof is important when installing a cargo box. To acquire the perfect placement, slide the box forward and backwards over the crossbars until you achieve the most appropriate positioning. Note that mounting the cargo box towards the car’s rear end goes a long way in reducing wind resistance.

3. Adjust the Crossbars

While some crossbars are rigidly set in place, most are adjustable. If your crossbars are adjustable, set them to the widest position as can be accommodated by the mounting slots. Do this slowly and continuously until the bars are sufficiently wide. You want to ensure that the bar spread is always more than 23 inches in width.

4. Check for Clearance

At this point, check to ensure that the placement of the cargo box does not interfere with the hood or the rear hatch of the vehicle. It should not affect the driver’s visibility or complicate the opening and closing of the car trunk.

5. Secure the Box with U-Bolts

Once you have established that the box’s placement is appropriate, you can now secure the box in place. This step requires U-Bolts, which are provided by the manufacturer. You would also need a carrier, cross rails, reinforcing plates, and threaded knobs.

Start by placing the carrier on the cross rails and passing the U-bolt bracelets below the cross rails. You ought to insert the reinforcing plates between the carrier and the cross rails to tighten the U-bolts. Once the U-bolts are in place, secure them with threaded knobs.

6. Double-Check To Confirm Everything Is In Place

Before you move on to the next step, check to ensure everything is where it is supposed to be and working well. The last thing you want is a flimsy box that might fall off during transit. Look at the cross rails to ensure that they are locked securely in place.

Also, see to it that the U-bolts are well-reinforced to avoid loosening and coming off. Double-check frequently to ensure that all the mounting hardware is firm and the box is tightly in place to prevent rattling when the car is in motion.

7. Place Vinyl Covers Over Unused Holes

If there are idle holes on the cargo box, place vinyl covers over them. Unused holes expose the items inside the box to external elements like dust, rain, and sun rays. Therefore, covering these holes goes to protect your luggage from these elements and keeps them in good condition for the entire trip. So, ensure you spot all the unused holes and cover them.

8. Load The Box And Lock it

At this point, the box is well-installed and ready for loading. Putting the carrying capacity into consideration, pack your items carefully into the box. Overloading the box may jeopardize its performance in the long run. It may also assert too much weight on the vehicle, leading to extra fuel consumption.

Once you have loaded the box, lock it to keep your items secure. Press down on the lid, insert the key into the keyhole and turn it anti-clockwise. Remove the key and put it in a safe place to avoid losing it or landing in the wrong hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to install a sportrack cargo box?

Yes, installing a sportrack cargo is a straightforward process that most people can execute without experiencing difficulties. In most cases, one person is enough for the job. Besides, the boxes are lightweight enough for one person to lift onto the car’s roof. It is also noteworthy that the boxes come with instruction manuals to guide the process.

Does a sportrack roof box have to be centred?

It is perfectly okay to place your sportrack cargo box at the centre of the roof of your car. However, it is not a must. The most important placement of the box is at the central point of the crossbars, with the narrow side of the box facing the front.

Can you mount a Sportrack cargo box without a roof rack?

You cannot mount a Sportrack roof box without a roof rack. If your car does not have one, you can always purchase it and install it. Installing a roof rack is just as easy, if not easier, than installing a roof box.

Final Words

The installation of the Sportrack cargo box is a simple process, as outlined in this article. The manufacturer provides the instruction manual as well as mounting hardware to aid with the process.

If you follow the guidelines to the letter, it will take you only a few minutes to successfully install the box. Also, the box is lightweight enough for one person to execute the whole process without necessarily needing help.

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