The Best Roof Boxes for 2020

The Best Roof Boxes for 2020 – A Buyer’s Guide

We like to imagine road trips as the pinnacle of personal freedom and family fun time. They’re our chance to get away from the shackles of our daily routine and let ourselves experience the grandeur of nature or the adventure of the open road.  When we think of camping trips, we think of Jack London, […]

A Complete Guide To Traveling With Dogs

Introduction Traveling is a breathtaking, eye-opening experience. Getting the chance to see new places and experience new cultures is essential in life. But there’s something else that’s arguably more important – our pets. You’ve probably heard people telling you before that it’s not possible to travel with your furkids. We’re here to tell you that […]

Volvo S90 (90-Series) Roof Box Buyers’ Guide Featured

Volvo S90 (90-Series) Roof Box Buyers’ Guide

The Volvo S90 is an amazing car- it’s sleek and classy. However, if you love going on road trips, camping adventures, or beach rides with your friends and family, it’s 13.5 cu ft. cargo space is just not enough. That is why you have to invest in a roof box. However, there are several challenges […]

Volkswagen Atlas Roof Box Buyers Featured

Volkswagen Atlas Roof Box Buyers Guide

We all love 7 seat SUVs- especially those of us who have families. Nevertheless, in most cases, the introduction of third-row seats often means a reduction of the cargo space. For instance, the Volkswagen Atlas has a very spacious cabin, however, you only get 20.6 cu ft. of trunk space.  If you fold down all […]